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Yamato Japanese Hibachi & Sushi I love trying new restaurants when they come to Tyler, so I have been a very happy girl lately.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how impressed I was with Wasabi.  So naturally I had to check out Yamato to see if it could compare.

Yamato is much larger than Wasabi, and their menu is beyond extensive.  They have hibachi and sushi and different seating areas to correspond.  Of course I wanted to try the sushi, so we were led to a table and promptly greeted by our server.  I was really hoping for a glass of wine so it was a bit disappointing to learn that Yamato is still waiting to receive their liquor license.  If I owned a restaurant I would definitely not open for business if my restaurant was not complete, but that’s just me.  This is not a deal breaker, but I will probably not be back until they get their license situation straightened out.  What can I say? I like a glass of wine with my meals when I go out to eat.

Yamato Japanese Hibachi & SushiDespite the minor speed bump I was still really excited to try the food, especially the bento boxes.  I read a really strange Japanese novel several years ago called Out, and that’s where I first heard of the bento box.  In my mind I pictured it being the Japanese equivalent of a Lean Cuisine.  We ordered a sashimi salad, a sashimi bento box, and a Tyler Roll.  We got our ginger salad and miso soup first which were both good.  When our sushi arrived it was quite obvious that we had ordered way too much food.  The Tyler Roll (spicy tuna, tempura flakes, sliced tuna topping in special sauce) was good, but my focus was on the bento box.  It was like a really cool cafeteria tray with fresh sashimi, a California roll, tempura vegetables, rice, and fruit.  All the food tasted fresh and delicious.

Yamato Japanese Hibachi & SushiI mentioned before that the menu at Yamato is extensive, and is it ever.  There would definitely be something for everyone here.  The sea bass bento box caught my eye and I’d really like to go back and try it sometime.  I think a lot of people will really like this restaurant, and I bet it will do well.

Now tell us, what is your favorite kind of sushi?

2210 WSW Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 534-1888

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  1. We had dinner there lastnight, it wasn’t very busy and the service was terrible. The food was below average and there were 6 of us that went and that was everyones opinion. Some had sushi and some had the hibachi, I think that shogun is better and they can serve drinks.

  2. Give them a break!! Food is comparable to Shogun, except it is more authentic style asian food. If you want more of a Asian Fushion style, Shoguns is the place to go. But Yamato is so much nicer, you don’t cringe at your surroundings. They will get their liquor license soon, you can’t blame them for the speed of how the state works. Plus TABC are having all those issues about who the wholesalers will be w/those stores in Winona. I liked it so much, making RSVPs for Fathers Day 🙂

  3. Beautiful place! We had a group of six sat on the Sushi side. Wish we sat at the hibachi side. Only because I don’t know if the Servers were quite ready for such a large table. It took 10 minutes the most for our part of the group who ordered the hibachi to receive their food. On the other hand, it took one hour for us who ordered sushi. Luckily, they do now have their Liquor License. When we finally received our sushi it was quite Delish. I think once they get their servers in order this place will be amazing! Will for sure go here again though.

  4. loved the atmosphere but the food was horrible! sushi was very dry, the rice almost had no flavor at all! We ordered lobster, shrimp and scallops and we ended up getting ONE steak tepanyaki. They gave me all the vegetables and steak and split my rice with my fiance and gave him nothing else! The chef didnt juggle knives or anything he just cooked. Ugh! So disappointed!

  5. Had lunch at Yamato yesterday. From the time we entered the front door it was a VERY pleasant experience. The fountain in the lobby is exceptional. The Hibachi room was fresh, exceptionally clean and very welcoming. Our waiter was very personable and our chef, Michael, was a lot of fun. The food was cooked perfectly and the plumb wine, what can I say, very tastey. Our next visit there will be for an evening meal. We checked out the sushi bar but didn’t partake this trip. Everyone was friendly and seemed genuinely anxious to be of service to us. We’re looking forward to many more visits.

  6. Yamoto impressed me! I was very pleased with my experience. The menu is quite impressive, full of variety and many options to keep its customers returning! The hostesses were great and the management very accomodating. Our server was not very attentive to our needs, but he was nearby if we needed him.

    The hibachi table pricing is similar to Shogun, but if you are looking for more affordable pricing, you can always take a seat at a booth. At the time of my visited, Yamoto was apologetic in regards to not having their liquor license and in return, served one complimentary alcoholic beverage per person. I think this was a wonderful gesture, especially in rebuttal to the comments made in the above reviews.

    I loved the atmosphere, a very relaxed vibe and great music makes a great place for a date. I will definately be back to try a few more things on their expansive menu!

  7. I love sushi and Hibachi here.I am so pleased that Tyler finally has a good japanese restaurant–yamato .delicious food .our chef.Michael was a lot of fun.everyone was friendly.I had very enjoy time.I will come back with my friends.

  8. I have been at least 10 times never once had a bad meal.Friendly service.All chef are good. Some are great!One of a kind and awesome,sushi hibachi food great for everyone.

  9. I believe that Yamato’s “temporary beverage speed bump” was just that. An amazing happy hour proves that they have fully recovered. They were at least offering one alcohol beverage to each adult while they were waiting on TABC to provide a license! This place has amazing and UNIQUE sushi dishes and authentic style appetizers and soups. The restaurant is very clean and the servers have all always been friendly and prompt. I can not wait for them to start having live music (coming soon, I hear!).

  10. Friday night must have been an off night. Our group sat at the grill. Cooking antics cannot cover the taste of poorly seasoned and very greasy food. The taste of stale oil was the common thread in all of the dishes. My companions had the steak and shrimp. Heavy stale oil taste. I had the shrimp tempura bento box. Once again you could detect that they used yesterday’s oil. I also ordered uni sushi with quail egg. They finally came back and said no uni, but we do have the quail egg. The mere fact that I have to comment on the stale oil taste is a real disappointment. I developed a passion for Japanese food in California and Tokyo. Once again just another restaurant delivering sub par food to the unknowing in Tyler…Wasabi is not any better. Any new place on the south side of Tyler seems to attract quite a crowd based upon appearance, rather than quality of food. Witness the crowds at the Jalapeno Tree.

  11. This is my favorite place.restaurant is very clean.the staff are amazingly nice,and food was so so so delicious.this is my love !!!!!DONT GO SHOGUN THAT PLACE SUCK,GREASY AND SMOKY EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE

  12. the sushi is bad and under average, it is not fresh and tastes bad. I love to have sushi here before but it becomes terrible this month and i won’t go again.

  13. please visit Yamato’s website at yamatotexas.com to preview the menu, to make a reservation, and to check our its special events, such as live bands, karaoke, and other fun stuffs.

  14. If you want sushi that’s better than Yamato’s go to Brookshire’s. You can get mediocre sushi for way cheaper there too. GROSS.

  15. I went for karaoke on a Friday night with a couple of girlfriends. We had a blast. Everyone enjoyed their food (and for the price we paid, they served A LOT of food). I had the lettuce wrap appetizer, which was really delicious but a little messy.

    The service was great, really prompt and polite. The sharp decor lent a nice ambience to the evening. We loved the karaoke crew and will definitely be back.

  16. TERRIBLE. the price, $65 for two orders of steak and shrimp and
    teo iced teas was way out of line. The many cute tricks the chef
    had did little to distract one from the poor quality of the food. This
    would be a great place to avoid!!

  17. To be a great sushi place, you need a great sushi chef…and Yamato lacks that. The “chef” is slow, inexperienced, & not Japanese. As a result, the sushi is ill prepared, too small in size, and lacks the creativity of any Dallas-area sushi location.

  18. “Authentic” Japanese sushi when it’s being prepared by untrained Chinese cooks? If Yamato doesn’t get it in gear, it’s gonna be another casualty of the “almost” sushi experience…

  19. I have ate sushi all over the country and I love this place. I get the Ahai Tower which is wonderful. I have eaten here ate least 20 times. If you fill out their birthday card they send you a $ 14.00 gift certificate. Kool huh!

  20. Ummm ate here with my mother on her birthday…. the service sucked…..it took a long time for us to be greeted and it seemed like nobody wanted to pick up our table… also, THE MISO SOUP WAS AWFUL, TASTED LIKE WATER…. our waitress didn’t care to ask why we didn’t touch our soup…..also this probably is my own foolishness but I had no idea what wasabi was and shoved like an entire spoonful of it in my mouth… kinda wish she had warned me what it was when she served me it…. I can never eat there again

  21. Ate there this week for a family birthday. ALL of our food, sushi, chicken fried rice, steamed dumplings, etc was delicious. Our waitress was very sweet and helpful and the food came out in a timely manner. I am a Shoguns fan normally, but will have to make another trip to Yamato soon!

  22. When went to Yamato for the first time, I tried the special filet and chicken hibachi and it was fabulous. I also shared a love roll with the rest of the group and it was good. My server was so sweet and prompt. Yamato is beautiful I can’t wait to go back

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