Ganache The Ultimate Cupcake

Ganache The Ultimate CupcakeCalling all sugar-crazed Tylerites:  Specialty cupcake bakery Ganache is open for business!  Located on Old Bullard Road, Ganache offers  a selection of fresh baked traditional and not-so-traditional cupcakes ranging from the traditional chocolate or vanilla topped with decadent buttercream icing to the not-so-traditional Creme Brulee, Ginger, and Choco PB gourmet varieties.  Ganache even offers a few breakfast cupcakes like the ‘Cop’ Cake which they describe as their version of the cinnamon sugar donut and consists of moist cake layered with cinnamon and sugar topped with butter and dipped into cinnamon again.  I would love to attest to the fabulousness of Ganache’s piece de resistance, the Ganache Panache, but the lady in front of me in line snatched the last one!  I will get my hands on this chocolate masterpiece soon, and I will enjoy every last bite of the rich chocolate cake topped with silky, bittersweet chocolate ganache.  Oh yes I will.

GanacheIn the meantime, I can personally vouch for the Strawberry Fields and the Red Velvet cupcakes, and a glance at the menu has me intrigued by the yellow cake Butter Me Up, the Florida orange infused Floridian, and of course the G’ma ‘Ginger’s’ ginger cake topped with light lemon cream cheese.

Now you tell us, what are YOUR favorites?

5380 Old Bullard Road, Suite 700
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 509-3999

Chez Bazan French Bakery & Cafe

DSC04985One of my favorite lunch eateries in Tyler is unfortunately one that I often forget…  Eating lunch at Chez Bazan during the week is impossible due to the location of my office, but on the occasion I get off work early, or on a relaxing Saturday I love stopping in for one of their specialty sandwiches or salads.

DSC04991However, the main reason Chez Bazan stays on my radar is not their lunch menu. Though their lunch is delicious, the shining star of Chez Bazan is it’s outstanding bakery.  They offer a mouthwatering selection of cookies, pastries, fruit tartes, brownies, chocolate dipped fruit, etc., etc.  I want to eat everything in sight each time I enter the store.

DSC05001In addition to their bite-sized goodies, Chez Bazan also offers a wide selection of specialty cakes.  I want to try them all, obviously, but of the few I have been lucky enough to sample, I must say their Black Forrest cake is to die for.  Of their signature cakes, I’d especially love to taste the Almond Amaretto and the Apricot Cheese Cake.  Seriously, how good do those sound?

As any bride in Tyler is certainly aware of, Chez Bazan creates some of the most exquisite cakes in East Texas.  Any brides to be out there should check out their photo gallery at then schedule an appointment for a consultation and tasting.

Finally, I must mention that Chez Bazan also has a specialty coffee bar where guests can chose from any number of hot, cold, or frozen coffee concoctions.  So, whether you are in the market for a delicious lunch, a sweet pick-me-up, a morning latte, or a wedding or birthday cake, Chez Bazan has got you covered.


Chez Bazan
5930 Old Bullard Road
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 561-9644