Tyler Jaycees

Tyler JayceesThe Tyler Jaycees are a group of civic-minded Tylerites, looking to enhance their lives and the lives of others through leadership training and community service.  The Jaycees focus on what they believe are the five areas vital to becoming a well-rounded individual.  These areas are Community Development, Management Development, Individual Development, Membership Development and International Involvement.

I will admit, really the only thing I was previously aware of the Tyler Jaycees doing was hosting a really cool Halloween haunted house every year.  However, the Jaycees are active in many more community projects and activities, including an Easter Egg hunt for special needs children, the Lindsey Park 4th of July Fireworks show, and the Tyler Christmas parade just to name a few things.
Anyone ages 21 through 41 can join, and being a member of the Jaycees comes with several perks, including social and networking opportunities, both personal and professional growth through leadership training, free subscriptions to magazines such as Newsweek and Self, and the recognition that comes from being involved with a group as large as the Jaycees which is recognized in 82 countries.
Please check out the Tyler Jaycee’s website for a wealth of information on the Tyler Jaycees and the entire Jaycees organization.  Any Tylerites readers out there who are Jaycees, please comment and tell us why we should join!