Shogun of Japan

DSC05075 One genre of restaurant currently lacking in Tyler, in my opinion, is sushi restaurants.  Luckily, despite the lack of sushi establishments, the sushi options we do have here are fantastic, particularly, Shogun of JapanShoguns is a Japanese hibachi/sushi restaurant with two locations in Tyler, both on Broadway, known as Shoguns #1 and Shoguns #2, though I have never been able to remember which one is which.  I usually distinguish between the two as either inside the Loop or out…  The location I most frequently visit is Shoguns in the Loop, and judging by the crowd I witnessed there last night, I am not the only one.

DSC05079Whenever I get a craving for sushi, it comes on strong and is impossible to ignore.  Last night I had one of these cravings, so the sis and I went out to Shoguns for our sushi fix.  Every single spot in the parking lot was full, although it really didn’t seem that busy inside.  I think the hibachi side must seat a lot of people, because the parking lot always seems more full than the restaurant.  Not a huge fan of hibachi myself, I happily stick to the sushi side.  I am by no means an expert in sushi, however, I have eaten at The Bluefish in Dallas, and Tao in Las Vegas, and I really think the sushi at Shoguns in Tyler is just as good, if not better.  Nothing is off limits to me sushi-wise.  Octopus, eel, fish eggs, raw, whatever – I’ll eat it all.  Shoguns has a really great selection of both beginner sushi options like the California and Shrimp Crunch rolls, to more daring options like the Sunomono salad loaded with octopus.
DSC05083Recently remodeled, Shoguns in the Loop has tasteful Asian decor, and a nice but small bar area.  The service is always good, though a bit slow sometimes, and I notice that many of the servers at Shoguns have worked there for years.  If I could change one thing about Shoguns, I would make them open for lunch…  At least the sushi side so I could get a Seaweed salad and a Sunomono for a quick lunch.  Tylerites highly recommends Shogun of Japan on food, service, and ambiance. Definitely worth a look for anyone who loves sushi or who wants to learn to love sushi.  Or, if you don’t want to learn to love or even like sushi, check out Shoguns for the hibachi grill, and enjoy a Mai Tai with your Surf and Turf.

Tuna TowerShogun #1
5515 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 534-1155‎

Shogun #2
3521 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 561-9890‎


  1. Join us at Shogun #2 (inside the Loop) for a live Dj spinning 80’s music & more every Thursday night starting later this month.

  2. shogun is one of a kind restaurant they know about good food the prices r a lil to high but is worth it they have amazing hibachi chefs

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