Ganache The Ultimate Cupcake

Ganache The Ultimate CupcakeCalling all sugar-crazed Tylerites:  Specialty cupcake bakery Ganache is open for business!  Located on Old Bullard Road, Ganache offers  a selection of fresh baked traditional and not-so-traditional cupcakes ranging from the traditional chocolate or vanilla topped with decadent buttercream icing to the not-so-traditional Creme Brulee, Ginger, and Choco PB gourmet varieties.  Ganache even offers a few breakfast cupcakes like the ‘Cop’ Cake which they describe as their version of the cinnamon sugar donut and consists of moist cake layered with cinnamon and sugar topped with butter and dipped into cinnamon again.  I would love to attest to the fabulousness of Ganache’s piece de resistance, the Ganache Panache, but the lady in front of me in line snatched the last one!  I will get my hands on this chocolate masterpiece soon, and I will enjoy every last bite of the rich chocolate cake topped with silky, bittersweet chocolate ganache.  Oh yes I will.

GanacheIn the meantime, I can personally vouch for the Strawberry Fields and the Red Velvet cupcakes, and a glance at the menu has me intrigued by the yellow cake Butter Me Up, the Florida orange infused Floridian, and of course the G’ma ‘Ginger’s’ ginger cake topped with light lemon cream cheese.

Now you tell us, what are YOUR favorites?

5380 Old Bullard Road, Suite 700
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 509-3999


  1. We love Ganache Cupcakes! They are so tasty! We also love the store, it’s so pretty inside. Can’t wait to have Ganache desserts featured at Julian’s Asian Restaurant in Tyler. Yummy!

  2. I saw you on KLTV 7, and I can’t wait to come and try one of your cupcakes! They look wonderful!!!
    I’ll be there one of these days!!


  3. Ganache is AWFUL! I can’t believe all the press this place is getting. I went to sample the cupcakes with a group of friends on one of the opening days and had the opportunity to taste a few of their offerings. They were bad. Really, really bad. The cupcakes are flat and underfilled and are $3.50 apiece – ridiculous considering they are largely undecorated and barely fill a muffin cup.
    The frosting tastes like pure butter, the batters were bland and extremely dry. I had a forkful of icing from a chocolate cupcake and it tasted like pure unsweetened cocoa. It’s very obvious these people are not professionals, save for their one pastry chef. You don’t need to open a shop just because your family and friends rave about your baking! I’m still annoyed about paying $3.50 for a dry, yucky “Strawberry Fields” cupcake…

  4. Me and my wife went in to try Ganache last Friday. The place was fairly packed, but the line went very quickly. When we got to place our order, I got the Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake, and my wife got the Chocolate Ganache. The lady even spoke up and let her know that the Chocolate Ganache was a richer, but drier cupcake, in case that sort of thing bothered her.

    I will say I was surprised that the cupcakes were not larger. After we were finished, I was glad they weren’t. It was the perfect dessert, and the perfect size. Had it been larger, it would have been too much!

    By far, the tastiest cupcake I’ve ever had. We plan on many trips back to Ganache.

  5. I must say I too was disappointed by this place. Bought a sixpack variaty to bring home, bought two with my daughter to try there.
    All of them went in the trash. Cupcakes were terribly dry and piled high icing tasted like crisco and powdered sugar. I will not be returning to this place. I wish them success, but box cake cupcakes and canned icing taste better than this place.
    My family of 12 all agreed and said, “mom…our cupcakes are better than any of these that you bought from that place.”

  6. Highly over rated and too expensive, we were shocked at the prices. We prefer Sprinkles.

  7. We tried Ganache a few weeks after it opened and will not be going back. The cupcakes were overpriced, small and not very tasty. For $3.50, I want something decadent and these cupcakes were more like something I’d make with a box mix.

  8. Absurdly good cupcakes. I have no idea where the folks who are trashing Ganache are used to eating, but I’ve rarely had a more intense cupcake experience. They’re absolutely wonderful. So if you’re interested in a tasteless WalMart cupcake with whipped sugar free icing, this ain’t your place. If you love an intense gourmet experience, this is one more to put Tyler on the culinary map.

  9. I must say the staff was friendly but the cupcakes were dry and overpriced. I was expecting so much more and was disappointed with the final product. We will not be going back.

  10. Wasn’t too impressed with the cupcakes. Got a 4 pack variety pack to take home and was disappointed the cake wasn’t more moist but icing as good. Felt like I had paid too much money and wasn’t satisfied enough. When I have my cupcake craving, will def stop by Brookshires on Rice Rd and pickup a Yums Cupcake, they never disappoint!!

  11. DISAPPOINTING. I was so bummed. I wish things were different cause I love a good cupcake but they aren’t and they BETTER make some radical changes or this place will go out of business.

  12. My colleague brought cupcakes from Ganache into work today. I’m vegan, and she was able to snag a vegan Green Tea Cupcake for me. I’ve had a lot of cupcakes in my time, and I thought Ganache’s was excellent! Moist, flavorful, and just the right size. Thanks for making this vegan happy!

  13. For weeks after hearing about Ganache, I was dying to visit, it sounded like my kind of place! I love to bake and decorate cakes and cupcakes, so the prospect of a gourmet cupcake place in Tyler was exciting!

    Upon entering Village Bakery, Janie’s Cakes or Chez Bazan, customers are greeted not only by cheerful employees but with the amazing aromas of the goodies beind the glass cases! Walking into Ganache, my expectations were of a similar atmosphere…Instead, I found an unfamiliar scent that was less than pleasant.

    After waiting for my turn and taking in all of my options, I was served by the lady at the counter. She did not seem very eager help me, which was disappointing. I ordered a brownie, a Strawberry Fields cupcake and a tiny boxed flavored tea.

    I expected the prices to be high, of course they have got to try to turn a profit. The menu had hot tea prices, but not for boxed tea, so after inquiring about the price, I learned that the price for the tea in the box is the same as in a cup. I wanted to drink the tea, so I asked for a hot tea instead. The lady at the counter handed me a cup… I had to ask where the water was, and then where the lids were.

    When I finally had the chance to sit down and enjoy my purchases, the brownie was somewhat hard and had a strange aftertaste, the tea was good, but you can get a large Venti tea at Starbucks for a dollar less, and the cupcake was okay, but really nothing special.

    The experience was really not all that I had hoped it would be, from the service to the taste of the products. If this is all that Ganache has to offer, I am not sure that they will make it.

  14. Ok people, don’t go into a place that specializes in cupcakes and expect it to not be pricey. That’s like going into Starbucks and expecting cheap coffee, it’s not going to happen. I’ve been there twice and am in love with the Nana’s Bananas cupcakes. Sure it just tastes like banana bread with frosting, but that was ok. Some indulgences are worth $3.50. If you have a bad experience, go back and try one more time before you count it out. Local businesses need to be given more of a chance. Too many big company places in Tyler and not enough local places. Open your own business and then you can complain. Otherwise, be nice and cheer on a local person trying to do a good thing.

  15. Not being from Tyler, it was wonderful to have a chance to taste a variety of cupcakes that didn’t come from Brookshire’s or Wal-Mart. Kudos to Ganache Cupcakes!!!!

  16. I have to agree without the majority of the posts here. Ganache cupcakes are not good. They do not have a good flavor or consistency. We have tried them twice with different flavors thinking may e we just got a bad batch the first time, but no, they just aren’t good. I agree Sprinkles is MUCH better, but you have to go to Dallas to get them. We won’t be going back to Ganache.

  17. I really like this place, and I just love the art on the walls!

  18. any place in Tyler, Texas that features “vegan” anything, gets a big thumbs up from me. Hard to find vegan options in this town! My vegan cupcake was delish!!!

  19. We love Ganache for date night. We go on a Friday and Saturday night for a Latte and amazing dessert. Last night David had Pumpkin Bread Pudding with yummy sauce and I had Chocolate Pecan tart with ice-cream. It was worth every calorie. The place was hopping and the food delicious. We say give it a try.

  20. I really do not mind the price on the cupcakes if, IF the cupcakes had been any good. I took my daughter here and we ordered the Hummingbird and the Choco PB cupcakes. Both were just gross. The Hummingbird cupcake was very dense and dry and the icing was sour. Not sour cream icing, but SOUR. The Choco PB was the same. Dense and dry with absolutely no sweetness at all. Tasted like bitter cocoa powder with a chunk of peanut butter cup on top. I purchased a sugar cookie as well and the cookie was the only saving grace to this place. I can buy a box of Betty Crocker AND a tub of frosting cheaper than 1 cupcake and they would taste better than this crap.

  21. I encourage everyone to try Ganache for themselves. While the first cupcake I had there (The Floridian) was a bit dry and the frosting a bit grainy, the Gingerbread I had today was very good. Moist gingerbread and super creamy cream cheese frosting. Highly recommend.

  22. I was recently treated to a gluten free chocolate birthday that was not only delicious, but very pretty. I have tried baking gluten free and know that the results are not always tasty. I am very impressed at the gluten free cupcakes and cakes I have tasted so far. I am looking forward to trying the GF bread. also the coffee was delicious. The staff has always been very customer friendly. As for the price, you get what you pay for and I will be going back.

  23. ok, i’ll just say it. anyone that does not think the cupcakes are good here are out of their minds. go back to the stale wal-mart blah vanilla cupcakes and leave a place like this to the people who have tastebuds.

    the salted carmael is my absolute fave. sounds strange, but it is one of the best. also nana’s bananas is really good.

  24. The consensus above is on the mark — a cupcake place that sells average/below average cupcakes…the place will last a year & then disappear.

  25. My daughter and I stopped by Saturday. She had a lemon and I had the vegan red velvet. They were both fantastic. The staff was friendly and helpful and we enjoyed the visit very much.

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