Drug Emporium

DSC04627So, I thought some of you could be wondering what my favorite place in Tyler is to shop, and you might be surprised at the answer.  Yes, I love Spinout and Dillard’s and Bridgette’s, but the store where I can spend hour after hour browsing and buying is none other than grocery mecca, Drug Emporium.

Seriously, I LOVE this store.  They have recently remodeled their whole grocery section, and they have a huge variety of health and organic foods you can’t get anywhere else in Tyler.  They also offer Tyler’s best selection of snack and energy bars, a plethora of vitamins and supplements, organic, goat, soy, and almond milk, a good selection of nut butters, many different kinds of granola, and a wide selection of Amy’s Kitchen foods.  A few of my favorites include Oikos Greek Yogurt, coconut water, Amy’s Goddess salad dressing, Barney Butter almond butter, Larabars, Hansen natural sodas, quinoa, steel cut oats, and MUCH more.  They even have a table set up everyday with sample cups of a few things so you can try before you buy.

hairBut wait, there’s more.  Drug Emporium also carries a HUGE selection of salon brand hair care products.  Aveda, Bumble & Bumble, Nioxin, Bed Head, Moroccan Oil, and Sebastian are just a few of the lines they carry.  I can stare at the wall of products for hours just trying to decide what the next product to be welcomed into my hair care arsenal will be.  There is even a huge OPI display in the nail care section with a great selection of colors.  Drug Emporium also offer a wide selection of natural products like JASON, Tom’s and Burt’s Bees.

As you can see, there is much more to Drug Emporium than meets the eye.  Hidden behind their nondescript store front is SO much more than a convenience store or pharmacy.  Do not judge this book by its cover.  However, shoppers should beware.  It is easy to spend lots of money in Drug Emporium, but sadly they do not accept credit cards. Make sure you take an appropriate form of payment (cash, check, or debit) with you so you can take some of this fabulousness home with you.

Drug Emporium
5614 S Broadway Ave.
Tyler, TX 75703-4356
(903) 534-9766


  1. Unbelievable place if they don’t have it , you don’t need it…but they will special order it for you.
    The best by far so much more than a drug store.

  2. This store is my happy place.

    My one and only kvetch is that I just hate the fluorescent lighting. I can’t explain why, but it’s different. Whatever you do, don’t look at yourself in a mirror here! 😉

  3. I am in love with this store! I spend sooo much money here! From the organic fresh produce to the huge variety of vitamins and health foods. I also love buying perfume here as the prices are really reasonable. I only wish they would take a credit card!

  4. Do you carry the Buckley’s products? I am looking for the cough syrup….
    Thank you

  5. One of Tyler’s best kept secrets indeed.
    I’ll take this place over Fresh ANY DAY.

    The only criticism I have is for the female manager….. she is really bad at customer service, I was overcharged double the amount of my correct total and she had to fix it, never apologized once. Another time, she saw me waiting at the register for about 15 minutes while my cashier tried to figure out how to work the scale, and didn’t even bother to ask what the problem was, or if she could help in some way. As for the extremely young teens who work there, they need to be re-trained how to greet customers and be more available when needed. The past two maybe even three times, I have either been overcharged, not greeted or the scale wasn’t working properly.

    Get it together TYLER.

  6. I buy Walden farms prducts whenever you have them on sale. I would love ot if you haf a website with your sale items listed.

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