Andy’s Frozen Custard

andysJust like my occasional uncontrollable sushi cravings, I sometimes get equally strong Andy’s cravings.  It just so happened that the last time an Andy’s craving struck was following a yummy sushi dinner at Shoguns.  I thought I might as well calm two cravings in one night, so I hit up Andy’s on the way home.

People may think Andy’s is your typical run-of-the-mill ice cream shop, but that is so wrong.  Andy’s Frozen Custard is a secret recipe of cream, milk, sugar, and eggs, and is processed and shipped to Andy’s locations within 24 hours providing their patrons with the freshest, creamiest, best tasting custard out there.  The custard is then made fresh hourly, and only served at its peak to insure optimal taste and texture.

jamesbrowiefunkyjackhammerWhile the custard itself is fabulous, its Andy’s creative toppings and sundaes that put them over the top.  A topping blended into the custard is known as a concrete, and the injection of topping into the center of a concrete is known as the jackhammer.  My personal Andy’s favorite is the James Brownie Funky Jackhammer which consists of brownie and peanut butter concrete jackhammered with hot fudge…  Oh man, that sounds so good right now despite it being about 30 degrees outside.  Andy’s also serves seasonal treats such as Blackberry concrete during peak blackberry season, warm Apple Pie sundaes for cold winter nights, and Candy Cane concrete for a Christmas time sweet treat.

The Andy’s in Tyler, located on South Broadway, is family owned and operated and at least one family member can be found working at all times.  The service is always so friendly, and the workers are always smiling.  I probably would be too, if I got free custard.

Andy’s Frozen Custard
6106 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX 75703-4411
(903) 509-2639