The Purple Pig Cafe

Purple Pig CafeWhen I first started going to the Purple Pig about four years ago it was nothing more than a good old BBQ joint. It’s still a good old BBQ joint, but now they’ve extended their menu, expanded their patio, and have managed to please their ever growing crowds with friendly service and live music.

I’ve always been a fan of their barbecue. Before their menu expanded to offer some Mexican dishes including fajitas and tamales I’d always get the turkey plate with cowboy beans and southwestern corn salad. Their barbecue plates come with the best buttered toast I’ve ever had, and I’m also a big fan of their barbecue sauce. The pulled pork is fantastic, the ribs are outstanding, and the chicken is delicious as well.

Another thing I like so much about the Purple Pig is the fact that every single time we visit the owner is there chatting with the customers. I became especially fond of him one evening when he told us about the soft spot he has for the litters of homeless kittens around the area and how he buys bulk cat food to feed them… A man after my own heart right there.

Last weekend my husband and I decided to head out to the Pig for a casual dinner. I couldn’t decide what to get so I made a last minute decision to go with the shrimp fajitas. This turned out to be an excellent choice. Lucky for us Patrick James was also performing that night on the patio. He played a little of everything from Wizard of Oz tunes to the Eagles and we ended up staying longer (and drinking more) than we had intended.

This place is a must for everyone who likes to eat good food and have a good time. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. For more info, visit

The Purple Pig Cafe
19785 State Highway 155 S
Flint, TX 75762-4617
(903) 825-6800


  1. This place is GREAT…..last year Channel 19 did a story on New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures, WaterPark at the Villages and the Purple Pig Cafe…..check it out on Youtube!!

    O’did I mention they have GREAT ribs???

  2. Excellent BBQ, best I’ve had in East Texas. Friendly staff and nice music on the weekends.

  3. We were in the Tyler area on a recent
    Saturday and wanted to have lunch at the Pig. The BBQ was not anything special but the June Bug that had been fried in our pickles topped everything off. Our server just laughed and told us those critters were flying all around and sometimes that just happens. I guess when the travel or food channel featured them they did not get a serving of FRIED JUNEBUG.

  4. I agree with small time girl, BQ was not great and rib eye was so salty u couldn’t eat it. The BQ sauce is the worst tasting sauce I’ve ever tasted. The place is never clean. Everything always seems greasy. I ate there 4 times each time trying something different & nothing was great. If people think that the dried out Bq is good then they hav never had good BQ. The last time I was there they forgot to bring the rolls & I asked for them to take home to my dogs ang the girl behing the register was really rude about it. I will never eat there again.

  5. I hear you — I hear ya — I live very near the PIG and my only real complaint is that some of the girls (usually behind the register) can be rude. Also, we get takeout usually and their to go boxes leave much to be desired — they ALWAYS leak in the bag and run into other compartments. I would think at their prices, they could afford to invest in quality to-go boxes.

  6. their food is greasy, the owner is rude (to some customers and employees which makes the employees unappreciative), the music is way out of date, and the place is a mess a most of the time. i have had good and bad food there. the owner is an egotistical slob who uses his money to buy friends and hire immigrants for low pay. small town girl, that junebug was unacceptable. the waitress you had that night was ignorant anyways. dont remember if it was a friday or saturday though.. to jennifer, the girls behind the counter were rude but that has all changed due to a high turnover rate and movement of the “to-go” counter which is now located outside the front door. as far as the plates they pack the food in… they are cheap. that all goes back to the owner and terrible management. old and new. just ask for the sides to be put in separate containers and they will be glad to do that(suprisingly). and to dalia, that was jose correct? great man and he made the place worth eating at. ed helped tremendously also. as far as eating there goes-you should all give it serious thought. ask their employees(get the right one and hear the truth) or management(who will lie about the color shirt they are wearing right then)…hell, even ask the owner whats up. he is the fat man in the purple shirt with the medicine bag that sits at the table closest to the front door. sure, he will blow hickory smoke up your rump but you will end up either end up getting verbally sexually assualted, given a free “pig wing rib” sampler, or given a job depending on the size of your breasts. let the choice be yours. (men need not apply for waitstaff. impossible position for you to be hired on to)

  7. Wife and I ate there about three weeks ago and they seemed to have a good cheeseburger and fries, tried the Pasole (wow it was great) wife tried a tamale and for the meal a pork sandwich. After the meal we split a blueberry cobbler. We thought it was great and maybe we were lucky. No it’s not quite as clean as it should or could be but the waitress was attentive and very polite to her elders. Went again this past Thursday night taking my dad for a burger and a beer. It was good a second time too. Saw the guy/owner closest to the door with the poodle hairdoo. Both times the assistant mgr has asked us how we enjoyed our meal and if everything was okay. Don’t worry I’ll tell you the truth either way, good or bad!!!

  8. We went a couple of weeks ago and loved it. A one woman band, COLD, ICE COLD beer, a hamburger that you would slap your Mamma for, and BBQ off the chain. Quite an atmosphere inside and out! BBQ, staff and guests were five star.

  9. My daughter works there and as she was taught is VERY polite & helpfull. It is out of her hands re: mgmt & fairness to employees. The food is good. These complaints were never submitted when my daughter worked the counter. People call me at home & tell me they will not go back because Chelsea was not their cashier. I don’t blame them.

  10. OK. You people grippin have not been there in awhile. Or you would know there are new people working and my mother is one of them. She is probally the only one left with big boobs so that has nothing to do with employment. All the other girls are very very sweet. The food is wonderfull and the waitress do everything they can to make your dinning wonderfull. Thank you!!

  11. I just finished eating a pulled pork sandwich and this was my third time eating here in the last 4 months. I kept trying it hoping that maybe the times before they were just off on their game. I was wrong again. They are like most east Texas BBQ joints, dry tasteless and hickory smoked with hopes that their sauce will make it good. Unfortunately for the purple pig their sauce is honestly one of the worst I’ve eaten, Kraft is even better. Does anyone know of any good BBQ within 100 miles of here???

  12. WHAT?!! Best BBQ, are you kidding? I have been there twice (yes, recently & today is 11.2.10) and the meat was dry, BBQ sauce like water. Service poor. Only tried it a 2nd time because is was on way to relatives house. Stanley’s in Tyler & Shep’s in Palestine BY FAR are the best – this place is just not good for BBQ…did not try other items because – well, it is supposed to be a BBQ spot!

  13. Something about this place just strikes the right chord with me. I’ve been coming regularly since 2006 and have never had an experience I’d consider less than great, dining in or taking out. Any food or beverage to suit any craving, and excellent service. The environment alone is one of the reasons I keep coming back.. very cozy, interesting music, people, and decor. Excited the pig is still growing and improving, hope it continues for years to come.

  14. We have been going to Purple Pig on and off for yrs. Every one was always polite and nice to us from Owner dn to Waitress. We also went for Music.Prefer Music back in the restruant instead of covered shed..Music and Smokers should not be trapped in same room..Pipe Music to smokers in covered Shed. Keep events on your site, Not always listen to radio..

  15. My buddy has a fishing cabin on L Palestine, and been eating there for 5 or so yrs. I like it. My favorite was the Sows’ Ribs which they took off the menu.
    What do you people have against big breasted waitresses? They got to work too! LOL One even gave me a free order of Peach Cobbler…pretty darn good.

    I even like the vinegery/sweet east coast BBQ sauce on ribs, for a change…never had it before in Texas.

    Oh well, no white table cloths, or two waiters in tuxes standing by to fill your wine glass…..but not bad for a “down home” kick your heels back place!!


  16. To the folks who wonder if there is a decent BBQ joint in a 100 miles, well there is if you don’t mind driving a little while from Tyler. It’s called Country Tavern on Hwy 31 about 10-15 miles out from Tyler. The meat will melt in your mouth. They have ice cold beer, friendly,courteous, waitresses and a relaxing CLEAN environment. In fact, they bring you warm, moist hand towels to clean up with before you leave. And OMG, don’t forget dessert! I LOVE the blackberry cobbler, but my family swears the peach is better.

  17. Even the country Tavern at one time was a dive, it was so dark in there you couldn’t see what you were eating or the roaches crawling across the table and the fact it was next to a beer joint didn’t help but the purple pig is growing its getting better, sure it looks dirty or run down but take in consideration where its located….ITS A LITTLE COUNTRY PLACE, If you want cleaner better place GO BACK TO TYLER to CLEAR SPRINGS

  18. You seriously think Clear Springs is “better”? CS is NEWER and BIGGER — perhaps a little cleaner because they have so much help, but “better”? NO!

  19. Im sorry Jenn I didnt mean that CS was better in the BBQ department Because its not, but better as in upscale building.. What I was Saying is Purple Pig is a little Country store not a BIG City Store, if people want all that fancy stuff they need to go back to TYLER, Spring Creak was the only BBQ place I could think of that is fancy inside. For BBQ in Tyler its Stanley’s ( Bodacious BBQ, I liked Hickory Fair before it burnt down too.

  20. Meant Spring Creak not Clear Springs get those two mixed up all the time.

  21. Agreed — the building is definitly nicer! It’s also more expensive though (have to pay for the building! Although, in Tyler, I definitly suggest Bodacious!!

  22. I went there for the first time the other day, and I really enjoyed it, it was really good. I actually really liked the red Solo cups and paper plates, it gave it a real down-home feel. I say, the cheaper the rest of the stuff looks, the better the BBQ! Waitress was really fun and nice and it was overall a very enjoyable evening.

  23. The best BBQ I have ever had. Never had dried BBQ or rude waitstaff. I visit there often and send family, friends and clients who keep returning. It is not a white table cloth establishment, but that is what gives the place character and it has always been clean when I have gone.

  24. LOVE this place. Get the Purple Cow. Delish! And, their catfish is fantastic!

  25. I have nothing good to say about this dump!
    Disgusting food, ruuuude waitress, flies and a wasp flying around inside the restaurant…but mainly the rudest waitress I have ever encountered!!!! Do not waste your time or your money! you’ll just get ticked-off!

  26. We would like to thank all of you who have posted a review of the Purple Pig Cafe here. Our customers are the most important part of our business. We would like the opportunity to discuss any problems some of you may have had, and resolve any complaints. Please contact us at

  27. Me and my wife went to eat at the Purple Pig Cafe for the first time this last weekend. I was a bit shocked to read these comments here … we didn’t have a single complaint about our experience! The waitress that we had was great … very polite and had great communication, but she not hover.

    We got an order of the fried macaroni and cheese as an appetizer, I got the Purple Pig and my wife got the brisket sandwich. It was definitely the best pulled-pork I’ve had east of Llano, TX. My wife said the same thing about the brisket. The only thing that left anything to be desired for us were the beans. Neither one of us were a huge fan of them, but only because they had a bit too much going on for our taste.

    The BBQ sauce was more of an East coast barbecue sauce, which I thought was fantastic. It is not a thick sauce, and definitely has accents of vinegar like a good North Carolina sauce.

    We’ve certainly found our favorite BBQ joint here in East Texas, and have already planned another trip down 155 to have it again.

    If you want great barbecue with an excellent selection of sides, appetizers and desserts, this is the place for you!

  28. I think in all the places I have eaten catfish in Texas, this place has by far the BEST catfish I have ever eaten. Simply divine! I definitely recommend the Purple Pig.

  29. What a bunch of whiners. If you dont like the Pig, Dont go back…. More for me! And BTW fried junebugs are awesome!

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