Cajun Bayou Seafood Market

Cajun Bayou Seafood MarketA new Cajun restaurant recently opened on 155 in Flint.  Like Randy’s, it is a casual place with no air conditioning and it’s BYOB.

As far as ambiance, it is basically a huge wooden patio shaded by large trees.  You walk to the counter to order, then your food is delivered once ready.  I was having trouble decided what to get, so I asked the guy behind the counter what he’d consider the specialties to be.  He said everything on the menu is great which is nice but didn’t really help narrow it down.  I finally decided to go with a shrimp poboy, and my sis got the soft shell crab poboy.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Our jaws dropped when the sandwiches were delivered…  These things were huge!  They tasted good, but I could only eat about a third of mine before throwing in the towel.

Cajun Bayou Seafood MarketI ended up going back with my husband several days later, since he hadn’t gotten to try it yet.  This time we got the crab cakes, fried pickles, vanilla sweet potato fries and fried boudin.  I am in love with fried pickles, and these were good.  The crab cakes were good, but they were covered in a thick sauce which overpowered the flavor of the crab.  Next time I’d definitely see about getting the sauce on the side.  The vanilla sweet potato fries were also good, but I think the vanilla may have been a bit too strong for my taste.  The fried boudin was good, and I think anyone who likes boudin would like it.

Cajun Bayou Seafood Market Cajun Bayou Seafood Market

I’d say this place is a must for anyone who likes Cajun food. It is really cool and will be a great summer hang out.

Cajun Bayou Seafood Market
18950 Hwy 155 South
Flint, TX, 75762
(903) 825-1158

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  1. Hey Shannon we ate there this week. Tony and Hunter loved the food but it is kinda $$$. 50.00 for 5 of us. and they didn’t have the fans running or the music on. It was way to hot to eat outside.

  2. Is there a sign on the highway and could you point out a landmark. Flint is a large area.

  3. Foods ok… They are pricy. Spud fries are like potato chips, not fries! Owners brag too much in my opinion and the young “manager” doesnt seem to know anything about restaurant business or how to handle situations. Last experience the manager and owner were getting into a verbal argument behind the counter, where customers were present. I wont be back

  4. well the fish isnt catfish its chinese…half the crawfish you get are dead before cooked…ive never tasted crawfish that nasty in my life…and the prices on the menu are different from what they are charging customers I DID NOT LIKE IT

  5. I heard that you guys had a band that played there either July 1st or 2nd. I have heard them before but cant for the life of me remember there name. Could some one please help me with that??

  6. Have not beent there yet however a bunch of us as a group was planning on going this sat. night. But from what ive seen on the pics posted here and what they serve is not what i expected it to be. NO AC? I also heard there was bands that play there too. IS this correct?

  7. A few members of our local car club went out to eat there tonight to check it out for possible future club meets. We had heard it was good. Well, after eating there once, we won’t be back. The food was ok. Fried pickles were WAY salty though. Being from Louisiana myself, I was excited that maybe it might be authentic like they claim. Not so much. Like the saying goes…just because you can fit in that bikini, don’t mean you should wear it…same thing here. Just because you are from Louisiana, doesn’t make you a cajun cook. Anyway, long story short, there was a misunderstanding with our order, the waitress (who was awesome by the way and I feel sorry for her having to work for this jerk) was gonna fix it but the “manager” or whoever he was came out with a really bad attitude, basically without actually saying it, accused me and my husband for eating boudain and then saying we didn’t get it so we could get more. I thought when he came to the table, he was coming to apologise and fix our messed up order. Boy was I wrong! So, I hope he’s happy because all of our business will now be going to Pine Mills Catfish in Pine Mills, Texas…it’s the BEST! Just outside Mineola…which by the way is where we drove from to get this crappy service! The Cajun Bayou dude doesn’t realize how much business he just lost because we are a large group and we don’t mind paying for quality. Cajun Bayou employees…you might wanna tell your boss to go take some customer service classes or else I don’t see you having your job too much longer…

  8. We loved it! Our food was great. There was three of us and we shared a platter. Well go back for sure – probably this week. It was hot, but the fans did help.

  9. Food was great….and the nice part they let my Lab on the patio….the fan wasn’t on so we asked them to turn it on…no problem. We have now gone three times and loved it…noise from the road can be heard, and in the summer it is warm, but with the fans it is manageable, and bug free. With the cool weather on the way…I look forward to more good Cajun food.

  10. We picked up take out take-out for the first time and we were very disappointed. We ordered a 2)3-piece catfish basket with coleslaw and pecan cobbler. The catfish was very small, the coleslaw was a little warm, the cobbler was ok. Price for 2 people…$32…no fries and no drinks. We called to see if we were charged properly and we were! We will never do that again!

  11. Just went to the Bayou last week, it was the best Cajun food I have had in this area and I am from New Orleans. They were enclosed, heated, service was great and the boudin man is the real deal.

  12. I have eaten there several times….and driven by it even more it’s hard to see coming from Tyler….good news…they let my Lab eat with me. He loves it! Oh, and there is a resident cat that visits occasionally. Food is always good.

  13. When I sat down to eat at the Bayou, the Boudin man talked to me about the food and he made me a special dish that was not on the menu. It was the best thing I have ever had. Combined with the live music, its one of the coolest places south of tyler.

  14. This is the BOUDIN MAN ! I would like to thank everyone for ur comments. They mean alot to us. This year we have so much going on at the BAYOU. We’re working on having the first seafood fest in east Texas. Hopefully the 2nd week in june. Lots of food,bands, arts and crafts. The important part there will be everybody that comes and have the best time “THE REAL CAJUN WAY” March 8th will be our next big event “MARDI GRAS DAY” FAT TUESDAY ! We will save you the trip to NEW ORLEANS,So come to CAJUN BAYOU SEAFOOD in Flint . And yes, the BOUDIN MAN will be there! You say CRAWFISH! CAJUN BAYOU SAEFOOD has the best crawfish around. When ur from deep south LOUISIANA you were born to with a paddle to stir Dem’ crawdads up. We have our own blends of seasons that our crawfish soak in. They speak for ther self. This is the place where everybody comes to get the real deal. Im looking farward to see you there. With the new managment,CAJUN BAYOU SEAFOOD will give you southern hospitality and cajun food like it should be.From MADISONVILLE LOUISIANA to FLINT TEXAS the BOUDIN MAN would like to thank everyone for having us here.

  15. First time to eat here..Really, really good! The fried boudin link was to die for..Posted on facebook and already responses to where ya are located..Will be back with friend..

  16. The Cajun Bayou food is wonderful. The crawfish are fresh, clean and most importantly… alive. (unlike some other places in the area)
    The catfish doesn’t taste muddy,and you can tell the oil is changed regularly. They even offer most of their stuff grilled if you don’t want fried. You most definitely have to try his BBQ sauce… sweet with a little spice that comes back to smack you.
    Go and try it. Nothing in Flint/Noonday area can beat them.

  17. personally i think the food is AWESOME!!! I love fish and the flavor is like none other around Tyler…and the setting is different but original I look forward to visiting again:) I think I will take a trip out!!!

  18. My Lab Jackson and I had lunch there today. Tried something new…gumbo…it was great. The Shrimp and Fish was better than the first time we visited.

  19. this place has two strikes against it for me. 1st strike-really bad service. on a slow friday night, it took a waitress about 20 minutes to even look at us. but my husband and i were eager to try the food so we waited. we ordered water (which never came) we had brought beer with us thank god. also, when our waitress came up to us, she told us that fried foods or anything other then crawfish would be a 30 minute wait AT LEAST. and mind you, this was a SLOW friday.
    2nd strike-this place RAN OUT OF CRAWFISH at 7:30 on a SATURDAY! there is some major management problems for something like this to happen. we headed down to Randy’s were the service was fast, and there was tons and tons of crawfish.

    the food i have had has been great, if this place could just iron out the major issues, my husband and i would be regulars.

  20. We have eaten at Cajun Bayou Seafood several times. The first time the crawfish was really good so we invited a large group out the next weekend. When we got there at 6:30 there was NO crawfish…the owner was on the way back from Louisiana with them. We waited over 1 1/2 hours….it was really awful. What was really bad was after we had been waiting so long the table next to us that had been there about 15 minutes got served their crawfish with corn & potatoes before we did! Then when we finally got our crawfish they were out of corn and potatoes. Needless to say it really put a bad taste in our friends mouths and they will not go back. We have been a few other times and had no problems. The crawfish has been good, but the fried pickles are so salty and greasy you can barely eat them. Does the owner not know that you do not need to put salt on pickles!!! The spud fries are taste like greasy stale potato chips! If you get the fried catfish order regular fries instead. I think Keith, the owner, and Denise, his fiance have a lot to learn about the restaurant business.

  21. I was thinking about stopping by but after so many negative comments I think I’ll spend my money elsewhere. Most people don’t know or realize that 9 out of 10 new restaurants close up shop within the first year and service is just as important as taste. Maybe someone should tell these coon asses that we Texans like hospitality and they should act differently in public than they do in the swamp.

  22. Jackson the Lab and I stopped by again this month….they have done a lot of work on the place. The food was great, and service friendly and efficient. I enjoyed the extra effort to say hello…even though we were on the patio.

  23. This place could be cool. Could be. Shall I explain? 1. No more BYOB. 2. Small menu. Too limited. 3. Small portions. I don’t wanna sped that much money and stop at Whataburger on the way home. 4. Too pricey for the portions. Feed me and I don’t mind.5. Cajun is supposed to be a party. Turn up some music or something. Even during the day. We can handle it.6. Turn on some goddamn fans all over the place. Buy some misters. The’re cheap like you.7. Tell the girls to smile. What’s good about this place? Plenty.1. The deck and everything is great. It looks like Cajun country. It’s cozy. The alligator is so tender and delicious, it’ll make you lose sleep thinking about it. The tiny little menu is all full of really good food. These guys are for real when it comes to taste and quality. You know it’s clean and fresh (for Tyler), and they’re nice guys. I love eating there, and I hope this critique isn’t taken in the wrong vein. Just a few tweaks and this place could be jumpin like rabbits at night, every night.

  24. This place needs an overhaul. A previous messager commented on the dismal success rate of new restaurants early on in the process and they are double right on in this economy. A person bold enough to open a Cajun place in Tyler on 155 ought to have done enough homework to know the people, have the menu down to a science, and be on time at all times, so to speak. I’d feel sorry for these folks if I thought they were putting in 100 percent effort. But, you know. This place could thrive, but for all the amateurish mistakes, lack of attention to detail, and seeming disinterest about the success of the thing in general. I would light a fire up under their asses in order to save my own, but I guess in Lousiana they just open the doors, swat the flies, and everything lazily just falls in place. Welcome to Texas, guys. I’ll be happy to make an offer on the property when it comes up for sale. You did a nice little job on the deck.

  25. Man, you can have my damn money if you just act like you want me there. I don’t give a damn how good or bad the food is, just don’t treat me like I’m ruinin your day just by showin up at the door. Don’t ignore me for a half an hour, bring me the wrong thing, and blame me like I’m some kind of asshole who don’t know what I ordered. In Texas you got to give folks some respect or you’ll never see them again. Or their people, or their money. Nobody needs cajun food with an attitude man. You can keep all that. You gonna shape up or move on out I promise.


  27. HORRIBLE!!!! This place is appearantly now called Crawdaddys. We drove 40 miles from Palestine to get here. This is the worst place I have eaten in years. We arrived about 6:00PM last Saturday. For a beverage I ordered unsweet tea since most sweet too is WAY too sweet for me. Silly me, I thought they would have artifical sweetener I could use. I was wrong. They had none. unblievable, but wait, it gets worse, much worse. After waiting for them to come up with some, I gave up and asked for sugar. Guess what, they didn’t have that either. Unexcuseable for a “restraunt”. Moving on to dinner, I ordered an appetizer, the mud puppies. I also ordered the $11 fried shrimp. My wife ordered the bear butt chicken. A few minutes later our server told us they were out of the chicken. She changer her order to the gumbo only to be told they were out of that too. Unexcuseable for early on a Saturday. After anbou half an hour, the meal finally came. So did the appetizer. I thought the purpose of an appetizer was to appear before the main meal. I expressed my unhappiness only to be greeted by a shrug and “I tried to get it out earlier” by our server. Now to my shrimp. The six “butterflied” shrimp I got would have been thrown out by Long John Silvers. They were small and definitely not worth $11. I have gotten fast food shrimp for half the price that were better. My wife said her chicken was OK, nothing to write home about. We will NOT be going back, a sentiment expressed by another customer in the line to pay ahread of me. There are some many things wrong with this place I really don’t have the time to detail them. Perhaps the worst was the total lack of any sense of concern by the staff. I urge you to pass on this too. BTW, I am still waiting on a refill on my unsweet tea.

  28. VERY DISAPPOINTING! I’m going to preface my critique with… They have awesome potential… great flavor, location and atmosphere. If they had live music, it would help the long wait. It was our first time here, so I was excited and LOVE Cajun food. Well, we arrived and were told to go to the window. We waited about half an hour there, even got a recommendation by the manager/owner for the gator, then he walked off. Stood there another 10 minutes before a waitress told us to sit down and she’d come take our order. By then there were several couples behind us doing just what we did. We sat down and waited another half hour before anyone took our order. I even had to go ask for drinks, as I was getting very parched. Took another half hour to get our food and the portions were tiny. Looked like a $10 Happy Meal and it was half cold. The flavor was good, but cold dirty rice taste greasy. My hubby got the brisket, which was also a very small portion, but tasted good. But his baked potato was horrible! It looked like it was cooked yesterday by microwave and reheated… ugh! We got no refills on tea, so I went to find some. There was no more fresh sweet tea, so they were pouring store bought out of a jug. A line started forming for refills and we were all told refills would be brought to the tables, but nobody budged. They decided they had a better chance to wait there than go back to the table and be ignored. There was also no red sauce, ketchup or tarter sauce, as they had run out. I felt so sorry for our waitress. She kept apologizing to everyone who needed something as she walked though. She said there were only 3 of them waiting tables tonight. It would take some coxing and reading good reviews for us to go back.

  29. All I can say is Awsome, the Crawfish were delicious, the beer was cold, and the night under the stars on the outside deck was picture perfect, the only drawback to me is the sound system, upgrade guys, and just keep improving.

  30. Absolutely terrible service! We were told to sit wherever, no biggie. Sat down waited about 10 minutes and the girl who was taking care of our area (just so you know, she WAS a waitress she had an order book in her pocket) saw us as she had stuff in her hands and told another girl she had a table. So I gave her the benefit of the doubt she was busy but knew we were there. No. Another couple had sat down she took them menus and went about her business (didn’t take their order either). They left and another couple sat down at that table. She came to clean the table behind us and asked if we had been helped, we both said no we havent, a little irritated. So she continued to clean the table and a couple sat there, so what does she do?!?! She takes them menus completely ignoring us again! WTF?!?! So needless to say, we left and went to the Purple Pig half a mile down the road where we were taken care of by a very nice girl on her first day. We were greated the second we walked in the door. Don’t waste your time at this crappy place where they don’t have their priorities straight!

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