Newk’s Express Cafe

DSC04639Located in front of Home Depot on the corner of the Loop and Old Jacksonville, Newk’s has got to be one of the best new places in Tyler – especially for lunch.  It’s trendy decor, well stocked menu, and cool take home plastic cups all combine to make a winning combination.  Just check out the parking lot on a Saturday lunch – the place is packed!

DSC04640Newk’s offers fresh tossed salads, oven baked sandwiches, soups and pizzas.  My favorite thing on the menu is the Vegetarian Club with roasted red and yellow bell peppers and grilled portabella mushrooms smothered in pesto and goat cheese…  It’s addicting.  Half a veggie club with a cup of their seasonal squash bisque is one of my favorite cold weather meals.  Another one of their sandwiches I’ve been wanting to try is the Newk’s Q which consists of Newk’s white BBQ sauce, grilled chicken breast, Applewood smoked bacon and Swiss cheese.  It sounds so good, but I just love the Vegetarian Club so much it’s hard to stray.  Newk’s is set up where you walk in, order, take a number and a seat, and your food is brought out to you when ready.  The service has been fast every time I’ve eaten there, even when there’s not an empty seat in sight.

DSC04641For dessert, Newk’s randomly sells several different varieties of cake.  Red velvet, chocolate, and pineapple cake just to name a few.  It does seem a little strange to me that a place like Newk’s would sell whole cakes, but I’ve heard they’re pretty good, though I’ve never tried them myself.  They also sell these really good brownies with white chocolate shavings on top.

Though it seems nearly every Tylerite has caught on to the greatness of Newk’s by now, if you’ve somehow missed it, be sure to give them a try, and soon.

Newk’s Express Cafe
3985 Old Jacksonville Rd
Tyler, TX 75701-8519
(903) 509-4646


  1. Not a fan…I’ve given it 5 tries…
    Three of those times i couldn’t even eat what i ordered it was so unappealing.
    The other two times were the personal pizzas that were edible but nothing special.
    Of course, the best saying ever i learned from my husband’s grandmother, “It’s good if you like it”.

  2. Welove Newks and eat there at least once a week if not more. The pimento cheese sandwich is delicious! The Newks Special salad and the Southern salad are wonderful too. Those cakes are to die for-especially the strawberry-yum!!!

  3. Newks is horrible! There is practically nothing on the menu and their staff is just rude! Including the owners. It is safe to say I do like the cups because they can be re-used…that’s it.

  4. I absolutely love Newks! My husband and I eat there almost once a week. His favorite is the Newks Q and a caesar salad! Mine is the tomato Basil or Fire Roasted Tomato soups and the Chicken salad sandwich! I love their tea and really appreciate the sweet tea made with Splenda! Thank you Newks!

  5. Newks is awesome, despite the bad reviews I have been in business with Newks and have eaten at Newks and will never have anything bad to say about the owners or management. They are awesome and genuine people and will do anything within reason to help their customers. They now offer delivery through Patriot Restaurant Delivery will have it to you fast!

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