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fishcitygrillFish City Grill Revisited

After our first experience at Fish City Grill, we had mostly made our minds up that we were NOT going back.  However, the raving comments some of you left after our last review and the owner’s warm invitation to come back and give it another try convinced us to give this place one more shot before writing it off completely.  At the end of the day we support Tyler businesses and hope to see them all succeed and flourish.  And, we just really like places that serve good food and have excellent service.  Tyler can never have too many of those, right?

We went back to Fish City Grill on Thursday evening and were seated at a corner table right by the big screen.  Though we were invited back, we remained anonymous throughout our meal.  Just like it might not have been fair to judge Fish City after one night of bad service, it also wouldn’t be fair to critique them if they knew they were serving the Tylerites.  We wanted to give them a fair shot to redeem themselves, and did they ever.

One of the big reasons our second visit to Fish City was so much better than the first was our awesome server, Ray.  He was funny, polite, and knowledgeable, and I’d venture to say he’s one of the better servers in Tyler.  I enjoy having a server who can make good suggestions, and all of his were spot on.  We started with the fried pickles which were delicious, and for our entrees I had the mahi mahi, my sister had the salmon, and my husband had the crab cakes.  I also knew I wanted a glass of wine with my meal, and Ray’s suggestion to go with the Pinot Grigio was perfect.  Our entrees, which came out promptly, were amazing.  My mahi mahi was seasoned just right, and I especially liked the green beans spiked with diced purple onions.  My sister’s salmon came with a dollop of spicy butter and was excellent, but we all agreed that the crab cakes my husband ordered (based on Ray’s recommendation) were our favorite.  I will definitely be ordering those next time.  And yes, after this experience, there will definitely be a next time.

It’s amazing how different my impression was after this visit than it was after our first.  Everything was better this time around.  Thank you so much Fish City for inviting us back.  We would be sorely missing out if we let one bad experience keep us away from this place.

Fish City Grill
4740 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX 75703-1308
(903) 266-9218


  1. Now that sounds like the Fish City Grill we know and love! And yes I must say Ray is one of Tyler’s best!!! They have several waiters there that are awesome! If you are there during the day and Ray is not available, you may give Solomon a try. He is top notch as well! Glad to see you gave them another opportunity to prove to you that they are one of Tyler’s best new hot spots! Enjoy! Michelle

  2. an “ok” place to go . Food was decent but it was WAY

  3. overpriced. Will find another place to go for seafood ….Red lobster more in my pricre range

  4. Red Lobster? I prefer quality seafood cooked to well maybe not perfection but I have never left Fish City Grill unhappy. Now if I want good cheese biscuits and mediocre seafood Red Lobster is my first stop. Fish City is a great place and I never noticed the price being disproportionate to the quality of the food. In fact it reminds me I have not been there in a while.

  5. LOVE IT! Eat there regularly. Same menu for lunch and supper, so we mainly eat at night. Salads are great.

  6. Flavor of food was great. Portion size and price was excellent. Will be returning to the establishment in the future.

  7. I’ve been there many times and find it sorely lacking. The only thing on the menu that I enjoy is the Cream of Roasted Jalapeño soup. This soup is delicious and not something I can get anywhere else. But other than that…I’m not that impressed. I’ve tried many different things on the menu and from the specials and I just can’t find anything that is “wonderful” like people claim. Oh well…to each his own.

  8. I think the seafood was way over priced for what you get. My seafood at home is far better, that includes the Mexican Oysters. But my main complaint is, as we asked to see if they were highering cooks, his reply was “Does they speak Mexican?, because back there in our kitchen its a whole different world.”
    As our food arrived, I had no forks or knives, so I asked an employee that was standing by our booth if she could get utencils for us. She (mexican) didn’t know ENGLISH!!! She had to get our waiter to help. We won’t be back nor will ALL the other people I have told this to. The management should not higher illegals or people that don’t know English!

  9. Had lunch yesterday with husband. Our first time at FCG and we enjoyed it very much. He enjoyed the crab-stuffed shrimp and I had the Crab legs. Wow, what a meal, so meaty, fresh and filling. The peach tea was very good too. We’ll be back for more. I’d like to try the crabcakes next time. The Red Lobster has been deleted from our list of seafood restaurants. Finely we have found the one!!

  10. I tried the seafood there, I and the person I was with were not impressed with taste or the PRICE! I think I will continue to cook my own seafood at the house. Cheaper, easier and BETTER!

  11. I am a fan of the fish tacos & I wish, wish, wish they would bring back the fish and chips! That was the most delicious thing ever.

  12. Why the crappy fifties music? I’m from that era & don’t care to listen to it in the year 2011!

  13. Newsflash: the tortilla in a fish taco needs warming-up prior to serving!

  14. Each and every time I have been in the service was way below par and the food is either wrong or undercooked. I wanted so badly for it to be my new favorite but I was let down every time! They are in terrible need of new management in the kitchen and on the floor!

  15. I finally convinced my dear wife to try Fish City again after a dismal meal here a year ago. The restaurant is clean and bright although a bit noisy. Our waitress was nice enough but it was clear she would rather be doing something else. I believe she thought it was more important for her to have a gabfest with her co-workers than to serve us. With only 8-10 tables with customers, I would expect a bit better service. The menu was adequate, prices on the expensive side. I wanted to try the happy hour drink special but was informed happy hour is only for weekdays, not Sunday evening. Why have a sign urging me to imbibe from 5-7 pm if you won’t honor it?
    We tried the fried pickles for an appetizer, They were served with Ranch dressing and very good. My meal was a full order of fish tacos. There were four well prepared tacos of fish and cabbage with cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and browned on the grill. One taco had very little fish in it but the other were generous. My wife’s fish and chips were good with deep fried cod in a thick batter. The fish was good but something was a bit off, possibly the thick batter or frying temperature. The fish was really heavy and somewhat greasy. Still, there was ample food for a take home plate and lunch the next day.
    Overall Fish City was adequate. A good manager should train the staff how to be attentive without being overbearing and how not to ignore the customers. The food was good, not great. I doubt I will be rushing back to Fish City but I did not scratch it off of my list, yet.

  16. I agree j-6: The owners of The Grill and Fish City have gotten a little tired with the whole enterprise & would rather be somewhere else — unlike the opening few months of Fish City, the owners are now MIA ie., missing in action. And yes, during off hours the staff is limited & more interested in taking naps in a nearby booth or playing grabass…

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