Bernard Mediterranean Restaurant

Bernard Mediterranean RestaurantI’ve always known Bernard’s to be the place to go for a romantic dinner.  It’s fair to say that it is THE date restaurant in Tyler, and on any given night I’d venture to say that 90% of the tables are couples dining over candlelight and a bottle of wine.   In fact, my now husband and I actually came to Bernard’s on our first date.  That being said, Bernard’s is a great place to go on occasions other than dates, though a couple of buddies may feel a bit awkward dining together amongst scores of couples.  To them I would suggest securing a corner table in the bar.

Avocado AppetizerThere are several dishes at Bernard’s that are standouts, though it’s really hard to go wrong with anything on their menu.  My favorite appetizer is definitely the crab cakes which is unlike any other I’ve ever tasted.  It is a puff pastry filled with crab meat and drizzled in a delectable sauce.  On my last visit, I branched out and tried one of their appetizer specials which was an avocado cubed and served with lump crab meat, shrimp and scallops and was served in a delicious mustardy-lemon sauce that lightened up the rich flavors of the crab and avocado.

Pasta au Fruit de MerIf asked to name my favorite entree at Bernard’s, without hesitation I would say the Filet Bearnaise.   If ever a sauce could inspire a feeling, this would be the one to do it.  Bernard’s Bearnaise sauce is lick the plate irresistible, and when drizzled over a perfectly cooked filet it is positively sinful.  Order the Tiramisu and a coffee with Bailey’s to end the night on a good note.  Bernard’s is not the place to suppress indulgent urges.

I’ll wrap up by mentioning that the service is always impeccable at Bernard’s.   Their team is one of the best around, offering a level of professionalism that many other area restaurants can often leave to be desired.   From the food to the ambiance to the service, Bernard’s does it right.

Tuxedo CakeBernard Mediterranean Restaurant
212 Grande Boulevard
Tyler, TX 75703-4226
(903) 534-0265