Oliveto Italian Bistro

DSC05015On a whim, we decided to have lunch today at Oliveto, Tyler’s new Italian restaurant.  After hearing several good mentions, I had my hopes up that this could perhaps be a decent replacement for my beloved Fiore (RIP).  Located on Troup, across from Chick-fil-A and next to Cafe Frontera, Oliveto has a cool, corporate bistro-ish appearance that appeals to young urban professionals such as myself.  The hostess greeted us instantly upon walking in the door, and I took a moment to take in the tasteful decor and the many different varieties of wine on display.  At this moment, I was pretty impressed.  But, would the food measure up to the hype?

DSC05017The hostess sat us at a tall bistro table near the bar and handed us our menus.  Although I was not planning on having wine, a quick skim of the wine list revealed a pretty impressive selection of wines not commonly found in Tyler restaurants.  I gave serious thought to scrapping my planned afternoon workout and ordering a glass, but ultimately will power won, and I chose water to drink.  I wish I would have taken more time to browse the menu as I can’t recall many of the choices, but this is because as soon as my eyes came across the specialty pizza section I had to look no further.  I’m not sure what the name of the pizza I ordered was, but it had chicken, cheese, artichoke hearts, and jalapenos.  It was one of the best pizzas I have ever had.  My sister ordered a bowl of the tomato bisque, and it was equally fantastic.
DSC05020I honestly can’t think of one bad thing to say about Oliveto.  The service was superb, the food delicious, and the atmosphere inviting.  If I had to compare Oliveto to any restaurant in town, I’d say it’s like a cross between Newk’s and Fiore.  I love Newk’s and Fiore, so obviously, now I love Oliveto too.  I am looking forward to my next visit already.

Oliveto Italian Bistro
3709 Troup Hwy
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 581-2678


  1. My wife and I were equally impressed. We’ve been to lunch twice, the first by VIP invitation at the opening of the restaurant. Manager Nathan Morrow spent some time at our table, talking to us and providing tastes of several different items – all of which were delicious.

    The food is wonderful and the prices are reasonable. We’ll be back often, and we highly recommend Olivetos to all of our friends and neighbors.

  2. I have been several times and have enjoyed the food, service and atmosphere. I’m glad Tyler finally has a great italian bistro close to my side of town. True Oliveto fan.

  3. I found the pasta to be overcooked myself, and it was oversauced, and too oily. The desserts are good, and the staff is good, however, and the pizza dishes are pretty decent for tyler as well, even though this is owned by the same folks as mazzios.

  4. My husband and I eat at Oliveto for the first time and we loved it! The service and food were great! We had Bruschetta for an appitizer, my husband had Chicken Primavera, and I had chicken with bowtie pasta and pesto. We both LOVED our food! The pesto is to die for! I recommend it!

  5. Visited for the 1st time today around 4pm. Seated immediately-loved the decor and atmosphere. Took my son there after graduation. Would have like to have had a conversation while there but the music was playing so loudly we couldn’t hear each other. Asked the waiter to turn it down but that never happened. Took 20 min to get anyone to take our order. Finally went to the bar and asked someone to wait on us. Ordered roasted chicken and veggies. Served on a fajita skillet full of oil. Wanted a healthy dinner but didn’t get it unfortunately. Not impressed and probably wont be back. Wanted to speak to manager but he wasn’t there. Needs to have someone there at all times to supervise the restaurant.

  6. Overpriced. Small portions. Not worth the expense.

  7. overpriced? small portions? LOL……really? My husband and I decided to try Oliveto’s last Sat. evening based on the MANY recommendations by friends and neighbors. We had a bit of a wait……but felt we were seated rather promptly compared to other “waits” on a Sat. night in Tyler. We enjoyed a great glass of wine at the bar……..and once seated had excellent service and fantastic food! The portions were so LARGE that we both had enough left over for an additional meal the next day! We shared the bruschetta sundae (yum) and I had the Asiago Spinch Chicken while my husband had the Chicken Scallopine……….we were very pleased and satisfied with our dinner at Oliveto and will go back again and again!

  8. Delicious!! We love the pizzas and tomato bisque soup. On the recommendation of our server, we tried the caramel bread pudding with ice cream. It’s the best we’ve ever had but be warned-this dessert was made to be shared, it’s huge!!!! Everything we’ve had was delicious, hmmmmm, maybe we’ll go for lunch tomorrow!

  9. We have eaten here several times and it is always good. We actually call it in to go. I’ve only had 2 dishes because we get the same thing over and over! They are Asiago Spinach Chicken, and the Chicken Scallopine, which are $9.00 and $10.25 respecitively. But both are absolutely delicious and there is always PLENTY of food – enough left to have another meal. Also, we always ask for extra bread as it is really good and they have never charged us extra. Definitely recommend trying Oliveto if you haven’t yet.

  10. I’m laughing at the person that said Oliveto is overpriced and has small portions. That’s hilarious! What did you order, a side of marinara? Goodness. Oliveto is great! I’m so happy to have an Italian-type restaurant in Tyler that is appealing. The prices are wonderful. I’ve never left hungry…and have always taken leftovers home. The portions are generous. If you want more food, I suggest a buffet. What I was also impressed with was the drink menu. I can’t think of any other place in Tyler that has such reasonably priced drinks. I get a martini that I think is called the Flirtini. It’s only $5 and they leave the shaker with you so you can get ALL of the drink. It’s definitely a place to try more than once. I’ve been there for various occasions such as a bridal shower dinner and they were very accomodating. I recommend starting with the Hearth Baked Cheese Bread with the marinara and trying the Mac n Cheese n Cheese n Cheese (yes, really!) and add some chicken if you want. It’s great! The only thing I can think of that I’ve heard wasn’t great was the Pesto Chicken. My mom tried it and said it wasn’t anything too great…but was ok. Other than that…YUMMY!!!!

  11. A great place to have dinner with friends! Reasonably priced wine menu and nice little patio. Portions are plenty big enough to share and the desserts are always winners! Probably my favorite place in Tyler right now!

  12. Mac n Cheese n Cheese is incredible with thinly sliced circles of red onion…was starving on arrival and managed to only get down half of it. Quantity and quality made this bistro a delicious choice. My friend says the Tomato Bisque is 2nd only to Le’ Madeleine.

  13. Decent food for sure but all I can tell you is that jalapenos are not used in Italian cooking. I’ll likely eat here again.

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