Caffe Tazza

DSC04684What’s the best place to go in Tyler for a light brunch and a specialty coffee or tea?  Caffe Tazza, obviously.  Located in the Harley’s shopping center next door to Garden Style (best florist in town, by the way), Caffe Tazza offers a selection of breakfast pastries, muffins, sandwiches, salads, and gelato along with gourmet coffees and teas, and a small selection of wines.

DSC04687Caffe Tazza specializes in what my husband may call ‘chick food’, but that’s probably why I love it so much.  One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday lunch is at one of their patio tables with my sister and a stack of magazines.  We love to split the veggie sandwich on Ciabatta bread with a side of fruit and either a Chai Granita or a glass of Prosecco, and some days I like to indulge with a scoop of Spumoni gelato to finish things off.

Caffe Tazza is a great spot for unwinding with girlfriends or taking a break from a day of shopping.  If your husbands or boyfriends are brave enough to come with you, they do have some delicious and hearty looking Belgian waffles and omelets, and a yummy turkey bacon avocado croissant that I would consider to be guy-approved foods.  Coffee lovers must try Caffe Tazza’s signature drink, the cappuccino, with perfectly proportioned espresso, thick and creamy steamed milk and foam.  Or, try a pumpkin latte if you are in a seasonal mood.  Caffe Tazza is definitely a must-try for all my lady Tylerites.


Caffe Tazza
4815 Old Bullard Rd # 107
Tyler, TX 75703-1214
(903) 581-6601


  1. Again…how am i the first to brag on this place! There is nothing at the place that will disappoint you. The coffee, herbal teas, (my fav), the food options…..Just amazing!

  2. I have eaten at Caffe Tazza countless times since it opened. It’s always been great…a little pricey…but I just love the coffee! I haven’t been there in a while because I’ve been busy with my baby. Went in today with my mom and my son and when I asked for a high chair the guy behind the counter laughed at me, then sneered and said “We don’t have high chairs…” My mom complained to the manager about it only to be told that they’ve had numerous complaints about the same thing! The manager told my mom that the owner refuses to buy some high chairs. I think it’s pretty ridiculous. It’s far from an “adults only” establishment. There are children of all ages in there everytime I’ve been there! They have lost my business for sure. You’d think with as much as they charge for their food and drinks that they could buy a couple of high chairs…

  3. I absolutely love this place. I live in Longview, but I do not mind making the 30 minute trip to Tyler in order to relax, read the news on my laptop, and enjoy a latte or mocha. I probably go once a week. I wish Longview had a place to drink coffee other than Starbucks.

  4. To 3weeping..That’s why we like this place, there are few places that are quiet, where subdued conversation can be carried on, not trying to relax over the cries and screams of children. I doubt you’ll understand that however?

  5. thank GOODness there are no high chairs. that is for the golden arches. I have seen children outside in strollers or in hippie slings (love it!) I’m in love with their Casanova Panini served on Thur: Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, & feta on Focaccia. served hot & toasty.

  6. Yum! I ate lunch there today and was able to work on my laptop too. Fab place; food is very good.

  7. While I empathize with Willow’s situation, I have to say finding a nice quiet spot to relax is worth it’s weight in gold. I am a mother and understand that folks want to go out with their children. However my children are older and I enjoy being able to peruse the newspaper and relax while working on my laptop. I agree that the man behind the counter could have handled the situation in a much better fashion.

  8. I stop here every chance I get. LOVE their herbal tea and their sandwiches are wonderful too. It’s a nice quiet place for adults to go and just breathe for a few minutes. There are tons of other “child oriented” places to go with kids. Please don’t be too offended. We adults need our space too.

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