Fat Catz Louisiana Kitchen

Fat CatzA whole slew of Cajun restaurants have been popping up south of Tyler and I do admit that I am a fan of the Cajun movement.  However, you don’t have to go South for some good Cajun food.  You can go right over to the corner of the Loop and Troup where Fat Catz is nesteled next to the Electric CowboyFat Catz holds a special place in my heart as it is the first place I ever tasted fried pickles, which have become increasingly popular and easier to find since the day I first tasted them several years ago at Fat Catz.  In fact, I remember everything I ordered back on that fateful day, and it was all delicious, as everything I’ve had from Fat Catz in the years since has been.

Fat CatzI definitely would not say that I frequent Fat Catz, but I really do like the food there and would recommend it to anyone searching for that type of cuisine.  I love the red beans and rice, the corn bread, the crawfish wraps, the blackened tilapia, and of course, the fried pickles.  Last time I dined there I had a pretty good salad topped with avocado, crab meat, shrimp, and roumalade sauce.  The menu at Fat Catz is extensive, and I’d say there’s something for everyone from fried fish to salads, from grilled chicken to gumbo.

Fat CatzIn addition to their regular menu, Fat Catz also caters.   Recently, they catered an employee luncheon for me, and they did an incredible job.  They brought grilled chicken breasts, salad, crawfish wraps, dirty rice, mixed vegetables, and a whole tray of warm and delicious bread pudding.  They definitely went above and beyond and really stood out both in food quality and and quantity.

Fat Catz delivers consistently good food and decent service.   The owners actually live in the Dallas area, yet strive to make a connection with us Tylerites and actively support the Tyler Tourism Committee.  Hopefully more restaurateurs will follow in their footsteps and see what great things can come from being involved!

Fat Catz Louisiana Kitchen
3320 Troup Highway
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 593-1114


  1. The General says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Fat Catz took over where Cace’s left off. Tyler was missing a decent seafood restaurant for a long time after Cace’s closed. When Fat Catz opened, I was a happy man. Since then, I have noticed that many more seafood restaurants have popped up in Big T.

  2. I don’t like fat catz.

  3. i bet the kitchens dirty!

  4. You’re dirty.

  5. I loved this place. Went there for my B-Day with a party of 7 including 3 kids and got seated right away. Our server was GREAT and we even talked to the owner. Our server took the time to explain everything on the menu we had questions about. The food came out with great timing and everything was right the way we ordered it. The food was GREAT. Cooked just right and with great flavor. We were seated close to the kitchen since we needed such a big table, but it wasn’t a bad place to sit like you would think in most places. And on the record the kitchen is not dirty I seen it!!!

  6. lol emily

  7. This is a great atmosphere and I have never had a bad meal there! Best fried pickles in the world!

  8. I’m all for supporting non-big chain local establishments, & this is one of them. The Cajun food is decent considering this is East Texas & not Southern Louisiana or Southeast Texas. They could use some live music though. Zydeco band from out of town on the weekends maybe? I like Papadeaux down in Houston on 1960 because of that & miss being able to walk from there back to my place a short distance drunker than a skunk stomach full with crawfish & hurricanes.

  9. RD in tyler says:

    Let me start off by saying that I love Fat Catz food and have eaten there several times without any problems. However this past weekend was certainly an exception! There are “Things to do in Tyler” pamphlets that have coupons for local restaurants including Fat Catz in them. The coupon is for 1/2 off one entree of equal or lesser value when you buy another entree. my party consisted of 4 people, 2 of which ordered 16.95 plates, while the other 2 ordered less expensive items. When we presented the coupon they took 1/2 off the cheapest item of 8.95 so we asked to speak to the manager who was rude and only kept telling us that that’s just the way they do it. Here’s why it bothers me so much, we could have just split the bill and applied the coupon to the bill of the 2 expensive items anyways, so why not honor the coupon the way we requested? This isn’t the way management of a local establishment should conduct themselves or treat their customers. From now on i’ll drive out to one of the cajun places on 155 or go to Longview for Dudley’s.

  10. Where are the slew of Cajun restaurants popping up South of Tyler????

  11. my favorite restaurant! Love the atmospere and the food is awesome! I usually get fried pickles, and crawfish etoufee..but the gumbo, seafood fondue, and bananas foster desssert is awesome, too!

  12. When I need to know a good local place I ask maids,desk clerks, waiters They were right we stopped for lunch on 05/12/11 and were very satisfied. My wife is not a big fan of spicy but they accommodated her by not making her blackened Trout not to spicy . I had never had fried pickles and these were great ( not something we find in Mass.) Fish tacos were great and beer was ice cold . overall rating 4/12 out of 5 Would like to see sampler on appetizers for us who do not eat Cajun that much.

  13. I liked the place but it closed – heard from the grape vine the manager did not pay his rent.
    Tyler’s loss.

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