Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Jimmy John'sJimmy John’s sandwich shop opened for business!   Jimmy John’s serves a variety of traditional and specialty sandwiches on deliciously soft, chewy, crave-worthy homemade French bread or thick sliced 7 grain wheat.  My favorite (well, and the only one of their sandwiches I have ever actually had) is the veggie sandwich which they load with provolone cheese, avocado spread, sprouts, tomato, cucumber and mayo.   I am not a vegetarian, but this sandwich leaves nothing to be desired in the protein department.

Despite my love for the Vegetarian sub, I think next time I visit I am going to try something different.  The Jimmy John’s B.L.T. sounds pretty good as does the Beach Club which appears to be about the same as the Vegetarian only with turkey.

Perhaps the best thing about Jimmy John’s is their delivery policy…  whether you order one sandwich or one dozen, they will deliver!   Tyler desperately needs more restaurants with such liberal delivery policies as this, so thank you Jimmy John’s for helping to fill that void.

Jimmy John’s is located on Troup Hwy, right next to Smoothie King in the Green Acres shopping center.

Jimmy John’s
1647 Troup Hwy Suite 100
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 617-6878


  1. i used to have them all the time when i lived in chicago, great quality, good prices, and they DELIVER!!! i am so excited about having one in town, goin there for dinner tonight 😀

  2. Blows Subway away! Their fresh French Bread is what makes it a real winner. Its got a buttery flavor to it.

  3. Overpriced cold boring sandwich that I could of made at my house with MAYO!!! First and last visit!!!

  4. This place sucks! You get a better sandwich at Subway , Schlotzkys or Quiznos. I mean seriously… people slap the word gormet on something and idiots think they are getting good food.

  5. Writing a review for JJ is like writing one for Arby’s, Wendy’s, etc… I grew up with these sandwiches in Illinois and prefer them over other fastfood-type sandwiches. I find Jersey Mike’s to be comparable. Sure, it isn’t for everyone but I was well pleased with having a JJ location in Tyler. I typically see them located in urban neighborhoods and was more of a convenient choice for a great lunch but there aren’t many (any) locations in Tyler for that. I think the bread it great and that is why I go. Our favorite was to pick up a loaf of day old bread on the way home.

  6. You need to add Skyline Cafe to this web site. They have the best Ruben, burgers and sandwiches that you will ever eat PLUS they are located under the air traffic control tower at the old airport terminal. They do a great job, have a 100% from the health department, superb service and the best view of aviation

  7. An average sandwich as an above-average price…one visit was enough.

  8. Nothing gourmet about it!!! Just a cold regular sandwich. You can make the same thing at home for nothing. Waste of time and money. Subway and Schlotszy’s is much better! If you like a lettuce sandwich with hardly any meat on it, this is your place.

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