3rd Annual Cause For The Paws

Miranda LambertI was not only beyond flattered but also super excited when Tony Boykin of That’s What I’ll Do (T.W.I.D.) invited the Tylerites to be his guests at Miranda Lambert’s Cause for the Paws concert at the Villa di Felicita.  Cause for the Paws is the major fundraiser for the Humane Society of East Texas.  Last year the event raised $125,000, and this year the goal was $150,000.  Since the HSOET relies so heavily on donations, the generosity of East Texans is what keeps this fantastic organization afloat. The HSOET has recently become a no kill animal sanctuary.  Therefore, they are no longer the recipient of animal sheltering contracts.  Unfortunately, the ethical decision to become a no kill facility was also a costly one, so every dollar, bag of food, carton of laundry detergent and gallon of bleach donated are vitally important to the employees, volunteers, and animals residing at the sanctuary.

Miranda LambertThough good food and plentiful wine are typically all it takes for me to have a good time, throw a few native East Texan celebrities in there and you’ve got a surefire recipe for a great evening.  Miranda Lambert deserves so much credit for all she does to help the HSOET.  She lends her name, her money, her time and her talent to the event, and it’s touching to know that despite her fame and success she is willing to come home and support this worthwhile cause.  Before Miranda took the stage, both the Whiskey Myers band and Kacey Musgraves put on great performances, then Mark Scirto traded his meteorologist’s hat for his auctioneer’s hat and engaged the entire audience while the dollars rolled in.   The food was provided by Villa Montez, and the wine was provided by Kiepersol Estates and Red 55 Winery.

Miranda LambertWhen the time for Miranda to come on stage rolled around, everyone had taken their seat or camped up front in the standing room only area, and all eyes were on her as she delivered a thoroughly awesome show.  As ending time neared, she warned those who were leaving early that they really should stick around…  Even though we should have seen it coming, it was such an exciting surprise when Miranda’s new fiance’, Blake Shelton, joined her on stage for a couple of songs.

Miranda Lambert and Blake SheltonIt was getting late, and though I was sad to see Miranda and Blake call it a night, I was more upset that this fabulous night was almost over.  We hiked back to the truck and headed for home.  I still smile when I think about what a fantastic time I had last weekend, and am excited about the wonderful friends I met while I was there.  Only 51 weeks to go until next year’s Cause for the Paws!


Only Prettier
Famous in a Small Town
Dead Flowers
Dry Town
More Like Her
Time to Get a Gun
Heart Like Mine
Guilty in Here
Maintain the Pain
You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma (Rick Lambert)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Love Letters
New Strings
Stay With Me
The House That Built Me
Sin for a Sin
Travelin’ Band
White Liar
That’s the Way the World Goes ‘Round
Gunpowder and Lead
Home  (Blake Shelton)
Hillbilly Bone (Blake Shelton)

videos credit: KNUE 101.5

Villa Di Felicita
7891 State Highway 110 N
Tyler, TX 75704-4927
(903) 597-0002

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  1. Cause for the Paws was a great event! Can’t wait till next year!

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