Mariscos DJ’s

Mariscos DJSWe knew we wanted to go out for dinner this past weekend in celebration of my sister’s birthday.  We’d been hearing so many good things about the new Don Juan’s seafood restaurant, Mariscos DJ’s, so picking the restaurant was a no brainer.

I was a bit concerned that we might not be able to get a table since this was a Saturday night, but the restaurant was actually very quiet.  There were only a handful of other groups there, so we got to choose a prime table on the patio.  I promptly ordered a margarita, and my sis opted for a mojito.

I feel as though I have a pretty good handle on ‘authentic’ Mexican food and feel comfortable ordering and making selections even when limited English definitions are provided.  Mariscos DJ’s is a whole new kind of authentic for me.  Of course I could understand shrimp cocktail, shrimp fajitas, and a few other more commonly known foods, yet there were a few items that didn’t ring even the faintest bell.  So, I put myself to the mercy of our fantastically sweet and kind server and asked him what he’d suggest.

Mariscos DJ'sI don’t know what my food was called or even what exactly it was, but it was very tasty indeed.  I’m going to describe it in a way that may sound odd, but trust me, it was delicious.  You see, I don’t know of an appetizing way to spin the words fried fish chunks, because that’s exactly what mine turned out to be.  It was nugget sized pieces of really tasty fried fish on a plate surrounded by sliced cucumber.  There was also a side of what I discovered was really, really,  hot green sauce.

We were most impressed by our first visit to Mariscos DJ’s.  In addition to the unique food and the warm service, the architectural details of the restaurant building were especially remarkable.  Lots of intricate details were incorporated into the décor making it clear just how much love and hard work went into it.  I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Mariscos DJ'sMariscos DJ’s
1201 E. Ewrin
Tyler Texas 75702
(903) 533-1220


  1. dj Mariscos is a clever place to go for seafood Mexican west coast style. My dinner Sat. night was very good. The Margritas so so. Returned on Sunday hoping to have another good dinner. Wrong. The Snapper had to be a leftover reheated from Sat. I would have sent it back but the young waiter sorta fanished.

  2. Do they have cokes yet? They were out of several things. Waiter was very nice, but struggled with English. The food we had was very good, but only after they got us the correct food. The original waiter didn’t understand our order.

  3. Just some coctel de camaron with pulpo. Great taste great service. Damn good food. I’ll be back soon.

  4. Love the patio area, nicely done. Food is good, service could stand some improvement.
    We were surprised by their surprise when we asked for a real margarita on the rocks as opposed to the machine stuff …
    Large portions, delicious, will come back again.

  5. One of my top 3 places to go in Tyler. Their fish tacos are a addiction. Service is always great.

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