Buffalo Wild Wings

buffalo-wild-wingsBuffalo Wild Wings has many locations other than their new location on Broadway in Tyler, however the Tyler location has something all the others do not…  it’s Tylerite patrons!

The food is the same delicious menu you would find in other Buffalo Wild Wings locations, including their gigantic hamburgers such as the Bacon Cheddar Burger, their rib and chicken tenders platters, and of course their legendary buffalo wings – with or without bone – in your choice from their selection of 14 sauces ranging from the tame Sweet BBQ to the mouth burning Blazin’ flavor.  If you’re thinking no buffalo wing establishment is complete without a good selection of beers you need not worry.  Buffalo Wild Wings has you covered in the beer department, with many varieties available on tap.

Yes, the food is great, but it’s not the best thing about Tyler’s new Buffalo Wild Wings.  The best thing about this place is the crowd.  Always busy, but never TOO busy, Buffalo Wild Wings is the new place in Tyler to see and be seen.  Don’t worry about getting dressed up or getting your hair done though, because this place is casual with a laid back atmosphere.  I do recommend however, making sure your face is wiped clean of wing sauce before chatting up that table next to yours.

Buffalo Wild Wings
7916 S Broadway Ave # A
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 939-0698


  1. They keep trying, and failing. At least this last time the waitress tried and apologized for the rest of the restaurant. Always dirty unbussed tables, always a staff that looks at you like “yeah… you want something?”, always a bathroom that would make a frat house look like an operating room, and always food that takes so long to get to the table that it’s already cold. This place is a testament to bad service.

  2. I’ve eaten here at least a dozen times since they opened and the food has always been great. Actually, my least favorite thing on the menu are the wings (the sauces I’ve tried are too overbearing and really slathered on), but the burgers, pizzas, shrimp, nachos…its all good. The service has ranged from excellent to not too good. Like most places with a young wait staff, it depends on who you get.

  3. Service was horrible. (food took an hour)
    Place is dirty.
    Won’t be back.

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