1. In all fairness I went for a massage and here a year ago but felt I should share my experience. Perhaps they have improved since my visit. There were several young men visiting the employees there and they were drinkig wine in the waiting area, laughing loudly in what should have been a relaxing environment. The massage therapist did an “ok” massage. Was definately disappointed in the body scrub that was done on my feet and legs with a salt scrub that wasn’t moistened at all. I had to ask her to stop as it was abrading my skin. I have had scrubs before and they are always somewhat rough but this was extreme.The next day I had scabs on the tops of my feet. Therefore, I would not recommend going to this salon. There are plenty of others in this area to choose from. I would recommend Belladona salon (no I dont work there or know anyone who does)

  2. I find their salad unfresh, their plates physically cracked which gives me concern re the cleanliness, and the atmosphere quite lacking. I love Italian, but I avoid this joint.

  3. The July 23rd comment, does not refer to Jessica’s. They do not serve any Italian food there. It is a beauty spa, not a place to eat.

    I was there yesterday and many time in the past and have been pleased with most of my experiences. Only one of my treatments wasn’t too good out of about 30 or so.

    I got my hair cut and styled by Sonya and a wonderful massage by April.

    Had a relaxing experience.

    Thanks you everyone at Jessica’s.

  4. Thank you Ana! Kalamazoo ~ I am so sorry to hear about this experience you had at my spa! There are def. no friends/family allowed to “hang out” at the spa with the employee’s, I am very sorry to hear that this may have happened during your visit! Our scrubs are all made from scratch at the spa using all organic products and essential oils, we do have a few options…some being much more coarse than others, the texture of the scrub depends on the clients prefference and what area of the body is being scrubbed. None the less, the professional who was performing your foot and leg scrub should have been 100% aware of your comfort and/or discomfort! I have a wonderful Spa with a fabulous group of professionals that work for me! They are each sooo very talented and amazing at what they do, and our clients LOVE them! I assure you that you would not have another experience as you did last year! Our Spa is one of the very best if not the best in Tyler! Thank you & God Bless.

  5. I mistakenly put a post on here that was actually for an Italian restaurant, then could not remove it. Sorry! But I have been to Jessica’s more than once for massages and have always had a GREAT experience. Angie is fabulous! Thanks!

  6. I have been going to Jessica’s Spa for at least 7 yrs. now & love this little find. Once you step in the cozy atmosphere I’m always professionally greeted & offered anything to make me comfortable while I wait. A friend of mine & I loved their Happy Hour Wednesdays. It’s always an enjoyable, relaxing and wonderful time to spend getting mini treatments that were always fabulous! I recommend all their services but love my massages with Jessica or Sheila. I will definitely keep going back. Thank you to everyone at Jessica’s.

  7. When u are at jessicas it is like a second home it is so cozy and they make u feel very welcomed as u first step in the door. Every treatment I have ever had here is superb and I plan to spend alot more time at jessicas… How can u stay away from this place with all of the great experiences

  8. I have traveled all around the world and had many, many spa treatments at 5-star salons. Jessica’s Spa in Tyler is at the top of my list. The massages here are wonderful and the staff is very professional and kind. Jessica has created a beautiful, relaxing environment and offers so many different services and treatments. I look forward to my next massage. They are the best – thank you!!

  9. I had a massage last week with Jessica, the owner. I can’t wait to go back. I already scheduled an appointment for both my mom and sister from Kansas with Jessica. Thank you! Oh and the pedicures are GREAT too!

  10. Jessicas massage spa creates a relaxing get away. In the busy town of tyler its hard to get away from lifes daily hassle and struggle, yet as soon as you walk into this gorgeous spa one is able to just stop and take a deep breath. I’m not sure if its the friendly service, the complimentary wine, the relaxing atmosphere, or just how this place says “welcome! Come sit down and just REST” that makes it great, but whatever these ladies are doing…it works! After having a nice drink you get the most exhilerating massage, wether you want deep pressure, swedish, or hot stone. Jessicas is where its at. Oh and don’t forget…you might as well get a refreshing facial or a gorgeous mani pedi while you are at it. Go treat yourself asap!!!!

  11. I had a great experience at Jessica’s. My massage was the best I’ve ever had. I usually leave a massage so tense that I need another massage…not so this time. Beautiful, clean environment, friendly staff, and a GREAT massage! I highly recommend this spa.

  12. I have definitely been around the world and this by far at both location lack the Professionalism or Hygiene a The Best In Tyler Spa should have. They use that term very loosely. They hire anyone off the street it seems because I felt the level of knowledge was definitely lacking. I read these post and I honestly think they use alias names to make their place come across better than it is. In one post I could believe the employee never once said I’m sorry for your BAD Experience. With this said I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.Sorry but the truth hurts.

  13. Worst Place the have kids running around all over the place and it was the most un- relaxing place ive ever been to.

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