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trinity_001You may remember the race report I wrote on my experience at the Tyler Half back in October. Unfortunately, since that race, I have been battling some knee issues that have pretty much put my running (favorite hobby) on hold. I tried stretching and icing my knee and cutting back on my mileage for a couple of months before I broke down and went to see Dr. Cathy Fieseler at the Trinity Mother Frances Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic on Troup Hwy. After about three miles my left knee would rapidly go from a dull ache to a searing pain that could no longer be ignored or tolerated. It was time to show my knee who’s boss.

My first appointment with Dr. Fieseler went well. She bent my leg in every which way, did some basic strength tests on me, and sent me in for x-rays to dismiss any major issues. She determined I had what is known as runner’s knee, and prescribed me four weeks of physical therapy.  Dr. Fieseler is a long distance runner herself, having competed in numerous marathons and ultramarathons, so she understood how it feels to be a runner who can’t run. She even gave me the green light to continue running as long as the pain was not severe.

trinity_003Physical therapy was fun. Basically, it was two hour long sessions a week with a physical therapist who actually gave me a decent workout.  I really liked all the people who worked in physical therapy at this TMF clinic, and felt like I really got to know and even became friends with my therapist. I started really looking forward to my sessions. Soon enough the month was over, and I hadn’t seen much improvement in my knee pain, though I could tell the therapy was making me stronger. Casey, my therapist, said my knee pain might go away, and it might not. There was a chance I would have to baby my knee forever. Not the news I wanted to hear as spring racing season loomed in the near future.

At my follow-up appointment with Dr. Fieseler, she bent, stretched, poked, and prodded around my knee and determined that my knee cap just was not cooperating with all the tissues and tendons holding it in place. It was hurting pretty good by the time she got done examining me.  Dr. Fieseler gave me three options. 1. Keep doing my PT moves and take it easy and hope for the best. 2. Get an MRI to determine the exact cause and proceed from there. 3. Get a cortisone shot in the knee. I considered my options and decided to go for the shot. We hoped that it would calm all the inflammation and after a few days of no running but still doing my PT moves, I could start back up running and let the strength and flexibility I’d gained from my PT take over.

Tonight is the night. My first night to run post-shot. I was planning to run outside, but yikes is it cold out there. With wind chills expected to be in the teens this evening, I think I will take it to the treadmill. Please keep your fingers crossed that this was a success. The dull ache in my knee right now tells me it was not, but I’m still hoping for the best. As far as showing my knee who’s boss? As of right now, I am taking direct orders from Mr. Lefty. Maybe after tonight, or in a few days, or maybe even in a few weeks I’ll finally be able to stick it to the knee.

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