BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

BJ's Restaurant and BrewhouseI had the pleasure of attending BJ’s Brewhouse’s pre-opening event for lunch. Despite the limited menu offerings and somewhat confusing ordering instructions they had for today, BJ’s completely lived up to the hype that’s surrounded Tyler’s newest restaurant since they broke ground last year.

Upon arrival we were handed our menus and given instructions to select one entree or one pizza and either an appetizer or a dessert. It appeared as though each table was given a different menu to choose from, and I assume this was to give the staff experience serving and preparing each and every item they offer. The entrees that we had to choose from were the Field of Greens salad, Atlantic Salmon, the Calzone, or the Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich. Their full range of specialty pizzas were also available for us to choose from. Since we were instructed to order just one item per menu per table, our table of four ordered one salmon, one salad, one combination pizza, and one Pizookie sundae to finish things off. The Field of Greens salad was my chosen entree, and it was quite delicious. It came with red peppers, candied pecans, mandarin oranges, purple onion, and mixed greens and was tossed in a light dressing. Any of the items would have paired nicely with one of BJ’s specialty brews, but since this was a working lunch I stuck with water. I can’t wait to go back another time and sample their beer selection. The star of the show was the Pizookie cookie sundae topped with vanilla ice cream. It was definitely worth the indulgence and not quite as sinful when shared with three other people.

BJ's Restaurant and BrewhouseBJ’s officially opens for business on Monday, February 28 and I anticipate the lines here to be long for awhile. The extensive menu, courteous staff and intriguing yet comfortable atmosphere make BJ’s a welcome addition to Tyler’s restaurant selection.

hours: Sun – Thurs 11am-12am, Fri 11am-1am, Sat 10am-1am

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
210 WSW Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 939-2840

BJ's Restaurant and Brewery BJ's Restaurant and Brewery

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse



  1. They had one of these open up back home, (Arlington, TX) prior to my moving here two years ago. I loved that place! The menu is fantastic. Breaks up the monotony from the every day typical restaurant options. I’m glad to see good food coming to Tyler.

  2. I have eaten here 3 times since it opened, luckily i go by myself as the crowds will be packing this place for a long time, their beer selection is outstanding, not just their own brews but other vendors as well. i have had 2 different burgers, the cuban burger and california burger, both are outstanding. i have sampled all of their beers and havent had a bad one yet. service was great even though they were completely packed. this is just what tyler needs but the lines will be long for a while, i reccomend calling in advance if possible for reservations.

  3. This place looks great. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  4. BJ’s SHOULDN’T refer to itself as a brew pub; given, no beer (other than root beer)is actually brewed on the premises!

  5. Yes they do not brew beer in that store. Reason why because Tyler is a dry county. BJ’s started in California therefore they abide by California laws. Texas is different therefore not being able to brew it.

  6. This place is way over priced..the food is alright..but it’s only worth it if you’re old enough for the bar.

  7. Texas laws have very little to do with it. Alcohol is generally enforced by counties and Tyler only restricts the sale of alcohol not for immediate consumption. Brewing is legal however and infact state laws make it legal to sell packaged alcohol when it is created in the same county, DESPITE county laws. IE KE Cellars. There is nothing outside of financial reasons stopping them from brewing and selling in Tyler. It’s simply not economical for the space required to brew their many types of beer.

  8. St. Arnold’s in Houston brews their beer and sells it back to them, and yes it is “economical” reasons, and yes they shouldn’t call themselves anything with “brew” in the title. It’s certainly not a brew pub.

  9. The place is a little loud…but fun…the menu is way too big…the food average chain type. As for the beer and where they brew, who cares…I would give it a C+

  10. Meh, it’s way overpriced. We (2) people ate off the lunch menu- salads- and had root beer. $30. Food is comparable to Cheddars.

    Refused a reservation for 16 people. Told us to expect at least a 2 hour wait. We went elsewhere.

  11. IT IS A BREWPUB – BJ’s DOES brew their own beer. Sites that brew ship to the sites that do not “brew-on-site”. The BJ’s beer you are ordering/drinking in Tyler is as fresh as the pints/batches ordered/consumed at other other BJ’s Breweries/Restaurants, such as the one mentioned in Houston. Get over your self and your self-appointed “expertise” re: “BREWPUBS”!

  12. @ Matt,
    Beer is not covered by the same law that allows KE Cellers to sell Texas-made wine as a Texas agricultral product (even in dry counties). There was, for fact, a “brewers parity law” in the legislature’s last session that would haev given brewers those same rights/abilities as the wineries. But, it didn’t pass.

  13. Tyler needs more nice large restaurants like this one! My Daughter and I ate at the one in Dallas and feel that this BJ’s is just as

  14. I want to know if the food is good or not. If its really as pricey as everyone claims I would like to think that its worth my money

  15. the food, for the quality, is reasonably priced, i have not had a bad thing there. their pizzas are the best in town, meatloaf (which i never order anywhere) i tried and was better than my mom ever made. it will only be as expensive as you want it to be, entrees range from 9-15 bucks, beers from 3.50-7.50, i have had to keep myself from going there as it was too addictive, tyler needs more places like this, dave and busters….i’m looking at you!!! if you havent been to b.j’s…do yourself a favor and check it out…the bacon cheeseburger pizza is to die for.

  16. This place is an absolute joke. The 2 times that I tried it were a waste of time and money. They weren’t even busy the first time and I couldn’t get a waiter/waitress to even acknowledge our table. When we finally got our food, it was cold. I had some sort of chicken fettucini alfredo crap that was so cold, I stuck my fork in it and picked the entire clump of pasta up… The second time was no different. Not impressed at all. Just another place in Tyler for people to see and be seen. Whoop-dee-freakin’doo….

  17. The food is good. The service however is inconsistent at best. We have yet to be served by the person we were told would be our waiter and have waited for a wait person to even come to our table a first time for as long as 15 minutes on two different occasions. Neither time was a busy time for them; Many many empty tables. We really want to like this place, but the wait staff really needs to get it together. There are too many places to eat in Tyler to have to suffer poor service.

  18. Food was excellent, service was slow. Days later i had a double charge on my debit card. Went there with a friend. I paid with my card, she paid with cash. My debit card was billed for mine and HERS! Notified Chuys immediately and they reimbursed me the next day. Also heard they had 27 health demerits on their first inspection and a kitchen fire last week? What a shame cuz the food is great!

  19. 1st trip: food was not cooked as requested. I asked for a Burger, well done and it was medium well – disgusting. My husband ordered a Medium Prime Rib and was served a well done Sirloin.

    2nd trip: I ordered the fish & chips which was horribly overcooked and very greasy. My husband ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and left with hives.

    Over all: Great atmosphere, Very over priced for very poor food.

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