Komen Tyler Race for the Cure

Komen Tyler Race for the CureKomen Tyler Race for the Cure5K Leaders

1. Warren Brown 15:46
2. Reuben Cowan 16:41
3. Joncary Faubion 17:10
4. Bob Hepler 17:54
5. Jeffrey Watson 18:08
6. Mikkel Keasler 18:25
7. Eric Heasley 18:31
8. Troy Hayden 18:32
9. Danny Hayden 18:38
10. Alvin Estacio 19:19

1. Sarah Deller 20:07
2. Haylee Abbe 20:51
3. Rebecca Smith 20:56
4. Lori Green 20:56
5. Daisy Hargraves 22:20
6. Angel Earley 22:28
7. Anna Hayden 23:01
8. Chaynee Atwood 23:01
9. Katie Haugland 23:10
10. Kristi Hollingsworth 23:13

Largest Teams

Brookshire’s Best, Team Captain: Carolyn Langston, 611 members
Trinity Mother Frances Pink Partners, Team Captain: Mike Hines,  332 members
ETMC, Team Captain: Todd Sigmon,  253 members
All Saints Episcopal School, Team Captain: Julie Roseberry,  124 members
Nancy P’s Team, Team Captain: Nancy Patterson,  65 members
Tyler Hematology Oncology, PA, Team Captain: Kim Rogers, 65 members
Marvin MOPS & Friends, Team Captain: Amanda Black, 53 members
Team CB&I, Team Captain: Erica Hardy, 46 members

Bergfeld Park
1510 South College
Tyler, TX 75703

Tyler Azalea 10k

Tyler Azalea 10kWatch out runners, I’m ba-ack!  Well, not quite, but I’m getting there.  The 2010 Tyler Azalea 10k was this past weekend, and despite the lack of blooming azaleas, the turnout was quite good.  The race, hosted by Mellew Productions, is my favorite race and will always have a soft spot in my heart.  This is the third consecutive year I’ve participated in the event, and happy thoughts always come to mind when I reminisce of past years’ Azalea 10ks.  In 2008 the race marked my first 10k race ever, and it just so happened that the same day I bought a new car!  Come 2009 my running had progressed from hobby-jogging to running with a slight touch of speed and competitive confidence.  Consequently, I ended up winning my first ever age group placement and was nearly brought to tears by the joy of that sense of athletic accomplishment.  This year the 2010 Azalea 10k marked the end of my bitter battle with a lingering knee injury.

Tyler Azalea 10kThe weather, a chilly 51 degrees, promised great things as 50 degrees is what I consider to be my optimal running temperature.  I awoke strangely calm, dressed and headed to Bergfeld park to join the other runners.  Though I hadn’t even planned on participating this year, as soon as I arrived at the event I was very happy to be there.  Smiling face after smiling face offered warm hellos, and running buddies of months past welcomed me back as though we hadn’t missed a stride.  Before I knew it, we were off.  The race went by quickly, and moments of strength were followed by moments of burning pain.  Though I went into the race telling myself I was there only to participate, I had a goal time in mind that I was not letting out of grasp.  At times all I wanted to do was throw in the towel and hang my head in shame on the side of the road and hope someone would come looking for me after the race, but pride would never let me do something like that. I crossed the finish line in under an hour, and felt pretty dang good about it.  Had I been one of the top three to place in my age group (or any age group in this case) I might not have been so happy, as quite a few unusual and slightly suspect changes were made to the results after they were posted.  Alterations were made to several age groups, a bit unfair, but tolerable for a small 10k.  Now, if we’re talking a Boston Qualifying marathon come October, I’m not sure if the Tyler runners will extend the same tolerance for disorganization.  Either way, I won’t be bothered by this elitist nonsense…  I’m just happy to be running again.

Bergfeld Park
1510 South College
Tyler, TX 75703