1. We appreciate the second chance! Thanks for the kind words.

  2. The sandwiches are delicious. The new bagel sandwich with turkey bacon and avocado was very good. I am not a breakfast person so, I can not comment on the breakfast items but the lunch menu is extensive and I have been pleased. A wonderful environment, too.

  3. When they first opened i heard nothing but bad things about the service. I decided to give them a chance last month and im so glad i did. I did look at the menu online first but didn’t help that much since when i got their they had a huge case full of fresh bagels waiting. I finally decided on the open face hot ham and cheese sandwich on Challah bread with tomatoes. It was really good too. Also got a sugar cookie and a cup of Sweet Cream Cheese Bagel Poppers. The bagel popper were amazing! I went around 10am and they were busy and the place was full but the service was spot on and it took less than 5 minutes for my sandwich to be made. Great place and im going back soon!

  4. overpriced overly trendy and a bunch of teeny bopper hipsters are working the counters.

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