Lindo Mexico Restaurant

Lindo MexicoNotable hole in the wall numero dos would be another taqueria, Lindo Mexico on East Gentry. The thing that makes this place notable is the freaking unbelievable prices. For two crispy chicken tacos with rice and beans and a set up of chips with salsa and queso the price is only $3.99. And the food is great! This is another place my husband talked me into trying, and I am so glad he did. Also, they serve breakfast and the parking lot is usually full so it must be pretty good.

Lindo Mexico
2410 East Gentry Parkway
Tyler, TX 75708-9072
(903) 526-5464


  1. I wonder how long it has been since the City Health Dept. has checked this place. The a/c was dripping condensation on the front counter, Mexican TV was blaring in the seating area, the waitress did not speak any English, the food was greasy. I much prefer to patronize Los Gueros and pay a little more, eat good quality food prepared in a clean kitchen, and be served by U. S. citizens who are respectful to all their customers.

  2. I watched with a wary eye as this restaurant opened a second location on the East Loop at the intersection with the Old Henderson Hwy. (801 SSE Loop 323) They are occupying a restaurant space which is joined with a convenience store/truck stop. Considering the number of failed restaurants which I have seen come and go in this location; strike 1. While filling the Momobile with gas one day I decided to walk over and pick up a menu just to see what was being offered. It turns out that was one of the best decisions I have made in a while! Let me sum it up like this:
    Menu offerings: Outstanding, I stopped counting at 80!
    Service: Outstanding
    Food: Outstanding
    Price: Great Value
    Chance of me returning: Absolutely!

    I ordered about 5 different items from the menu, everything from appetizers to seafood and it was all delicious+! The portions were most generous and the flavors were amazing. Their seasoned beef on the nachos was some of the best I’ve tasted, perfectly seasoned. The fajita bowl had perfectly cooked onions and green pepper – don’t you hate it when they are undercooked with your fajitas? The fajita meats, chicken and beef were every bit as good if not better than the really popular flashy Mexican restaurant on SE Loop 323.

    They are also installing a drive thru window which is a critical asset to overly busy working moms. It should be opened the week of Feb. 10th though the restaurant is open for business now.

    I am not sure of the review of the other location but I had full view of the kitchen in this one and it was spotless as the dining area was also. I have no reservations about eating there or picking up an order to go. I also did not experience any language barriers.

    I am in no way related to the owner or indiividuals who operate this restaurant. I only hope that Tylerites take advantage of their new more centrally located restaurant. If you don’t you are missing out on one of the best values and great food offerings in a city with many choices.

  3. My husband I love this food. We are on day 3 with another take out order. Staff was really nice and the portiin sizes are unbelievable. The best place to eat in tyler is in the least expected place! I also work at a popular mexican restaurant and this food is way better. Get you some.

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