Half Moon Grill & Saloon

Half MoonThe Half Moon Bar and Grill in Gresham has launched a pretty extensive radio advertising campaign lately – I’m sure some of you have heard one of the radio ads boasting about their menu or the one focusing on their huge deck… I had heard both and was excited to go see what all the fuss was about (the fuss over the FOOD, that is – not the deck).

We decided to try it out one Thursday night at around 8 pm. I don’t even know why we bothered to go inside, because when we pulled up the parking lot was PACKED. This would have been a great thing if I was looking for a big crowd, but I was intent on trying the wonderful food they have gone to such great lengths to advertise – not the crowd. The advertisements left me under the impression that this was just as much a restaurant as a bar. Based on my experience this is not the case.

We walked in and were greeted by the doorman who scanned our IDs. The music was very loud which was ok because the band was pretty good. As far as I could see it was standing room only, so my hopes of enjoying a meal here were diminishing. We walked room to room past pool tables and gatherings of people and finally made our way to the door that leads out to the huge deck. I was CERTAIN there would be room for us to sit and eat on the deck (since it is so enormous of course), and there was! There was plenty of room on the deck, but NO CHAIRS. Still hopefull, we walked back inside and asked the bartender if there were any chairs we could pull up to the tables outside. Sadly, we were told that there were not any chairs. Since the band that was playing that night was pretty good we decided to stay for a beer then head on down the road to an actual restaurant.

I really wanted to like this place and was expecting an awesome time, but unfortunately the Half Moon didn’t deliver that night. The food that I saw looked good, so my advice would be to anyone who wants to eat here to go early. I don’t have plans to go back anytime soon, mainly because we could never get of the house early enough to get a table. So, good luck to any of you who venture that way!

Half Moon Grill & Saloon
16884 FM 2493
Tyler, TX 75703-7378
(903) 534-1884


  1. The food rocks here! The “California” burger is really good. Reminds me of the Guacamole burger at Carls Jr. The pizza is also good.

    If you dont want to fight the bigger crowds, dont go on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! Tuesday evening is when I usually go… no live music and not a huge crowd. Tuesday’s are also $2.50 you call it nights on PREMIUM drinks, beer, and wine.

    If you go, sit in Colby’s section. She is an awesome waitress!

  2. Dive bar to get in a fight or contract an std. lol
    Good: bands, food, service.
    Bad: old women, very clickish.

  3. I rarely get all the way out to Flint/Gresham where Half Moon is located therefore have not been there yet. I’m typically not into bars like this, but may give it a shot some day just to see how their food tastes. It looks (to me anyways) like a wanna be biker bar on the outside, but I know you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

  4. I went to the Half moon Biker bar wanna be to eat because we had heard the food is GREAT, and we were very disappointed, you cant even go in the front door, its all rotten, first bad sign, we had to go a to the back door to get in and were told that its really the front door….HUH? Well anyway some big gorilla descended on us to check our DLs. I told him we were there to eat not drink and because I didn’t have a DL they wouldn’t let us in..I even showed him a old DL that showed im 49 but still no go….WTF Plus it was only about 3 pm and they weren’t busy at all, We tried to explain that we are diabetic and don’t drink but the moron still wouldn’t let us in so after looking around I’m glad we didn’t eat there, might have came down with something.

  5. I went there for lunch with my colleagues; I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED SUCH BAD SERVICE IN MY LIFE!

  6. What a tool the gorilla at the door is! Give me a break. I’m scared to eat there because the cleanliness of the kitchen is totally suspect in my mind. You can have a really good time in there, however, and I almost always do. Cliqueish? Totally. Bring your own friends. You can party in this place, and that’swhat it’s for. Go eat somewhere else, bring some brass knuckles and some rubbers and you’ll be fine.

  7. Joking about the brass knuckes. Not joking about the rubbers. Peace.

  8. As my wife and I come home from work this evening we both realized neither of us were in the mood to cook.  We decided to call an order in for pizza from the Half Moon.  After picking the pizza up, I drove home and it inside.  When my wife opened each box it became immediately evident we would not be eating those pizzas as they were burned to the point of being inedible.  My wife called Half Moon back up and they told her to bring the pizzas back which I did.  So I waited for new pizzas to be cooked, and watched the manager quickly duck into the kitchen seemingly trying to avoid having to deal with me.  They eventually brought them out and showed them to me (at which point they looked good).  And as they tried to send me ony way, I asked if they had any intention of making the time my family and I lost waiting for dinner right and they called the manager who finally come out of hiding and told me that he did make it right by giving me new pizzas.  I told him he had only done the job he should have done in the first place and had not made anything right due to the time I lost on the evening chasing an adequate product.  He told me it was company policy.  Those burned pizzas changed at least three sets of hands before they got to me and I was met with a general indifference towards bad service by the manager.  This is clearly a business who has no interest in being customer oriented…  Though I was upset about the bad pizza, what was really unfortunate was the way they chose to handle it.  Even an apology from manager would have gone a long way.  Looks like its Hog Wyld pizza for me my family from here on out.

  9. I LOL’d at all the food comments. This place is a bar, through and through. I’m sure they are required to sell food in order to sell alcohol. Because this is a bar (Unbeknownst to some), and they are in the business getting you liquored up, they kinda have to check your I.D.

  10. If any of yall caught Creed Fisher , Well guess what i hear he is coming back in April

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