CurrentsCurrents has been one of my favorite Tyler restaurants for awhile, but prior to last Monday I had not visited in at least a couple of years.  Lately I’ve been gravitating to restaurants offering a more casual atmosphere, yet there is certainly something to be said for the fine dining experience offered at Currents.

We arrived around noon for lunch.  There were lots of ‘ladies who lunch’ to be seen throughout the dining room.  The dining room, by the way, is great.  Understated decor and huge windows overlooking the woods of East Texas create an elegant setting where you definitely want to place your napkin gently in your lap and start working your way through the forks as proper etiquette dictates.

CurrentsThe good thing about Currents is that the cuisine perfectly matches the ambiance.   My favorite things on the menu are the beef roquefort, the fig puff pastry, the goat cheese puff pastry, and the flourless chocolate cake.  None of these things really make sense to me as lunch options, so I opted for the Saumon Provincial on my last visit after the glowing reviews it received from our server.   When it arrived, it was in fact quite impressive.  The truffled potatoes the salmon was served with can only be described as to die for.

I’d venture to say that Currents offers the finest dining to be found in all of Tyler.  All foodies out there who’ve not tried it must do so immediately.   Just a glace at their impressive menus will reveal the talent and artistry that goes in to each and every offering.  Also, like many of my favorite places, the owner of Currents can be found working lunch and dinner most days either delivering food, pouring wine, or checking in to make sure everything came out of the kitchen ok.

1121 East 2nd Street
Tyler, TX 75701-3314
(903) 597-3771

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  1. Current”s is one of my fav’s…..Love the grilled chicken cesare salad…..Great salmon, ck it out…Robert is the man and he’s so chatty with everyone….Really makes you feel welcomed. Ask for Christopher for exceptional service…..

  2. Where is the place? How long has it been open? I’ve heard of it, but have not tried it yet. I love French food!

  3. Gawd, this place is disgusting…how in the world does it stay in business?

  4. JoeBobTex might have something…visited with my wife…shorts, golf shirt…they did not want to seat us by the windows but hide us in one of the dark rooms…got them to move us…the food was ok, my wife said it was terrible and won’t be going back. They certainly did not make us feel welcome.

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