Los Gueros Taqueria

Los GuerosTyler has a pretty decent selection of small, mostly Mexican, hole in the wall restaurants that are pretty darn good and definitely worth checking out.  Like I mentioned before, I am a fan of authentic Mexican food.  A big fan.  I like Tex-Mex if it is good and fresh, but not any of that frozen, generic tasting, cheese loaded stuff found in far too many places around here.  I much prefer a simple taco to a plate of enchiladas, and how about some free beans instead of a basket of chips and salsa?   Actually, I love chips and salsa, but it’s nice to change it up on occasion.

This brings me to notable hole in the wall numero uno, Los Gueros Taqueria on Vine Street.  My husband has been raving about this place for years…  Even claiming that their (free!) beans are better than his mothers.  Finally, I agreed to meet him for lunch there this week, and WOW have I ever been missing out.  You walk in, order, then take a seat and wait for your food to arrive.  I ordered one #7 Taco which I believe was something like beef, avocado, and melted white cheese and a small Maria’s salad which was lettuce, tomato, avocado, chicken, beans, carrots served with dressing.  We helped ourselves to the free beans, took a seat and waited for our food.   The food came quickly, and everything was just as delicious as I expected. I was especially impressed with the salad, which was HUGE and a meal in itself.

Los Gueros Taqueria
929 South Vine Avenue
Tyler, TX 75701-1463
(903) 526-8226


  1. I can’t believe i’m the first to comment on this place. Some of my family of 12 will be seen at this place at least 2 times a week.
    Love, love, love the shrimp cocktail. More people need to know about this place. It’s great!

  2. I ate here today and got the #7 quesidillas and the # 1 tacos. Really good food, not greasy and much better than el lugar.

  3. The ingredients are top notch, with the cheese and beef being as good as you can get! The beans are extra tasty. We’re sold on this place!

  4. I think this place is one of the best in Tyler. When you walk in you see the place is really clean and a nice friendly enviroment. Fresh food all made to order. The new menu item is a delicious TORTA ham or steak, the bread is baked fresh daily.
    Don’t skip breakfast because here the mexican egg tacos are great! Call ahead 903-526-taco

  5. This is one of the most authentic mexican taquarias is the Tyler areas. LOVE this place. Now open for dinner until 7:00. Great Breakfast Tacos. Come for Lunch. Nice patio. Wonderful Family run place. Highly recommend you to stop in and try this place.

  6. We eat at Los Gueros several times a week for lunch, and some mornings I drive thru for breakfast tacos to go. The food is excellent; it is fresh, high quality and not greasy. They claim to serve a higher grade of beef than other restaurants in town. The “head cook” is actually a chef, who creates new dishes and offers them as specials on the menu. Other reasons why we prefer Los Gueros to other taco stands in Tyler: Los Gueros is owned by U. S. citizens, the employees appear to be citizens, and it is clean. The food, the cleanliness, and the service at Los Gueros are by far superior to their competition. AND by giving them our business we are supporting a local family. We know the money spent there stays in the Tyler economy.

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