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jakesThere are two types of articles that are especially fun for me to write.  The reviews of really bad experiences, and reviews of really great experiences.  Luckily, Friday night at Jakes I had a really, really great experience.  My sister and I decided to make an impromptu trip downtown just to get out of the house for a little while.  We thought we’d have a drink and maybe share an appetizer if we got hungry.  We took a seat at the bar and were immediately greeted by one of the polite and friendly (and handsome – hi Thomas!) bartenders.  We were off to a good start.

Jakes is the type of place that you would expect to be exceptionally good, and it lives up to all of my expectations each time I visit.  It’s one of the pricier places to eat in Tyler, but the atmosphere, service, and fantastic food really make it worth the price.  Jakes makes the perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion, or to satiate a need for indulgence which is exactly what we did on Friday.  We decided to share the Oysters Rockafeller, and I kid you not when I say they were the absolute best oysters I have ever tasted.  I think even people who don’t like oysters would love these.  Broiled with butter, Applewood smoked bacon, onion, spinach and freshly shaved parmesan cheese, Jakes’ Oysters Rockafeller are simply to die for.  We devoured all dozen of the oysters, and on an oyster high made the impulse decision to finish the night off with Jakes coconut cream bread pudding.  Yes, this was as fantastically good as it sounds.  Not one word was spoken as we dove into the dessert, and we didn’t come up for air until the plate was scraped clean.

DSC05178We could not have picked a better place to enjoy our girls’ night out.  Everything was perfect from the moment we walked in until we bundled back up and headed home for the night.  It was far too cold to enjoy this weekend, but Jakes roof top cheveta is one of the coolest places in Tyler to visit on a warm spring evening.  You can dine while overlooking the square in downtown Tyler, and they even have live music on the weekends.  I’m already looking forward to coming back for more oysters and bread pudding on the roof when the temperatures warm up.

jakeshours: Tues – Fri 4pm-12am, Sat 5pm-1am

111 East Erwin Street
Tyler, TX 75702
(903) 526-0225


  1. Jakes, well the first thing that comes to mind when I hear about the restaurant is the worst ,expensive food I have ever eaten. And The next thing that comes to mind, is the worst customer service. I would never recommend this restaurant.
    My son and his friend were in town on leave. He had been serving in the USAF in the middle east. I wanted to treat him to somewhere special, so we went to Jakes.
    To make a long story short, we ordered and what we received was over cooked halibut, along with several other minor issues.
    We showed the server the fish was “mushy” and he advised us it looked fine. I calmly explained to the server, I was from Anchorage Alaska and this fish had not been properly cooked. He continued to argue his case and so did I.Finally, he took the plate back to the chef. Then the server returned with the same plate, stating the chef said it was fine! I said, could I please speak to your manager? I was told he was not in, and it’s the chef’s call. We, stopped eating and was given our full priced $200.00 bill. But, Before I left I asked for the manager’s name and number. I called him three times explained the horrible experience on the answering machine and finally gave up.
    So, needless to say I would never ,ever recommend Jakes on The square.

  2. Hello everyone,
    I would like to make a withdrawal of my comment, not that this didn’t happen, but that my experience happened before new management took over about 18 months ago. And I would recommend everyone give the newer owners a chance.
    I am, then I’ll give you my new opinion.

  3. Delicia The Food Critic

    I revisited newly renovated Jakes, I was greeted by the new owner Kamala. I chose to sit up stairs over looking the town square, the decor of the restaurant was very comfortable, yet elegant at the same time, and from beginning to the end of my dining experience my wonderful Scottish and Irish server David Wallace was very, intuitive to my needs, to which he met and exceeded.
    As, I was waiting for my guest to arrive, I decided to jump into a dozen of the Blue oysters on the half shell. Having lived in Alaska half my life my seafood taste are pretty picky, but I must say the oysters were delightful, I did save my son Jason 5 of them lol.
    Each of us ordered a different entree as to ‘taste test’ the menu. I ordered the Chicken Breast Florentine, if you are concerned about your budget at such a fine restaurant This dish is 18.00 and is served with chicken breast layered in cheeses, that is placed on top of homemade mashed potatoes, with tasty fresh crisp sprigs of asparagus.Tuna was ordered and the Fillet Mignon both dishes were simply fabulous.
    And for those of you that enjoy a lighter meal or salads Jakes special salad is the choice to make, made with a wedge of crisp lettuce, bacon pieces The flavor was that of a entire meal.
    My favorite part of the meal, took me off my sugar restrictive diet without regret. The desert is a coconut bread pudding Creamy warm caramel crunchy goodness, was tempted to order another. What a great place to meet and just have a gourmet desert, we all deserve a treat once in awhile.
    We ended the night with a tour of the roof top lounge. You can see that the new owners have put a lot of work into this project, what a classy place to enjoy a cigar and socialize.
    So, in conclusion I rate this restaurant excellent! my advice is Go check it out for yourself, treat your loved one to a truly special night out on the town.

  4. You guys should remove the Feb 19 comments of Delicia Lewis as many people will never read beyond the first few lines to see her retraction. Jakes is on my “recommended” list of places for a mature dinning experience for Tyler/East Texas. The new management strives to provide a unique dinning experience.

  5. Went there for Valentines day last year and absolutely loved it. Food was fabulous as was the service. They did a wonderful job with the remodel and it was an appropriate venue for a romantic dinner for 2. We would have loved to eat on the roof (the Chavetta I think) but I had recently had ACL reconstruction and was unable to make it up the stairs. We will definitely be back.

  6. Jakes is a great place to dine.
    My first trip was there July 3rd, 2009. Ordered the Crab Cake Entree. Wow! They were divine. Went back in April of this year ordered the same-thing, only this time the Appetitizer. While it was very good it was not the same. Different Chef.

    Jakes is on my list of favorite places

  7. The food is 3 out of 4 stars but the coconut bread pudding, if served warm, is 4 out of 4 stars. Delicious. And the berry sexy martini is wonderful.

  8. The atmosphere is wonderful and although very friendly, our waitstaff was not very attentive. We had reservations but because we arrived early and there was plenty of room, we decided to seat ourselves on the more romantic rooftop cheveta.
    After having two waiters pass us by multiple times and then wait on two tables that came in after us, I had to politely ask if we could have a menu (this taking over 15 minutes w/very few tables being full). We ordered an appetizer – the calamari, which was a huge portion, very tastey and not at all rubbery. By the time our meals arrived it had been over one hour after we seated ourselves. We didn’t mind so much as were on a ‘date night’ and enjoyed the time to have good conversation.
    Unfortunately, my husband (who has never in our 14yrs of marriage) had to ask for his plate to be returned. He had ordered a ‘rare’ steak and the one delivered was very much medium well to well done. Not exactly the mistake a ‘higher end’ restuarant should make. After 10-15 minutes of me slowly eating by myself, his plate was returned w/ a very nicely cooked mostly ‘rare’ piece of meat.
    I’d hate to say anything bad about this place because overall the food tasted nice; however, the experience was not up to our expectations and we probably won’t return for quite some time.

  9. Love, love, love Jake’s. I agree the original posting by Delicia should be removed because of its placement in the reviews. Or reverse the order of reviews to make most recent one first. If I didn’t know Jake’s I would have read the first one she wrote and not visited it.

  10. Upscale atmosphere & dining in Downtown Tyler, lousy service. Their prices are outrageous too for what you get. The rooftop “bands” they have on weekends are hit or miss & its usually the same local ones all the time.

  11. Easily my favorite place to hang out with friends after work. I have never had a bad experience here. Not a place East Texas is use to and I bet that is why some folks may not have liked it – but if you are looking for a place for Friday night comparable to a night out in Fort Worth, this is your best bet.

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