FRESH by Brookshire’s

FRESH by Brookshire'sI was already impressed with Brookshire’s before the opening of Fresh.  The Tyler, Texas based grocery company not only stocks an impressive range of grocery products but also actively engages in service to their community and is one of the largest employers in East Texas.  And while sometimes their slightly higher than average prices can be a bit of a turnoff, I’d still choose Brookshire’s over the competition any day of the week.

This Spring, Brookshire’s opened their new concept store, FreshFresh is to Tyler what Whole Foods is to the larger cities out there, only Fresh is owned by East Texas’ own Brookshire’sFresh offers tons of fresh and unique produce, specialty cheeses, flavorful prepared foods, beautiful fresh flowers, a bakery, cooking demonstrations, a taco stand, deli, and a gelato station (plus much, MUCH more).  You can even purchase a glass of wine or bottle of beer to enjoy either while shopping or while listening to live music on the patio.  I love to read food blogs, and many of the specialty items I’ve read about were nowhere to be found in Tyler, even at my beloved Drug Emporium.  Now I can just run over to Fresh and pick up anything I could ever dream of, including Fresh’s own homemade tortillas and freshly popped rice cakes.

FRESH by Brookshire'sThough Fresh is under the Brookshire’s umbrella, they do not participate in the Thank You Card program, and discounts and good deals can be hard to find.  That being said, if a can of black beans costs 20 cents more at Fresh I’ll still happily pay it because to me, the experience justifies the higher prices. While some from larger cities may complain that Fresh still pales in comparison to Whole Foods… I’m from Tyler and I think Fresh is pretty darn cool.

hours: Sun – Sat 6am-10pm

FRESH by Brookshire’s
6991 Old Jacksonville Hwy
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 747-3503

FRESH by Brookshire's

FRESH by Brookshire's

FRESH by Brookshire's

FRESH by Brookshire's

FRESH by Brookshire's

FRESH by Brookshire's

FRESH by Brookshire's

FRESH by Brookshire's


  1. It is great to have an option such as Fresh in Tyler. I have been there many times and have enjoyed each visit. I guess I will get over the fact that they do not bring your groceries out to your car. I was a little surprised by that at first, being under the “Brookshires” umbrella. I was also a little disappointed (as was my son) when I took my four year old son to the bakery to get the free cookie that he looks forward to when we go to Brookshires. I guess it is too much to ask to have a plate of cookies set aside for the kiddos. Anyways, I know these are small things, and in the end they will not keep me from coming to the Fresh store in the future. But, to many, the small things turn something ordinary into something special.

  2. Richard, I totally felt the same about the lack of help to the car! When I went this weekend, there were boys helping customers to their cars…so I think they are staffing that better. I do think there are enough free samples to counter the free cookie treat. The thing that I love is the service. Choosing fresh seafood, they will come around to the front of the counter to look at the selections from the customers point of view and I don’t feel like I am trying to talk over the hum of the store. On almost every aisle I have had customer service reps (freshologists) ask if they could help me find something, and when I am in a rush I fully take advantage of their service. My personal favorite was the “chef grilled” event! I picked out a gorgeous Ahi tuna steak and the chef grilled it up expertly at no additional fee! Lovely! I am so happy we have this shopping experience in Tyler and I’m breaking out the cookbooks ready to spread my foodie wings!

  3. Two visits to Fresh so far…it’s neat to know that Tyler now has something like a Central Market, upscale, different, and very foodie. While I could afford to shop at Fresh, I would never be a regular customer at a place like Fresh or Central Market because of the added cost. The ability to sip wine or drink beer while shopping is amazing, especially in a place like Tyler Texas but I’ve not done that either.

  4. Did anyone ever hear about the hilariosly funny lady from Hollytree (she kept telling everyone she was from Hollytree)and she refused to touch the stylus to complete her purchase because it was filthy dirty and she was from Hollytree. Guess they got her a glove????LOL Rich ladies don’t do their own shopping.

  5. Sorry, but having shopped for years at Central Market and Whole foods, this store is not even a close comparison. At best it is a glorified H.E.B.

  6. Overpriced and weirdly laid out. I shop there to get things I absolutely need only- not for groceries. And I still hit the central market every time I’m in Dallas. There’s just something about it that Fresh doesn’t have.

  7. I love the store, I love the samples, I love the knowleable people, I hate the check out stands…too confusing and very displaced…I realize they were going for something more technical and stylish, such as the New York Markets, however, this is a flaw..
    Love the store though……

  8. I got two words for everyone………..


  9. Until we get a Whole Foods or even an HEB or Kroger’s I won’t be happy. I find Brookshire’s and all of it’s outreaches tiring and unoriginal. I know there’s a huge diff between WF and HEB, Krogers, but better deals from selections, specials, service. Not impressed enough to go back.

  10. This is the 1st x that Tyler had anything this interesting n years.even though this town is very slow 2 grow compared 2 a larger city.but it’s n the 1st stages of developments.the store still need 2 broaden their visions of what a market. The food is over priced but it is very good.and it is a great location. Now if they could build another multiplex movie theater near would be a wonderful vision

  11. having grown up in Southern California move to Texas and now and back in Southern California I have still to see a grocery store like it not being prejudiced because I was the superintendent at work for the construction company that built there is no other

  12. The meat department and produce are great areas to shop with excellent customer service. However, today’s visit at the check-out was a -1 with 1 being the lowest. I really did not like the cashier and grocery sacker attitudes as they just threw my produce in sacks and put way too much in every sack. No matter how much that we tried to impress on them to be more courteous, they were defiant. Management, please, talk to your checkers and sackers to become more customer-oriented, or we will not be a valued customer. My husband re-sacked all the groceries. We usually have excellent customer service at check-out. :((((((((

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