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Heartland HamHow is it that since I moved to Tyler eight years ago not once have I eaten something from the Heartland Ham Company?  I have seriously been missing out!  Quite honestly, I was never exactly sure what Heartland Ham was or what they did.  It turns out, that when it comes to good food, they do a little of everything.

Heartland Ham is not only a great lunch spot for freshly made soups, salads and sandwiches, but they’re also the place to go to buy spiral cut, honey glazed hams, hickory smoked hams, smoked turkeys, and an assortment of other specialty meats perfect for the holidays or for anytime you may have the need for a ham.  Ok, so the sandwiches are a bit more practical for my lifestyle than buying a whole ham since I live in a household of two, but I’m certain that the hams and turkeys are delicious.

Back to the lunch menu…  So, I have never been addicted to a sandwich before.  Well, maybe the veggie club at Newk’s but I’ve since overcome that dependency.  Now my cravings are for the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich at Heartland Ham.  The city of Tyler needs to start a Chipotle Chicken Sandwich dependency group because from what I understand, I am not the only one with an unwavering hankering for this delight of a sandwich.  It consists of a grilled chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, Apple wood smoked bacon, chipotle mayo all served on a jalapeno cheese bun.  Seriously so good.

Heartland HamAside from all the hams, whole turkeys, and Chipotle Chicken sandwiches, Heartland Ham recently added Corazon Catering to it’s arsenal of food services.  Corazon Catering offers a delicious and diverse upscale menu along with all the service, supplies, and silverware to get the job done.  I hear Corazon is giving some of the bigger, better known caterers in town a run for their money.  Check out their website www.corazoncateringtyler.com for more info.

Of all the wonderful things that Heartland Ham and Corazon Catering have going for them, the thing that stands out most to me and probably all of their customers is the great service.  You really get the feeling that everyone there likes their jobs, believes in the product, and values their customers.  It’s such a simple thing, yet can be so hard to find.

Obviously, I am a fan of the Heartland Ham Company, but I’ll end with one tiny suggestion. The decor in the dining room could be updated just a bit.  It’s just a touch old fashioned/country farmhouse for my personal taste, but I can always take my Chicken Chipotle Sandwich to go.

Heartland Ham Company
3400 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX 75701-8728
(903) 581-2802

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