Kung Pao Asian Diner

Kung Pao Asian DinerWhen I heard the announcement on the radio that the Kung Pao Asian Bistro restaurant on Old Jacksonville was open for business I didn’t hesitate to try it and ate lunch there that day. I pulled up to the restaurant just after noon and was a bit surprised to see there was no crowd to speak of despite Tyler’s love affair with new restaurants. Chalking it up to a lackluster advertising effort, I proceeded inside to see the goods.

The dining room is spacious and modern. You order in the back, take a seat, then the waitstaff delivers your food when it’s ready. Kung Pao serves a variety of Asian dishes from Thai noodle bowls to Korean spare ribs. I ordered the Basa bowl with steamed rice and my sister ordered the Kung Pao fried rice with chicken. I visited in the middle of a work day, but I mentally noted the stocked beer refrigerators for next time.

Our food arrived quickly and was steaming hot as the server set it on the table. My fish was good though much heavier than I expected as it was fried. I would have known this though had a read the menu instead of just glancing over the order board which lists titles only, no descriptions. The fried rice was a good, safe choice, nothing out of the ordinary, but good nonetheless.

The best thing about Kung Pao is the delivery service. Tyler restauranteurs… Follow their lead!  Tylerites like delivery!  Overall, Kung Pao is a good choice for a quick, hot lunch. Want it ever more quickly? Have it delivered!

Kung Pao Asian Diner
6163 Old Jacksonville Hwy
Tyler, TX 75703

Kung Pao menu


  1. Susan, I think it just opened a couple of weeks ago. We ate there a few days ago and it was really good. The Sesame Chicken was the best we’ve ever eaten anywhere. Had the Egg Drop Soup and it was as expected. Quick service, but the girl that took our order had no knowledge of the menu items. The servers were very friendly. Clean place, nice atmosphere.

  2. The staff are all well-meaning kids that i think are just learning their way around the service industry. they are very nice! the food was amazing when we went! my husband got the pad thai and he loved it, although he likes it better at julian’s…i got the sesame chicken which is freshly made, the sauce is so tasty, broccoli is fresh, and the rice is perfect!! i highly recommend this place!!

  3. Always ready for a new Tyler restaurant, my wife and I made a beeline to Kung Pao one Sunday for lunch. This is a nice, new, loud restaurant with the makings of a great place to eat. The staff were anxious to help but new to the restaurant business with little knowledge of the dishes or food service. This will change with time. Both the appetizer and main dishes were served at the same time. No time to savor the appetizer before tackling the main course. We ordered the Kung Pao lettuce wraps and really enjoyed the appetizer. The Mu Shu dish was very good but the “pancakes” were tortillas. This made the dish heavier than expected and did distract from the flavor. I had the Vietnamese Noodle Soup. It was served with a small portion of bean sprouts, lime, basil and jalepenos, could have used a bit more. The thai hot sauce was on every table but the server did not know what hoisin sauce was. He did bring a very small portion after several trips to the cooking area. I found it easier to get another portion myself by asking one of the chefs for more. The soup was fair to good. Not of the quality or flavor of Pho Restaurant on 64 W. Overall Kung Pao was a decent place to eat. Once it gets over the growing pains, I think it will be one of the best in Tyler.

  4. I’ve never been a fan of Asian/Chinese food from a restaurant, but what the heck… I’m trying new things these days. My wife loves Chinese food and I agreed to drive from Jacksonville (36 mi) to check it out. Waitstaff was young and inexperienced but tried hard to please. Noticed a few tiny bottles of wine and some chilled beer. Good! However, Shiner Bock is not an imported beer… it’s brewed in Texas!Ordering from the menu was not very intuitive for me, but like I said, I’m not a frequent Asian/Chinese food eater. I followed my wife’s lead in ordering (Kung Pao Chicken is her favorite) and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Excellent! Went back 2 weeks later on a Monday. Dang! Closed! (I should have noticed their hours posted on the door.) I was in Tyler this morning and piddled around town unti 11 am waiting for them to open. Got 2 orders of Kung Pao Chicken to take back to Jacksonville. Guess what’s for dinner tonight???

  5. BEWARE of added tips on check that you do not authorized!! We visited the Asian Diner around 6pm on Friday night and it was very busy. Being the first time there, we felt pressured to hurry and order thru the menu on the wall and at the cash register. Very young workers! I paid, took our number, went to the table and waited. The main meal came quickly but before the appetizers. You need to get your own drinks, silverware, etc and this was okay for us. The food was very good. When we got home I noticed on my Online Banking Acct. that someone had added a 20% tip to the check. I did not/do not add a tip on the check, but when I have good service, I leave cash on the table. WHO was I giving a TOP tip to??? This UPSET me MUCH!! I called around 7:30pm to speak w/a manager and was told there was not one there, but she would take a message and have him return my call. She said it would be Sat. @5pm before he would be there, so I will await to see if he does, if not, then I WILL call back! From now on, I will NEVER leave the space empty when a tip can be placed at the REGISTER!! WHY would anyone feel they can add whatever amount they would like …yes, VERY young workers!! …and ones who think they can!!

  6. The food was O.K. but the service was not $7.00 tip worthy. Meaning I did not give the register a tip at all but my online banking displays my total as $40.00 instead of the $33.00 total I know I wrote.

  7. My husband and I ordered an early dinner yesterday and had it delivered. The food was excellent and the delivery guy was very thorough, making sure we got everything we ordered. The hot sour soup was very good and the lettuce wraps were delicious!!! we will be frequenting this new restaraunt!!!

  8. Heard about this place and looked up the menu etc. here on Tylerites. I was excited to have anything that delivers here in Tyler! I phoned in and was put on hold while they figured out if my home in the Azalea district was too far for delivery or not. When the girl got back on the line she took my order and I was placed on hold 2 more times while she asked questions about the menu (I asked about a smaller or side portion availability on one dish and requested certain things be left out of the others) she read my order back, gave me my total and I told her that I would be paying with $40 so to please bring change. They did not take my number. I called back about 10 minutes later and asked to leave my number because we might not hear the door knock. I was told that the driver had already left with my order, so I decided to sit in the front room and wait on him.
    The driver arrived shortly afterwards and gave a knock that some of the smallest trick-or-treaters could do louder.
    I open the front door and this young man stood there looking at me dumbfounded while holding the order towards me. I had said “Hi” and not only did he not say A SINGLE WORD until I gave him the two $20’s and he started to walk away…and I said “excuse me!” and then he asked if I needed change. The total was $26.00…including a $2 delivery fee. I told him yes I did and proceeded to follow him out to his vehicle while he tried to find change….which he did not have (despite asking for them to have change when I made the order)
    I then took the $40 out of his hand as he was saying he didn’t have change and seriously looking like he was about to jump in the car and leave and then wrote a check for the exact amount.
    This young man then has the audacity to ask me where his tip was! I told him there was a delivery fee included and that I did not feel as if a tip was required especially when the service was so poor. Then he told me that they don’t take checks and I told him that his manager could call me if he had a problem with it. He left and I called the restaurant asking if they took checks and they said that they do.
    The food is mediocre at best…not worth the poor service quality. I read each of the above reviews/comments before ordering and was therefore expecting some poor service…I was hoping it would not translate to delivery and that the “inexperienced but eager and willing to please” part of it would prove true. I also read about the blank credit card slip filling in and that was why I had decided to pay with cash and ask that they bring change.
    There are obviously some major red flags for a restaurant so new to have…they will need to fix these issues if they expect to make it.

  9. I called to get a to go order and this guy named chris told me that I had to pay by credit card because it was about to be shift change. He wad do rude about it. Never in my life have I encountered this. Won’t be returning until customer service has been improvised!

  10. john some people try to go to wrk to have a job and they have people like u who just write stuff about them when they try to do the right thing at wrk but u know u must not have a life but i thought everyone there was great

  11. I went their last saturday evening with my wife and son, when i walked in I was pleasantly surprised when i saw that they had made their menu bigger, and with descriptions of everthing right their for you to read. I walked up to the counter and a tall young man said his name was Brad or Brandon approached us and asked if we needed any help with our decision and we asked him if they had anything for kids? He said yes, they had done a little bit of work with their menu by adding a couple of things for children, as well a few sides that weren’t their when they first opened. I ordered the Mandarin way steak and it was fantastic, my wife ordered the lo mein and we were both surprised with the amount she got, i mean it was a huge bowl! My son wound up getting the mini corn dogs off the menu and of course he was satisfied. Overall it was a very good second experience and will be going back very soon!!

  12. I went with my two kids and asked the young employee for their kids meal and he said I don’t know…. I gave him a blank expression and he asked are you ready to order??? I left and went to chicken express. My husband ate there without me since I didn’t want to return and he wasn’t pleased with the food and thought it was very overpriced.

  13. well we went there nite and i donnt see how people that wrk there have a job they had so many people wrkin behind the cash reg it dont take that many people to wrk and some of them they looked older and they mite have a family to support so i thought i would just put that on here to try an help but the food was good

  14. well we went there and eat for the first time and what do u know everything i heard bad was true i ordered the egg rolls and they where still cold in the middle and i found hair in my fried rice and the serves was bad too so we wont becoming back they mine as well shut there doors down i have alot of people that work for me and they sai that they wont be coming there

  15. I finally decided to go into Kung Pao yesterday for the first time. As i approached rick or ricky came up to me and asked me if i needed help with the menu. I told him i didnt know anything about it. He calmly explained the menu from the lunch specials to the last thing on the menu. It wasnt hard making a decision at all with his help. Ordering was easy the food was quick and good. Very good portions also. I was so pleased with this young man that i even offered him a job at my restaurant. But all goes to show that the employees represent the restaurant and this young man sure did a heck of a job! will definitely be coming for more!

  16. The problem with the service is the female manager. I heard her scolding a trainee for not doing an order right. When he explained he just started she told him “it’s not MY job to teach you how to do yours”, and walked away. Actually, isn’t it her job? I think hiring young people is a good idea & gives them the opportunity to earn some money. This restaurant will never have good service as long as the manager is so terrible.

  17. loved it! had to go back for more salt and pepper shrimp is delicious. servers were great and young and full of energy. I will be back

  18. Visited a couple of time…never actually sat down…just got it to go. Was very excited when they offered delivery…not! I live in the Cascades a mere 5 miles and they won’t deliver. You can’t call ahead to order….you have to place your order there….the food is not near as good as Wasabi’s even though its the same owners…I wish them the best but if you offer delivery…go more than 5 miles.

  19. Delivery was great but dine in not great. Bad service and prices too high for fast food Asian. Didn’t like the atmosphere.

  20. The worst restaurant I have eaten at in Tyler ! Very poor customer service and food was less than average quality. They have deleted items from thier original menu, but haven’t taken the time to update the written menues or the menu on the wall. Of course I initially asked for an item they no longer served. Has the atmosphere of a cafeteria and the accoustics are terrible. Not many people there when I went, but very, very noisy. I won’t be going back and recommend you don’t waste your time.

  21. I would like to know where the good Asian food is besides Wasabi in Tyler then? I’ve eaten there about 6 times or so lunch and dinner and never had any customer service problems or problems with the food. I’ve ordered about 5 different dishes and all were excellent and fresh. Didn’t really think anything was overpriced. If you’re looking for an all you can eat buffet for $5.99 this isn’t the restaraunt for you.

  22. If you’re a sesame chicken fan, try something else. I ordered it on my first trip to Kung Pao and I’ve never had such a hard time chewing anything in my life. Might be a strange complaint, but I pretty much gave up 10 minutes into it.

  23. Well, if you haven’t tried them…too late. They are already closed (if that tells you anything) and are planning to reopen with a different identity. From the sign they will be a sushi/Asian Bistro. It does not help them that they are hidden behind Chicken Express and Jucy’s with no roadside signage.

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