Unk’s Shrimp Shack

Unk's Shrimp ShackIt’s not unusual for us to make a last minute trip down the road to Unk’s Shrimp Shack when nobody feels like cooking.

Unk’s Shrimp Shack is, obviously, a seafood restaurant.  Family owned and operated, the restaurant has been serving area residents and guests at The Villages resort for years.  Though the grilled shrimp and steamed broccoli is good, nobody should ever go to Unk’s and not order the Seafood Platter which, even in the Seafood Platter for One size, is enough fried food to feed a family of six.  Piled high with french fries, fried clam strips, fried catfish filet, fried oysters, stuffed crab, hush puppies, and boiled shrimp, the Seafood Platter is unbeatable when you’ve got a craving for anything fried.  I also love the condiment station stocked with homemade green tomato relish, cocktail, remoulade, and tarter sauces, and there’s even a tub of pure, nose burning horseradish which I love to eat on saltine crackers with a bit of the tomato relish.

The one downside of Unk’s, is the price.   Me and my husband always get the Seafood Platter for One and an order of grilled shrimp, and it really adds up quick.  However, the food is delicious, and you couldn’t ask for nicer people than the folks over at Unk’s to buy dinner from.  Also, they do serve beer at Unk’s, which is a plus in my book,  but also usually ends up being another wallet drainer if we are dining in.

Unk’s Shrimp Shack is located on the corner of Big Eddy Road and 2661 in Noonday, just outside of the Villages Resort on Lake Palestine.  They have seasonal hours and are not open every day, so I strongly suggest calling first before heading out that way to ensure they’re going to be open.  Also, another word of advice… the guys in the kitchen might throw some extras on your Seafood Platter if you buy them a beer, so be sure to keep that in mind!

Unk’s Shrimp Shack
16760 County Road 1261
Flint, TX 75762-9182
(903) 939-2323


  1. I remember when that place was being built…i delivered all the HVAC hardware when it was under construction. Long time ago! Good food too!

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  3. My family was at a recent birthday celebration at Unk’s. It was our first visit and a long trek from Eastern Smith County. We really enjoyed our $60 worth of food – mushroom appetizer, seafood platter and popcorn shrimp. However our evening was RUINED when during our meal three women came in, sat within 10 ft. of our table and all three chose to smoke. Are you kidding me?! We immediately had to hurriedly throw the remainder of our meal into take-out containers and leave as our child began to have a severe asthma attack. I found two things very disappointing. First, the fact that Unk’s allows smoking in their restaurant and second the individuals who chose to smoke couldn’t have cared less what effect they were having on other diners. The facts are that only 23% of the American population smoke. However the other 77% of the population is affected when they do so. Tragically, another family with two small children were walking in as we were leaving. Those kids were exposed to more than 40 Class A (proven to cause cancer) carcinogens during their time there. I am not a health nut and call it a soapbox if you wish. I feel everyone should be warned that this is what you will be exposed to when you visit Unk’s as long as they allow smoking. If they feel they are forced to accomodate 23% of the population at the expense of the majority they why not put the smokers on the back porch? That would at least limit the exposure.
    As far as the food was concerned we were enjoying our meal and were pleased with the quality. Of course by the time we arrived home it was just cold fried food.
    We were planning to make Unk’s a regular weekend excursion but will not return as long as smoking is allowed. Very sad and unfortunate.

  4. Love Unk’s! But you better get there early because the line is a pain. Lot’s of people in line waiting for great food!

  5. My wife and I absolutely LOVE seafood. We were not impressed with Unk’s at all. I’ve had much better fried food at a lower cost. Once was enough.

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