Chuy’s Mexican Food

While Tyler was definitely not hurting for another Mexican restaurant, that has not stopped Tylerites from flocking to the brand new Chuy’s on South Broadway. Parking spots are scarce and waiting lists are long, but the food is worth the wait if you’re willing to put up with the crowd.

I’ve always been a believer that, for the most part, restaurant style Mexican food is pretty much the same anywhere you go.  An enchilada is an enchilada, fajitas are fajitas and a quesadilla is a quesadilla.  Therefore, the biggest opportunity Mexican chains have to set themselves apart from the competition is their chips, salsa and margaritas.  Chuy’s obviously understands where I am coming from because their chips and salsa do not disappoint.  They make their salsa fresca fresh every hour, and their chips are always crispy with just the right amount of saltiness. And there’s the creamy jalapeno sauce aka crack dip.  It tastes like ranch on steroids.  Of course, I also have to mention their complimentary queso, beans, and taco meat station every happy hour… Can’t beat that!  I do think Chuy’s house margaritas leave something to be desired (there seems to be a funny, artificial lime flavor that I don’t care for in their mix) but the mojitos are so awesome they almost make up for the margaritas.
The food is pretty good, too.  The chicka-chicka boom-boom enchiladas have been the best thing I’ve ordered so far, with the appetizer platter coming in second.  If you haven’t been to Chuy’s yet (which can’t be very many of you), you definitely should give it a shot.  I’d recommend waiting until an off hour if you want to park remotely close and not wait an hour for a table, but all the hype is well deserved.  I give Chuy’s dos thumbs up!


  1. So much better than the other sub standard Mexican food in Tyler.

  2. MIntzFred says:

    It was just okay to me. Our service was great

  3. McKenzie says:

    My fiance and I are traveling to Tyler next weekend to “scope it out.” We are considering moving there and starting our family once we are married. Any suggestions on what we have to see and do while we are there?!

  4. Not great. Another subpar chain of Tex Mex. Why can’t we get something nice like Mi Cocina?

  5. You have to try San Pedro’s in West Tyler/ Chandler. The stacked chalupas are crazy good and the queso feugo awesome. I just stopped by on accident so I don’t know how long they have been around or their other food but it was great and very affordable.

  6. Chipotle nuff said. xD

  7. LOVE IT!! I have been to the original one in Austin and it is still the same. Love the queso! The best I have ever had! big plates of food for a very reasonable price. I send guests at my hotel there all the time and all I ever hear are praises!! Great job Chuy’s on adding a location in East Texas that I can enjoy on a regular basis!nn1

  8. igamer, I LOVE chipotle!

  9. michelle says:

    yeah now I know why this restaurant is called “chuy”.

    Food was terrible….. not authetic mexican at all… heck not even tex mex…. I got a chicken taco and it was literally two handfuls of dry shredded lettuce, flavorless chicken, and one sprinkle of cheddar cheese… ICK

  10. Agree with Michelle. Don’t know what category to put it in, but it is not Mexican or Tex-Mex. Too much pepper heat and terrible red sauce. Beans uneatable so dry. Not worth what paid for.

  11. Carolyn says:

    Please, please bring Chuy’s to Reno, NV!!!!!! We recently moved from TX and need some good
    Tx Mex food. Desperately. They don’t even know what Charro or barach beans are. I am
    Not sure how to spell it but they need to learn from you guys!!!!

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