Julian’s Asian Diner

juliansWhat a pleasant surprise it was for me to enter Julian’s Asian Diner and find a non-buffet Asian restaurant.  Previously limited to Chinese buffets and Japanese hibachi grills, before Julian’s opened it’s doors, Tyler desperately needed a sit-down style Asian restaurant.

Julian’s is not new.  It’s been around for a few years, but it recently came under new ownership, and the new owners are doing some cool things to the place.  The biggest improvement they are making is to remodel the entire bar area.  Previously, the bar looked cool, but it wasn’t really practical.  I have not seen the new bar area, but I know it’s going to be a lot bigger and offer more seating than the few low couches and tables that they had before.

The food at Julian’s is very good, and luckily, I don’t think the new owners plan on changing the menu.  My favorite thing is the Cune Special, one of their Health Bowls, which consists of brown rice, shrimp, chicken, and veggies served with your choice of sauce.  Personally, I love it with shrimp and scallops instead of chicken, and the Teriyaki sauce.  I am getting hungry just thinking about it!  Other great choices include the Julian’s Spicy Chicken, the Honey Seared Shrimp, and the Filet Medallions topped with Gorgonzola.

juliansAside from the good food, Julian’s also offers a nice selection of beers, wines, and martinis.  I had my first ever Leinenkugel here, which marked the start of a very special relationship between me and my new favorite wheat beer.

Be sure to head over to Julian’s for lunch or dinner.  For lunch try the Cune Special or Spicy Chicken.  For dinner I’d recommend the Filet Medallions that I mentioned earlier, and definitely one of their special martinis.  That would be the perfect way to unwind after a long day of Christmas shopping.  Check out Julian’s menu online at www.juliansintyler.com (their annoying Flash website is not a good representation of the restaurant).

Julian’s Asian Diner
5201 S Broadway Ave # 122
Tyler, TX 75703-3769
(903) 509-8833


  1. Had dinner at Julians last weekend.They did a great job with the interior but the food and service has gone down considerably. Very disapointed….

  2. Love this place for wonderful Asian food. It is a quiet and romantic atmosphere. The bar area has comfortable sofas with tables as well as tables and the bar. The food is great and several healthy dishes served. The wines are great and the martinis awesome! The new ownership has definately improved this place from the past.Wonderful place to go for a “date night” then hit the movie theater in the same shopping center.

  3. Just so all you Leinenkugal lovers know I am the one who brought the delicious idea of the blueberries to Tyler. So when you have one enjoy and than k this Vegas native who knows her stiff when it comes to food and drinks

  4. Fills the fix of asian cuisine solely due to lack of competition. Not bad, but nothing great either.

  5. Fellow Tylerites:

    I have to say this place is horrible. If you have ever had real Thai you would know this is terrible food. This is about 3 steps below Pei Wei and Pei Wei is essentially fast food! I ordered Pad Thai tonight and it was watered down, the noodles tasted like Linguini, and the sauce was awful. The atmosphere is decent so I was very disappointed that the only taste of Thai Tylerites are getting is this place. They should shut it down or hire some Thai chefs that know what they are doing. If you want real Thai food check out Bangkok Royal in Waco or Thai noodle rice on Fitzhugh in Dallas (a hole in the wall, but all fresh ingredients and Thai people in the kitchen). This place tries to pass itself off as a poor man’s P.F. Chang’s, but is just horrible. Sorry, but I just want everyone to know this isn’t real Thai food.

  6. The best lounge and bar in Tyler! I always enjoy having a martini with my wife while watching the video wall. The staff is extremely professional and welcoming. I recommend Julian’s to all my friends and family.

  7. I think this is a great little spot. Service leaves a little to be desired but the food is wonderful. It doesn’t bill itself as a Thai restaurant so I’m not sure about the rant by the previous response….With lunch and dinner portions available at lunch or dinner portion size and price go hand in hand. Try the spring rolls next time your in and take a peek at the new lounge area. It’s Great!

  8. Edamame and White Grape Martini make me happy here…I also love the Cune Special and their Fried Rice is a fav take-out.

  9. This place is okay. This is an “Asian” fusion restaurant. Just about as good as Panda Express.

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