What About Kabob & His Gyros

Tyler has finally, finally gotten its first Greek restaurant!  Greek is one of my all-time favorite cuisines, so to learn that a good Greek place has opened up in my hometown is music to my ears, and to my tastebuds!  What About Kabob is located on the corner of Loop 323 and Kinsey Drive in that sparsely occupied strip center that’s been home to many unsuccessful business over the years.  Here’s to hoping that What About Kabob’s receives much more success after the raving reviews I’ve heard from fellow Tylerites who’ve dined there.  Word on the street is that their Gyro Nachos are to die for (be sure to stop in for Nacho Wednesday!), and their Original Gyros are large and tasty enough to feed even the hungriest of appetites.  I could survive for months on pita chips and hummus alone, and I hear their homemade pita chips are fabulous.

What About Kabob seems to have a great thing going… Tasty food, attentive and friendly staff, and a clean and tidy dining room with cool decor. I’ve heard not one bad thing about this place. Now the only question is – who’s available to meet me for lunch???

What About Kabob & His Gyros
713 WSW Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 581-7971


  1. This is—hands down—one of my favorite places to eat in Tyler. The OG is addictive! Service is friendly. I love having good Greek food in Tyler!

  2. Haven’t been to El Charro’s in so long! I’ll have to visit soon… My fave Mexican food restaurant is definitely La Plazitas… Thanks for posting…I enjoy your blog. ~Stephanie

  3. Easily one of my favorite places to eat. The Veggie Wrap is fantastic with a little bit of feta added to it and pita chips on the side. As a vegetarian it is nice to have such a tasty option in such a convenient location!

  4. Waited anxiously for this place to open and circled like a vulture for days before its Grand Opening. Was well worth the wait. Not traditional Greek by any means but very delicious. The staff are super nice people and the food is very good. I hope they expand the menu and do very well. We definitely don’t need anymore chain restaurants in Tyler and don’t need any more bad burger or Tex/Mex joints either. Mom and Pop places rule!

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