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The Egg & IThe Egg & I has been around for several months now, and I just got around to trying it out.  I’d heard good things, but I’m not typically a big go out for breakfast person.  I was up early last Saturday and had some free time so I decided to pop in for some good breakfast.

We got a booth and I promptly ordered a Diet Coke.  I just can’t do the coffee thing.  There were several things on the menu that looked good, and I was having a tough time decided what to get.  I was leaning towards the breakfast quesadillas, but was still feeling very wishy-washy.  When our server, Ramona stopped by to take our order I decided to ask for her help.  She said the quesadillas are good but her favorite thing is the Athena Scramble which is scrambled eggs, feta cheese, tomatoes, asparagus, and portabella mushrooms.  That sounded pretty good to me so I took her advice and went for it.  My sister got the Mediterranean frittata which is egg whites, sundried tomatoes, chicken and cheese.

The Egg and IOur food arrived fast, and I thought mine was really, really tasty.  I was very happy with Ramona’s suggestion and ate almost all of my eggs.  It came with an English muffin and breakfast potatoes which were also delicious.  My sister enjoyed her frittata as well.

As impressed as I was by the food, I was even more impressed by the service we received from Ramona.  She was a fantastic waitress!  She was impeccably polite, she offered great suggestions, and she was quick and efficient despite the number of tables she was serving.  I suggest asking for her section the next time you visit.  I’d also highly recommend the Athena Scramble.

The Egg and IThe Egg & I
150 East 9th Street
Tyler, TX 75701-4227
(903) 592-3447

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  1. So glad you had a good meal. I have been there several times and think it should be illegal for a restaurant with the word EGG in it’s name not to know ow to poach an egg. If I wanted the yolk solid, I would have ordered boiled eggs! The only thing I have had that was decent, was the Reuben sandwich & it is actually really good. That is the only thing I will go back for… and that’s sad.

  2. I’ve been 3 or 4 times, and I’ve always been satisfied and I’m not real easy in that area. Cobb Salad is good, Club Sandwich is good, a breakfast item (don’t recall the name)is eggs, bacon or sausage, hashbrowns, and an enourmous wheat pancake about the size of an LP record. The Egg and I has an excellent atmosphere, nice classical music in the background and people seem to converse at a lower volume than you commonly find in the average restaurants.

    To ddpb I would say, why not stay home for poached eggs instead? As a former breakfast cook I can vouch…they are hard to do and require a lot of monitoring.

  3. We used to go to Egg & I all the time. As soon as it opened we were there with bells on and waited with the best of them to get in to eat! Until they changed the menu and took off almost all of their seafood breakfast items. The Nantucket scramble was phenomenal! Now all you can get are your average breakfast and about half a dozen salsa meals that you can get pretty much anywhere or do like we do, make such things at home. Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE this placed. It has a nice vibe and the customer service is as good as it gets! I just loved it more when you could go and eat something different than what you can get at IHOP…

  4. Maybe I was expecting too much, but this place was very average in food quality and unacceptable in service. The food and drinks are both overpriced. Our waitress messed up my order and then tried to overcharge me. I can’t see a reason to go back.

  5. I was very disappointed with the Egg and I, not only were they high priced and bad service the food was not that good. To the gentleman above, if you want the best Ruben in town go to Skyline Cafe at the OLD airport terminal under the air traffic control tower. I have never had a bad meal there and the view is fantastic. Friendly fast service and EXCELLENT food

  6. I had breakfast there today. I had the Pumpkin Waffle Express, two over medium eggs and sausage patties and coffee. The pancakes were good and an hour later, I sstill have the pumpkin taste lingering!
    They’re probably seasonal, but I will go back and try them again soon!

  7. They are high priced in my opinion and the service was not that great. Nothing spectacular to me

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