Einstein Bros Bagels

einsteinbrosbagelsA Formal Apology

I wrote before about my first impression of Einstein Bros Bagels restaurant and coffee shop.  It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it wasn’t good either.  It would be fair to say that I thought it was just ok.  I’d like to take this opportunity to say I was wrong, and I am sorry.

I have since been to Einstein several times, and have been happy with each of these subsequent visits.  It turns out that my hunch was right – stick to what Einstein does best and order a bagel.  Upon the recommendation of a friend, I ordered something I probably wouldn’t have ordered on my own, but I am thankful I was turned on to the deliciousness of the garden veggie spread on a toasted Asiago cheese bagel.  They toast the bagel perfectly and don’t skimp on the spread, making each bite better than the last.  Especially the bites in the middle where most of the spread seems to end up.

einsteinbrosbagelsIn addition to their fantastic bagels, the coffee is good too.  I’ve ordered several of their pumpkin lattes, and they are hot and delicious each time.  I’d like to try something else at Einstein, but now that I’ve found the Asiago bagel with garden veggie spread and their lattes, I doubt I will stray too far.  I am happy I was able to make peace with Einstein and see what they really have to offer.

Einstein Bros Bagels
4500 S Broadway Ave
Tyler, TX 75703-1305
(903) 509-2929


  1. Not happy with this particular store. HAve been to many Einstein Bagel franchises and must say this one has the worst service ever. The bagels are good but the service puts a damper on that. Ordered salads or sandwiches for lunch-not many customers there and it took 40 minutes to get it. By the time it arrived we had to go back to work. Definately wont be back. The workers were standing around doing nothing while we waited on our food. I’ll stick to bagels in the drive in.

  2. Disagree with kalamazo0.
    I know that they have had a bit of a rough start, but in this town where people are so starved for something besides another mexican restaurant, I know for a fact that it took them a while to catch their footing.
    The food and everything they offer is delicious. I have never been disappointed with the food, even if at times I had to wait.
    Love this place and to me it is much classier and cleaner than other Einstein’s that I have been in.
    I would recommend them to anyone.

  3. The food is great but the service is horrible. I’m in there at least twice a week and the service has yet to improve. I just can’t resist the coffee though. Maybe the management will snap out of it and hire people who can multitask. Just this week, the manager was taking our order and couldn’t hear because of the employees talking and laughing behind him. He asked them to stop and I couldn’t help laugh. Finally!

  4. overpriced. over hyped. not that great.
    Won’t be back due to food was not fresh and everything was tiny for the price.

  5. Great service. Loads of flavor in bagals and cream cheese. They even serve breakfast and lunch sandwiches. The place was nice and clean. Bagals were yummy.

  6. Agree with the level of service…incomprehensible and lousy. Tell one guy what bagle you want, wait, s/he informs another person, wait–meanwhile, the staff are miffed at one another–wait. Voila! At some point in the distant future, your bagel arrives.

  7. I agree completely about the awful service.Most of the staff look like they have know idea what they are doing.When you complain to a manager about the service or the painfully long time it takes to get your food they just stare at you like you are stupid.They don’t apologize for the awful service they just treat you like it was all your fault!I will not be going back!

  8. I used to work there trust me they have a colony of mice living in the kitchen thats why I quit

  9. I absolutely love Einstein’s coffee, so I bought a travel mug for only $3 and stop every day now. The bagels are always fresh and it doesn’t take very long to get my order and be at work on time. A few new employees gave very awesome customer service.

  10. Last time I was there I also saw a mouse running around! I complained to the manager and he just looked at me like I was stupid. I don’t think any of the employees(including the manager) have any idea what they are doing either. They are always out of menu items and the food is always made wrong.

  11. We are so happy they are under new management Roy was not cut out for the job

  12. They are always out of everything.How can a bagel shop always be out of bagels????Employees are rude and poorly trained.It’s amazing how poorly ran some restaurants can be.How do places like this even stay open?

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