Downtown Coffee Lounge

DSC05246Anyone who feels the need to gain some cool points definitely needs to check out the new Downtown Coffee Lounge.  I really don’t think I am actually cool enough to hang out there, but I can pretend, can’t I?

Located on the Square at the corner of Erwin and College, the Downtown Coffee Lounge sells coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, pastries, and smoothies.  They even have a frozen espresso that tastes just like a Snickers bar.  I must admit that I have not tried their coffee yet, but I’m not much of a coffee drinker.

Downtown Coffee LoungeWithout a doubt, the coolest thing that the Downtown Coffee Lounge has going for it is it’s awesome decor.  It’s laid out in a way that encourages guests to relax and stay awhile.  It would be a great place to read a book or get caught up on homework.  In the back, there’s even a nice boardroom, which should come in handy for all the legal offices downtown.  I also love the art work displayed on the walls, which are oil paintings of Tyler by Jacqueline Chubirka and are all for sale.

Downtown Coffee LoungeEvery Tylerite seriously needs to check this place out.  Hopefully more businesses will follow suit and help revitalize downtown Tyler.  For more info follow them on Facebook or visit

Downtown Coffee Lounge
200 W. Erwin St.
Tyler, TX, 75702
(903) 266-9192


  1. Loved this place. So nice and the enviroment provides a nice place to meet or hang. Hope they start serving ice teas and wish them success.

  2. It’s *alright.*

    I was excited when I found out this place was being built. Finally. A coffee shop that’s NOT Starbucks and DOESN’T close before 5pm like all of the rest of the local shops. . . . .oh wait. Never mind.

    Seriously? When will a decent, comfortable coffee shop open up that doesn’t close before dinner? The only one that I know of is Tazza, but I don’t wear enough Brighton jewelry to feel comfortable there.

  3. This is a hip and cool place! The interior is infused with a laid back urban feel and the coffee and treats are darn good. But I have to agree with Kelli. It doesn’t stay open late enough in the evenings to make it a downtown destination to meet up with friends & co-workers during the week. And most sad of all? We decided to head over there one Saturday morning, because we really love coffee and thought it would be pretty cool to go downtown for coffee and surf the net for fun and be all progressive and stuff… but it’s closed on Saturday too… I can kind of understand this in the summer months, but I am really hoping they will change their hours when the weather cools off and make themselves more available. Especially when there are events happening in and around downtown.

  4. Mike and Kelly,

    I appreciate your comments about us being open more hours. We are considering opening one night a week at some point to see how it goes. If people support us then we will keep it up. We did open on Sundays for a months or so and didn’t have very much business, so I decided to stay closed on weekends, at least during the summer. We will revisit the idea again in the fall. Thanks for your comments and for coming to visit us!

  5. I live 5 blocks from here, but can never go because I don’t work in Tyler and they aren’t open in the evenings or weekend 🙁 We need places that are open outside of normal business hours to revitalize downtown, but the Coffee Lounge can’t carry that full burden…

  6. We tried the cupcakes on 2 separate occasions. Both times the cupcakes were very dry and the icing was not good. Will not return. We prefer Sprinkles if you are dining out for cupcakes.

  7. i think the comments on here are crap. I’ve gone there on several occasions and I have to say that their coffee is the best in tyler. Their dishes are great…i had the spinach and artichoke polenta and it was amazing. I do wish that it would stay open later but since theyre in downtown i can understand why they close early. If they were on loop or by UT they would put starbucks out of business

  8. Its nice to see another coffee lounge in downtown replace the old Arcadia Coffee across the Square of which I don’t know what ever happened to. I wish they were open later in the evening during the work week & open on weekends though.

  9. Tip: The coffee lounge serves sandwiches, salads, and soups at lunch time. i’ve never been disappointed.

  10. Been by this place a hundred times — one question: when is it actually open?

  11. Very sad to hear… I’ve been looking for their hours. I was just going to head that way for some coffee n homework. Too bad, Starbucks sucks..and I can’t bring myself to rub elbows with the south Tyler crowd at Cafe Tazza.

  12. Love, love love this place!!! Our group had a hugely successful meeting in the upstairs area back in the winter. Wonderful atmosphere but even more wonderful fare! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE extend your “open” hours!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Been by there hundreds of times…but never when it’s open…when, exactly, does it open…from 7 a.m. to 930 a.m. Mon & Tue?

  14. Went there this morning for the 1st time and took a chance on their coffee (im picky).Also bought a granola muffin thingy….Delicious! I’m hooked! I will definately make this my go to place for my morning coffee for now on.

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