Dakota’s Chop House

Dakota's Chop HouseDakota’s Chop House is one place in Tyler that I feel doesn’t get enough love.  The food is delicious, the service is always good, and the ambiance is nice.  Owned by Jimmy Lynn, who also owns Cimarron, Dakota’s offers a nice selection of steaks, seafood and even a chicken fried steak that I hear is delicious.  It’s also a popular week day lunch spot, with some of the best soups, salads, and sandwiches in town.

Out of all the wonderful selections on their menu, I’d have to say my very favorite thing – actually one of my favorite dishes in all of Tyler is the warm spinach salad.  It is beyond words.  This salad, made of slightly wilted spinach and warm bacon dressing, is hands down the best salad I’ve ever had, ever.  They also have an amazing tomato soup which pairs wonderfully with the salad, making the perfect lunch or light dinner.

If you’ve never been to Dakota’s I’d highly recommend it.  It’s located on Broadway in the shopping center behind Racquet & Jog, and it’s never too crowded.  With all the new restaurants Tyler has been getting in the past couple of years, Dakota’s sometimes slips my mind, but it is one restaurant not to be missed.

Dakota’s Chop House
5377 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX 75703-3724
(903) 581-6700


  1. I have been to every single restaurant in Tyler. This is the BEST in Tyler. The steaks are aged for a few weeks and are so tender. The bread is so good. I love the atmosphere, too.

  2. Found on the internet and was impressed with menu, drove 40 miles and once there the one thing that I wanted (lamb chops)were no longer on the menu, so I ordered the lobster tail. My husband had his heart set on the bone in rib eye ($43.95), and after ordering and waiting on our food they came out and said “I’m sorry, we are all out of bone in rib eyes, can we get you something else?” After a short conversation, we chose to go to another restraunt. Very Disappointed.

  3. Best chicken fried steak. The fried calmari
    is very good.

  4. Went to Dakota’s with my girlfriend for Valentines Day 2010 & when we finally got seated I swear we sat there waiting dumbfounded for a menu & server 10-15 minutes before I finally walked out. They walked right by us as if we were invisible. I don’t know if its because we didn’t look the part or what. Never again.

  5. Made the mistake of ordering steak tartare at Dakota’s…was served a plate of ground-up hamburger that even the waitstaff was interested to see if I’d taste…I did & that was the last time my family & I visited the establishment.

  6. I have eaten there three times. I order the chicken fried steak and calamari, both are delicious.

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