DSC05283I finally got on board the SmashBurger train and decided to brave the crowd Friday night to see what all the fuss is about.  The line wasn’t going out the door when we got there, but it was close. I’d heard stories about the line going out the door and wrapping around the entire building.

The process at SmashBurger is such where you wait in line to order at the counter, then you are given a number and the SmashBurger staff brings your food to you when it’s ready.  We were given menus to look over while we were in line, and I think I changed my mind about six or seven times before I reached the counter and had to commit.  Burger or chicken, which should I choose?  In the midst of the mental anguish brought on by this monumental decision, a table next to where we were in line received their food…  During this moment I was able to grasp mental clarity as I stared at the diners and weighed each option.  I reached a conclusion just in time and went with the Classic SmashBurger and fried dill pickles.

SmashBurgerWe were able to find a great table on the patio, and we waited just a few minutes before our food was delivered.  It was awesome.  My burger was incredible, and the fried pickles were out of this world.  My sister ordered the SmashChicken and sweet potato fries, and they were both fantastic as well.  They season their fries with rosemary which is a subtle yet delicious touch.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make this a regular hang out as burgers and fries aren’t especially good for my waistline, but it’s definitely a fun place to indulge a burger craving every once in awhile.  And, they even serve beer!

SmashBurgerRumor has it that the Tyler SmashBurger franchise has been such a smashing success that another SmashBurger is in the works on Broadway right next to the brand new Courtyard by Marriott.  We will see! In the meantime, please be sure to have a couple SmashFries for me whenever you decide to stop in.

3314 Troup Highway
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 526-6724

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  1. FANTASTIC! loved everything I tried. Loved eating outdoors. Loved the sweet potato fries! Did I say I loved it? I LOVED IT. Glad to have it in Tyler.

  2. Glad they’re here and wish them success but wish they offered healthier options. Everything kind of too greasy.
    Good old southern fried flavor but due to health reasons, I just can’t eat this type of food any longer.

  3. Their fried pickles tasted “out-of-the-jar,” not as good as Fat Catz’s pickles right next door. The smash fries were great though. Neat atmosphere, the burgers were standard, not as good as Fudruckers, and the buns seemed entirely made of butter. For the price, I’d rather get a Jack Daniels burger from Fridays.

  4. To kimbrtones- You might try ordering the bun and/or burger next time without butter. They can make both of these for you without using the butter and maybe that will cut down on the grease that you had.

  5. YUM! This place has the best burgers. The meat is so tender. My only complaint is the seating. There are NEVER enough places to sit.

  6. Ive been here twice and i have loved it every single time. I am definitely NOT eating here for my health i assure you. You get a fat greasy burger that just melts in your mouth which is what i want when i do go there. Tasty burger, crispy smash fries, and a cold beer. This is my favorite burger place and with the limited seating the only other thing i would ask for is a drive thru lol

  7. I can confirm that the patio will soon be covered and possibly climate controlled to accommodate more customers. kimbrtones, you should try the salads. They are delicious and you don’t feel like you’re missing out by not getting a burger. The hot dogs are also delicious and are less overwhelming than a burger or smashchicken. You can also specify your order, although there haven’t been many complaints about too much grease. Just specify exactly how you want your food and they will comply, and don’t hesitate to have them fix it if it’s not right! Smashburger will be coming to South Broadway across from Carmike soon!

  8. loved the fried pickles! but where’s everyone going to sit when its freezing outside? it will be so crowded!

  9. I’ve been twice, and it was crowded both times. They don’t do a good job a cleaning the tables as people leave while you’re waiting and looking for a place to sit. The burgers are good, but not as good as Fudruckers or Jucy’s. I have trouble dropping $20 for 2 burgers, 2fries, & 2 cokes…it needs to be a really great burger and service for that.

  10. I was not impressed with this place at all. The burgers were greasy and fries are not good either. But, then again for a fast food joint I guess you get what you paid for. You want a GREAT burger go to Skyline Cafe at the OLD airport terminal under the air traffic control tower. I eat there all the time and have never had a bad dish. Their burgers are 100% Angus and VERY juicy. They have excellent service, the owners are on site and the view is to die for. They may be out of town a little but worth the drive.

  11. Juicys!

    My son love’s this place, but it’s overpriced. The food is good.

  12. I don’t see what the big deal is. Fried pickles were soggy and sad – no thanks.

  13. well smashburger wont be getting my money they wont even hire felons if u do the applacation online and if u put yes for felonies it will say they dont have anything at this time but if u put no it will let you go to the next screen so smashbuger is not eoe so they wont get biz from me

  14. The new salads are unbelievable and you can get one with grilled chicken for $5. Best salad in town. The meat on the burgers is the best period. No comparison.
    With the second location open on south broadway, seating is never a problem.
    To top things off, the chicken sandwich is my favorite one in Tyler. With the new menu items, there is something for everyone.

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