Coyote Sam’s Bar & Grille

coyotesamsI love Coyote Sam’s for two main reasons.  First, their location is beautiful.  Coyote Sam’s boasts tall ceilings, rustic architectural details, a stone entrance, and a a huge patio area which make this restaurant one of the most visually appealing in Tyler.  The second thing that I love about Coyote Sam’s is the brunch.  Coyote Sam’s started serving brunch at a time when there really weren’t too many places in Tyler to eat a good Sunday brunch.  Now that a couple of new breakfast places have popped up, I hope that Coyote Sam’s can continue to bring in a good brunch crowd, but if not, their regular menu and drink specials ought to get people in the door.

Coyote Sam’s offers burgers, barbecue, and several delicious appetizers such as the brisket quesadillas and venison chili cheese fries.  Their pulled pork is some of the best I’ve had.  They also have steaks, seafood, and some yummy salads like the Crispy Chicken and Avocado Salad.  However, like I mentioned before, their brunch is my favorite thing offered.  There are few things better than a leisurely weekend brunch, complete with a Mimosa and Amaretto French Toast.

No matter what you are in the mood for, Coyote Sam’s has you covered.  With choices ranging from Eggs Benedict to chicken fried steak to BBQ pulled pork or a Kobe beef burger, there is something for everyone here.

Coyote Sam’s Bar & Grille
5424 Old Jacksonville Highway
Tyler, TX 75703-3337
(903) 705-4278


  1. Worst service I have ever had. Planned a last minute party for my husband there and ordered food for 25 people. This was plenty because it was buffet style and like most parties a lot of people didn’t eat. When I got the bill they had charged me by HEAD instead of by the food I ordered. Many people didn’t eat and food was leftover and brought inside. They also charged me for 4 more people that didn’t even exist. Then the waiter came around and told everyone he was not receiving gratuity when in fact he had. I paid double tip on a party of 35 (since that is what they pinned me for). I have had many parties at many restaurants and have never encountered anything like this. I called and the owners didn’t care. Terrible Terrible place. NEVER book a party there unless you want to get ripped off.

  2. Absolutely LOVE Coyote Sam’s Bar & Grille…..have eaten her more than I can count. The ribs are absolutely the BEST ever and we have had Coyote Sams’s cater BBQ/Ribs for our family Christmas for the past three years. Always great service, food. We always suggest Coyote Sams to our Zipline guests that are looking for a neat place to eat. The new building is very pretty.

    Thanks Coyote Sams–Connie Shultz

  3. I only ate there one time and I cannot remember if the foor was good or bad because I hated the lighting in the place sooooo bad, it ruined my experience.
    There was awful lights glaring right in my face and also reflecting off of some metal wall?
    Our party of four decided we would not ever be going back there.

  4. Reposted from the KLTV website. Might want to rethink your review now, or at least rethink about returning.

    Coyote Sam’s Bar and Grill

    5424 Old Jacksonville Highway


    Permit Suspended

    Roaches (young and old—dead and alive) found near the dishwasher, storage area, walls and ceiling (unclean/insect)

    Droppings found inside plastic wrap box and near microwave (unclean)

    Coleslaw, potato salad, cheese, chicken strips not kept cold enough & baked potatoes not kept hot enough (thermometer)

    Cell phone found right on top of the cutting board (unclean)

    Drink mix stored in same ice customers were drinking (unclean)

    One hand washing sink was missing (hand washing)

    Total Demerits: 41

  5. Went there once…and that was enough..Food was not what we ordered, and it was bad. The noise level was horrible. You could not have a conversation at your table it was so loud. Service was also bad…and then the KLTV health report story came out…Can’t believe they are still open!

  6. Having gone to the COYOTE SAM’S BAR twice before, we did like the food and the environment. Last weekend, took my family and nice from Canada to the place and sited outside. We waited 10 minutes and had to go get the hostess to get us the drinks and our orders. Waited another 40 minutes for the waitress shows up to our table and shocked that we have not been served. 10 minutes later, she brought us the cold food. We DO NOT going back to COYOTE SAM’S BAR again.

  7. This health hazard should be closed…immediately.

  8. The service was terrible! We asked the server if they could offer anything Gluten free (due to a wheat allergy), the owner came out and said very rudely “I don’t have time to be looking at ingredients for the food I serve”. I told him he was rude and he didn’t care. WE WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN THERE AGAIN!!!!!!

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