Villa Montez

Villa Montez Tylerites Tyler TXVilla Montez is one of my absolute FAVORITE places to eat in Tyler.  A beautiful location, delicious food, and wonderful service all make Villa Montez one of Tyler’s most desirable dining establishments.  Tyler definitely has its fair share of Mexican restaurants, so if you’re like me you may be hesitant to try yet another one…  However, Villa Montez isn’t what you would expect at all.  Instead of identifying itself as strictly Mexican, Villa Montez boasts a Latin menu offering some traditional favorites as well as a few surprises.

Everything I’ve had a Villa Montez has been outstanding, but a few choices in particular have stood out.   Being a tuna lover, I absolutely love the sashimi grade Mazatlan Aji Azado appetizer.  Also, if you are feeling adventurous, I’d recommend sampling the Brazilian Coconut Soup.  For my entree, I adore the Yucatan Sweet Pork Salad.  What could be better than a fresh green salad with guacamole atop a layer of beans, rice and deliciously sweet and tender pork?  It’s perfection!  Villa Montez also offers an impressive selection of choice steaks, and I’ve heard the shrimp enchiladas are to die for.  Make sure to order one of their specialty margaritas with your dinner.  Just like the food, they are spectacular!

I seriously do not have enough wonderful things to say about Villa Montez.  I suggest that anyone who hasn’t tried it out yet to do as as soon as possible, and if you have been before go again!  The recently expanded patio makes the perfect back-drop for a romantic dinner or a night out with family and friends.

Villa Montez
3324 Old Henderson Hwy
Tyler, Texas 75707
(903) 592-9696


  1. We love Villa Montez too, but we have had several problems there. Be sure to check your ticket before you pay and don’t use a credit card! We have been double charged and had extra tips added to our card after we had already signed the check. The food is great though and we will definately be back.

  2. Danielle

    Be sure to bring that to Mundo’s attention if you haven’t already.
    I am sure he will make it right if it is brought to his attention.

    That is something that is so aggravating to have your card charged for more than you approved.

  3. My husband and I went there for the first time on Valentine’s Day this year. Understandably, it was packed out but one thing puzzled me that I really didn’t consciously think about during our time there. We first went to the bar area while we were waiting to be seated. In that bar was the strong smell of cigarette smoke, like there were people actively smoking inside the room. How does this upscale restaurant manage to get away with that? I am a former smoker so I can sympathize with the addiction, but I thought Tyler had an ordinance now.

    The food was good but it took an hour to get to the table. Also, I felt like a rat in a maze trying to find the restroom, and I nearly got run over by the waitstaff in those narrow corridors more than once. I’m sure the holiday accounted for the chaos, but this restaurant did not leave a great impression on me.

  4. BJ: The restaurant is not inside Tyler city limits, and therefore is not governed by the non smoking ordinance. The restaurant is also an old house, and wasn’t built by them, so the restaurant locations, while difficult to find, aren’t really their fault, though I would agree with the wait staff being spotty at best. The food has been fantastic every time I’ve gone though.

  5. “the restaurant locations” = “the restroom locations” :D late night! :)

  6. Excellent food and service… Mundo is one of the nicest folks you’ll meet!

  7. David G says:

    Fabulous friends, food and wines…. If you love food and wine, get to know the owners. Carlos and Mundo are the best and will definitely take care of your needs… I strongly recommend the Chilean Sea Bass if you like fish… Don’t forget to have a Mojito, several flavors and if you like Margaritas then you’ll be very happy with the Ultimate…

  8. Saturday we had reservations for 6pm, we were 10 minutes early and they seated at 6:05 at a table that had not been occupied…it was set up and ready to go all the time. We ordered at 6:10pm and our meal arrived at 7:00pm. There was a high school reunion that obviously took precendent over the other customers. Waiter was great however. If you are booking big parties, you better make sure youve got the kitchen staff and cooks to make it happen!!!!!

  9. The food is great and prepared and served in a unique way. It is not regular “Mexican food.” The service is consistently very good to exceptional. Lunch is affordably priced and the portions are good for the money. And the atmosphere is one of the best in Tyler.

  10. 3WeepingWillows says:

    I can’t say that I was impressed with Villa Montez. I was there most recently in April for a very small wedding. The service was horrible! The food was nothing special. Granted, the wedding party had a certain menu to choose from which is understandable but it wasn’t anything wonderful. Meat, beans and rice…just like any other Tex-Mex restaurant. The prices are ridiculous. I was in there at a different time than the wedding with just my husband and had the same experience; lousy food and horrible service. Without a doubt, this building is absolutely gorgeous! Too bad the food isn’t able to match.

  11. Not enough space for the great things I would like to say about Villa Montez!! Food, wait staff, setting, owners kindness, drinks, desserts, prices….love this place!!

  12. What a beautiful deck for outdoor dining, comfortable and elegant inside seating, delicious and gorgeous food presentation! I adore the vegetable and herb gardens and the water features the five times I’ve visited Villa Montez. The owner graciously visits the guests. It is my favorite Tyler place and I hope to go to Villa Montez often.

  13. Real Truth says:

    Too bad they aren’t a smoke free restaurant. I will pass on the free cyanide, benzene, formaldehyde and 40+ Class A cancer causing chemicals floating in their airspace. Even though I live close to Villa Montez my family will continue to frequent the Tyler restaurants instead.

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