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Little ItalyOk everybody, it’s time to get back on track and talk about what I love most…   Good food.   Case in point – Little Italy.  Little Italy has been around forever, but I had never eaten there until this week when a colleague suggested we meet there for our business lunch.  I love Italian food and happily agreed, eager at the chance to try a new (new for me, at least) restaurant.

Little Italy’s longevity alone led me to believe that there must be some pretty good food there, but as soon as I walked in and took in the no-frills decor I knew I was in for some Italian food that meant business.  Lately, I’ve been noticing how often fancy decorations overcompensate for so-so food.  And honestly I don’t really mind.  Sometimes it’s worth dining on blah food to hang out in a place that makes you feel cooler just by being there.  I most definitely did not feel like cool while dining at Little Italy.  Instead, I felt like a total moron for have never eaten there before.

The menu at Little Italy is pretty impressive.  Even the lunch menu has a great selection of pasta dishes, though I had to refer to the main menu to look up the definitions of several offerings.  I seriously pondered opting for one of the ‘lighter’ options, or, more specifically, the dishes that had at least one vegetable in addition to the tomato sauce.  The spinach lasagna was a good enough compromise (it’s got spinach in the name, so it must be healthy, right people?). Had I been alone or in the company of wolves I would have eagerly eaten my way through the bread basket.  However, I was trying to portray as much professionalism as possible, so when my salad was delivered I was thankful for the distraction.  After a few moments my spinach lasagna arrived, and I was astounded by the proportion.  It looked like almost half a whole lasagna!  No problem here, though.  I don’t really know what else to say other that it was absolutely delicious.  I could only eat about a quarter of it, but don’t believe for a second that I didn’t take the rest of that bad boy home with me.  It had layers of noodles, creamy spinach infused cheese, and a layer of melted mozzarella all swimming in delicious tomato sauce.

My experience at Little Italy could not have been more delightful.  The service was polite and attentive and the food was delectable. This is one place that I know, without a doubt, I will be visiting again soon.

Little Italy
3320 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX 75701-7818
(903) 595-1184

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  1. Ok, did we visit the same place…my wife and I also tried Little Italy, we had the distinct feeling there was dirt in the corners, our salad was stale, and our food was not the quality I want….fresh veggies, sauces that don’t make your gut feel like its expanding just by looking at them. I know I am in east texas but please give us a better selection.

  2. Wonderful little dive. Amazing sauces. Amazing bread.


    One of their workers was weed eating by our car and a rock shattered a windshield in my car. Little Italy will not pay for the damages. Instead they yell at us and threaten us. Very ugly people.

    Not to mention we had horrible service and nasty food.

  4. The first time my husband and I ate here, it was great. But I have to admit that I wasn’t so pleased with our second trip. I enjoy the food at this place but after finding a dead fly at the bottom of my drink I could only imagine what else goes on in that kitchen. Enough said.

  5. My hubby & I ate there & vowed to never return. We BOTH found hair in our food which made us sick & the service was lacking. After experiencing a “hairy situation”, neither of us could eat italian for awhile. It definitely had a negative affect on us! We wouldn’t & don’t recommend it to any of our friends! Hairy Italians need to practice proper hygeine in the kitchen!

  6. I’ve been eating at Little Italy for years with friends and family. We have never had a problem there. Though it is an old building, it is well kempt. I’ve never had a dirty piece of silverware.

    The food is always good. It is robust and rich, don’t go if you’re on a diet.

    I’m a big fan of the Chicken Murphy.

  7. like another commenter, i had a good experience the first time and bad the second. Bad service, our waitress didn’t return until we were done and never offered to refill our glasses. The bread was hard and cold. Food tasted like it had been frozen and reheated and the salad was wilted. We will not go back.

  8. I have a friend who visits me in Tyler about every three weeks and she insists that we always eat there at least once while she is here. The food is great, surpassing any other Italian we’ve found (and we’ve found a lot in a lot of different places), and the only “problem” we’ve ever had was having to wait briefly for a table on Valentine’s Day evening. Little Italy gets high marks from us.

  9. The food is true italy! If you can just focus on the taste and not what the place looks like on the inside then you can honestly enjoy yourselves. Some of the best tasting food is found in small places so step out of your “Wine and Dine” box and enjoy, laugh, and smell the sauce! Yum!!

  10. Well, I’ve always thought the food at Little Italy was pretty good – especially their tiramisu. In the past I have even purchased whole tiramisus for family occasions. The reason for this low review is that yesterday I called to order a whole tirmisu for my sister’s birthday. When I asked the girl that answered if I could order one, she laughed and said (in a rude, “valley girl” tone), “Ummm, no. We don’t do that. Thanks. Bye.” I even heard her snicker again as she was hanging up the phone. As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no reason for me (or anyone else) to spend their money in an establishment that has employees who behave this way. Oh, and by the way, I ordered a tiramisu from Olive Garden and they were extremely polite and pleasant. Sorry Little Italy.

  11. Little Italy was one of our favorite places when we were in Tyler. They had some staff problems for a couple of years, but nobody does Chicken Murphy like they do. It’s chicken in a sherry or white wine cream sauce with a touch of marinara (and maybe Parmesan), onions, red peppers, mushrooms and jalapenos over spaghetti. The bread is always good. Their salads tend to be on the simplistic side, but I didn’t come for the salad. We’ve been trying to reproduce this dish ever since God made us move to Washington State. People don’t understand Texas Style Chicken Murphy up here at all. I may have to fly to Tyler soon if we can’t get the sauce right.

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