Rick’s on the Square

ricksMy hands down FAVORITE place to go in Tyler is Rick’s On the Square in downtown Tyler. This place has everything. Delicious food, awesome live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, great drinks and extensive wine list, and friendly and experienced service all in a really cool atmosphere – you HAVE to check out the patio!

Let me start with the menu. Known for offering the finest cuts of steak and freshest seafood in East Texas, it is hard to go wrong when ordering one of Chef Jack Lewis’ specialties, but I do have a couple of favorites. When I heard Rick was selling Jakes I was worried that the Mezze Platter would be lost forever. Thank goodness they brought it over to Rick’s! It comes with a sampling of Lebanese and Mediterranean salads and nibbles served with a basket of pita bread. It makes for the perfect light snack. Another of my favorite things to order is The Whole Shebang. It comes with seared peppercorn tuna, grilled filet mignon, crawfish beignets (a must try!), fried and grilled oysters, chipotle shrimp and escargot. It’s the perfect thing to order if you can’t decide what you want. After dinner, your life will not be complete until you have tried the White Chocolate Bread Pudding. It is quite possibly the best dessert in the world.

After dinner, I strongly suggest sticking around for the entertainment. Grab a cocktail from the bar and head out to the patio to relax and listen to some great live music, or get up and dance! Rick’s even offers a selection of fine cigars to enjoy while you are taking in the whole experience.

Rick’s On the Sqaure offers it all from the moment you pull up to the valet service and walk in the door until the night is over and it’s time to head home. Come in for dinner, stick around for some fun after, and don’t forget to try the White Chocolate Bread Pudding!

hours: Mon – Fri 11am-12am, Sat 5pm – 1am

Rick’s On the Square
104 W. Erwin
Tyler, TX 75702
(903) 531-2415


  1. This is not fine dining. It’s obvious this guy thinks he’s much bigger than he is and skimps where he shouldn’t; shaggy carpeting, beat up chairs, uneven flooring. Ridiculous. The food is mediocre. The service is top notch; very nice kids, know the menu, go above and beyond with their service. With that being said, I witnessed the owner berating the staff with snide remarks he must have thought no one could hear. Well I heard, and my colleagues heard, and we won’t be back. You’re a big fish in a small pond. Remember that, buddy.

  2. Rick’s needs a better variety of music & live bands. Maybe even hire an experienced DJ to play some Top 40’s or even 80’s music on certain nights. I don’t think Tyler is ready for a House DJ. This place truly thinks its something with their valet guys parking these average cars & pickup trucks you’d think you were in a big city like Dallas or Houston seeing those 30k millionaire d-bags valet parking their 3 series BMW’s.

  3. What a freaking jerk both of the above posters have come off to be…I doubt, very seriously, that the owner was berating them. They probably just sucked. Not quite sure why quality service has to be a rarity in redneck Tyler, Texas. As far as the food goes, maybe you just didn’t order well…I bet you ordered something that is put on the menu to suit the bland palate. You obviously have no class to be putting down someone who is actually trying to improve the dining and entertainment of a small town that fears change. Regarding the valet parking, it is very convenient, especially for females, when parking downtown…it adds a bit of safety. Whereas, in your beloved Dallas, valet is used in a parking lot that is easily walked. Both of your comments are unfounded and I won’t have them placed on the web without

  4. How can I be a fired employee when I’ve never ever set foot in that place. What I observed from the outside made me not want to go inside. Bands are cool & all every once in awhile, but to get a place hopping you need to hire a real DJ playing real records on real turntables. Tyler is slowly starting to realize its becoming a larger city & should start acting like one.

  5. I have been to Rick’s in the late 90’s when bands would come and party on down, BUT never ate there until last month. I’ve had many great meals in NY, Montreal, Dallas, etc…and this meal was no exception. Oysters, Salmon Capellini, Filet, bread pudding. Merlot. We need to go back

  6. Rick’s is a great place to find in Tyler, TX. I live in DFW and lived in Europe from 2003-2007, and in NY City for most of 2008.

    This place has the same ambiance as many of the finer restaurants in NYC. The food is great for Tyler and it would pass here in DFW.

    If I had to live in Tyler again, then I would be at Rick’s every week.

  7. I am originally from Tyler. Both Ricks and Jakes is a “Tyler Hot Spot”. Meaning that all the fat coked former Rose Queens hang out there and pretend that they are still somebody. The live bands usually suck and the music is way to loud.

    This is quite a task posting this via phone.. bout to hop on a plane..

    FU all

  8. I love it! Hick conflict. Tyler Texas is such a po-dunk, one horse hick town that they’re bragging about having oysters, fish from somewhere else, and a deck. Oh yeah, a valet too. Wowwee. Ilove nothing more than talking to some semi-monied country ass speaking with such a heavy twang that I wonder if he can actually tie his own shoes. This place, as well as every other place in Tyler SUCKS on ice. This is a saying which is popular elsewhere, you country idiots. The food is mediocre at best, the owner is a jerk, and the crowd is twenty I.Q. points behind the national average. My martini tasted like urine, and I am quite sure they switched vodka on me behind my back. I can tell the difference between Stoli and Popov vodka. Good God man, step into the 21st century. Has anybody ever been anywhere?

  9. Whats up with all the stuck up women in this place? they all need to lose a few, anyway.

  10. I don’t care for the attitude up in here from the damn patrons. They need the asshole police in here. They’d be only half the place left. Staff and regular folks, that’s it. Too many assholes.

  11. Oh, whatever…realy…for those of you needing some entertainment, please understand that some of the above posters are of no taste. I, also, have lived in many places and eaten lots of different cuisine…and heard wonderful music. Rick’s got it going on. It’s a rarity for a restuarant and bar to be in business for almost 20 years. Check that stat! So, he isn’t hurting for business and I, seriously, don’t think the man thinks he is a “big fish.” He is a HARD worker that has a successful business. I know, I know, many of you cannot grasp the concept of someone having to build a business from scratch and then, for it to actually be successful long term…human nature dictates that jealousy comes in many forms and so does bitterness. So, those of you that haven’t tried Rick’s…do.

  12. Okay, I’ve been to Dallas and Houston and lots of other big towns with fancy restaurants and Rick’s is just as good or better as any of them. When I read those older posts with people slamming it, calling tyler hick, red neck and no on, I knew immediatly they were a bunch of snotheads stuck on themselves. What they really mean is you have to pay $200 for a meal for them to consider it “good”. Bullshit! Good food awaits at Ricks, and the white chocolte bread pudding is divine, every time! That’s from someone who has been enjoying eatng at Rick’s for over 20 years.

  13. In reply to the person who says Rick’s is as good as any big city restaurant: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? Their food is disgusting, over priced, and hang around and watch how Rick treats his staff. NO THANK YOU. If I want crab from a can I’ll just go to Sam’s Club myself.

  14. To “Can We Say Fired Employee” I worked at Rick’s as well. He is a jerk. He does not give his staff breaks and if he catches you drinking water out of a glass- even on 100 degree days when you’ve been outside since 3 p.m.- you get sent home. Even though you can find him in flip flops eating off the table his patron’s food gets set up on. He is a pervert. He berates EVERYONE on his staff, not just the bad servers. Ask anyone in town, the guy is a prick. He rides on his brother’s coat tails. As for the people who are calling Tyler, Texas a hick town- this is not a hick town. We may not be Dallas or Houston, but there are good, educated people here. Are there hicks? Sure, but they can be found ANYWHERE in this damn country, not just East Texas.

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