CimarronCimarron…  How have I not reviewed this place before?  I love it, and it’s always one of my first choices when asked to pick where to go for dinner or drinks.  Many of you know that Cimarron belongs to the Dakota’s and Fiore family, but it is definitely different (and not just because they serve sushi…  YES they serve sushi, and it’s not Shoguns!  Exciting, right?).  Let me just tell you…

When Cimarron first opened, they billed themselves as a tapas restaurant, meaning small plates, small portions…  The first of its kind in Tyler.  My husband and I heard about it and were immediately drawn in.  We loved it and declared immediately that it was our new favorite place to eat in Tyler.  I mean how many places around here can you get duck cakes or dilled cheese puffs? (Jimmy, if you are listening, PLEASE bring back the cheese puffs!  They were fab!)  Anyhow, I digress…  Cimarron offered an innovative menu for Tyler, and they were the first restaurant to offer ‘small plates’.  Definitely a first for East Texas but welcomed with open arms as evidenced by the large crowds drawn to Cimarron on any weekend night.

CimarronMonths went by, and Cimarron, addressing, what in my opinion, was a HUGE need in Tyler, decided to change their menu (for the second time – the first was when the dilled cheese puffs were eliminated).  But this time they offered a fair trade…  They started serving sushi.  Not just any sushi (hello Brookshire’s), but good sushi!  Try the Jimmy roll –  It’s awesome!  Also, I can’t let a Cimarron review pass me by without mentioning the drinks.  Cimarron seems to be just as much a bar as a restaurant…  Just take a look at the place.  The horseshoe shaped, large, granite bar counter top speaks for itself.  They offer a great wine selection, as well as specialty martinis and every other liquor concoction you could possibly want. Wednesday night is Ladies night and the place is packed, and the drinks are half priced.

Anyhow, my whole purpose here is to tell you about the Halloween party.  Apparently, this has been the place to spook and be spooked (or spooked in a sexy way, depending on your costume) for the past two years.  This year’s festivities include live music by Something Blue, drink specials for the ladies, and costume contests.  The place is decorated in its spooky garb, and it looks great.  Come out and party with your fellow Tylerites…  That is, if you can recognize them with their costumes on!

5201 S Broadway Ave
Tyler, TX 75703-3799
(903) 939-2200


  1. I found your website on Twitter just days before Halloween and actually made a point to stop by Cimmarons on Halloween night. I went with 4 other friends and we had a great time. We stayed for about an hour, enough to drink our martinis and split the spinach dip and orange chicken. It was my first time to eat the spinach dip, but I would definately order it again! I suggested the orange chicken and all my friends loved it!

  2. I went here not too long ago on a Friday or Saturday night to meet up with some friends. Expecting a great time with a crowded bar scene, we were greatly disappointed to realize it’s 9:30 at night and we were the only ones there! Maybe something big was going on elsewhere, but it wasn’t happening here.

  3. Luke,
    Carettas maybe more your style. Just sayin

  4. We will be meeting some Friends here tonight. This will be our first visit, actually driving over from Corsicana area. What is going on tonight and what is on the menu? Any suggestions?

  5. I wish I had something good to say, but when you order turkey sliders and burger sliders and your bill is nearly $30 and you feel like you’ve merely had a snack, something is wrong.

  6. My daughter and I have a standing date at least once a month to eat here. We love it! We have found that we can split an appetizer, order of sushi, Orange Peel Chicken and a dessert and we will be stuffed. Usually we either get the appetizer or dessert because we just can’t eat both! The prices do seem a little steep for some things (like the sliders) but extremely reasonable for everything else. The service is almost always awesome. If you are going to eat, you should get the earlier in the evening before the bar crowd comes in. It has a very relaxed atmosphere, but not torn jeans and t-shirt relaxed.

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