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DSC04977I am a huge fan of flowers.  Big arrangements, small arrangements, single stems, or even a bundle of Tyler roses from the Brookshire’s parking lot – all of those.  However, though I can admit to liking all flowers, one thing remains true:  All flowers are not created equal, and further, not all florists are created equal.

The Tyler flower market is currently dominated by Garden Style. No florist in town can even come close to creating arrangements like them.  Garden Style excels in quality, service, and most notably, creativity.  You will not find any of the typical run-of-the-mill roses by the dozen or lily/carnation/baby’s breath combinations here.  Garden Style uses exotic varieties of flowers and unique vases to create floral masterpieces that are like actual pieces of art.  The amount of skill and talent that goes into each piece is evident.

Located in the Harley’s shopping Plaza, Garden Style also offers a good selection of plants, pots or plant holders, and small gifts and home goods like candles, reed diffusers, and hand care.  While browsing be sure to take a look at their refrigerated case of all the arrangements going out on any particular day…  It’s almost worth ordering an arrangement and having it delivered to yourself.

DSC04981Floral arrangements from Garden Style don’t come cheap, but if you have some extra cash laying around they are worth every penny.  My husband sends me arrangements from Garden Style on special occasions, and my sister got the flowers for my bridal shower here.  Each arrangement was just as beautiful as the last, and they all were completely unique.  I’d love to be able to have a small arrangement on my desk everyday to enjoy, but because I can’t it just makes it that much more special when I do receive them.


Garden Style
4815 Old Bullard Road
Tyler, TX 75703-1214
(903) 526-0664

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  1. I ordered flowers for my mothers birthday on 10/15/12 with the Garden Style Florist. When she recieved them I was extremely dissapointed! I spent $75 on the flowers and is was a very small all green arrangement. On some of the green so called flowers, the edges were brown. The only nice thing I have to say about the bouquet was the vase which was clear! I called and spoke with the owner and told her I was unhappy with the size, that there was only green flowers in the entire bouquet and that on 10/10/12 I had ordered flowers for my mother-in-laws birthday from a florist in Athens where she works. I spent $3 less and it was big, beautiful and very colorful. Well the owner explained and explained and explained that they were a “different type” of florist. She spoke about what type of fancy “green” flowers were in my mothers bouquet. She spoke about never ever getting complaints. I actually asked her to stop talking so that I may speak!!! So owner of Garden Style first of all you should realize the most important thing is for your customers to be happy and impressed with quality and service. I will say even after the owner going on and on she did say that she would try and fix the problem by either adding to my mothers bouquet or by replacing it with something else. I do appreciate that she offered to make me happier by doing that. I will say if Garden Style is such a “different type of florist” then maybe the people that take orders should ask if their customer are new and when the customer tells them that they are infact new then they should begin to explain what it is that makes them so “different”. I was unaware when I ordered a birthday bouquet from any florist that I needed to specify NO GREEN GRASS ONLY!!! I will never order from there again and if anyone asks I will tell them my experience with Garden Style. Simply…I DON’T SUGGEST USING GARDEN STYLE FOR ANY OF YOUR FLORAL NEEDS.

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