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2Wednesday was one of the best days of my life.  I didn’t get engaged, married, no huge job offers or raises, and NO I did not find out I am expecting (whew!).  Nope, none of that stuff.  On Wednesday, my life was changed forever when… I got hair extensions.  This may seem shallow or trite, but on Wednesday I went from being a woman with a wimpy, boring head of hair to a woman with a long, thick, lustrous mane of beautiful locks and had hair confidence for the first time in my life.
Everyone knows all the celebrities have hair extensions.  Stars like Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears have been using them for years.  I lived under the impression that those kind of services and that level of skill simply was not available in East Texas.  Enter Kimberly Sullivan at Belladonna Day Spa.  Kimberly recently relocated to Tyler from San Francisco, and found her way to Belladonna where she specializes in hair additions and extensions.  Take a look at some of the amazing work she has done at or by checking out her Facebook page.  She is AMAZING.

belladonnaI first met Kimberly at Belladonna’s Be Beautiful seminar, and was immediately interested when I heard about her specialties.  When I got a chance to see some of her work in person I was astonished.  The extensions she put on Belladonna’s owner, Angela Moss looked gorgeous!  They look 100% natural, and I never would have guessed they were not Angela’s own hair.  At that moment I knew I had to have my own.

I went in for a consultation so Kimberly could get a feel for my hair type, texture and color.  There are many different application methods for hair extensions, and different methods work best on different people.  For me, we went with seamless, 100% human hair extensions, applied via the cold fusion method.  Kimberly matched my hair color, ordered my hair, and scheduled an appointment the following week for the application.  The anticipation I experienced that week can only be compared to that of the week before my wedding.  Don’t judge!  I was really, really excited.  FINALLY, the day arrived and I went in for the application.

belladonnaWith anyone else doing my extensions I would have been nervous, but Kimberly had the background and experience to make me feel totally at ease and confident in her ability.  She has been trained extensively in all areas of hair additions, and just from talking to her I really got the feeling that she enjoys her work and is in it to help people feel good about themselves.  Like I mentioned before, she used the cold fusion method on me, which involves no heat and is non-damaging to the natural hair.  Each tract of hair is placed at the scalp and fused with a cold glue.  These extensions will last anywhere from five to 12 weeks and then I will have to go in and have them re-fused at the scalp as they grow out.  The hair itself can be reused three to four times giving it a life of up to a year.

Though completely irrelevant in my mind, there are a couple disadvantages to having hair extensions.  First is the cost.  High quality extensions are not cheap.  Far from it, in fact.  However, consultations with Kimberly are free, and there are a certain number of variables that significantly affect the cost, the major one is dependent on the type of hair that is used.  The other disadvantage would be the maintenance involved with the upkeep of extensions.  Over time the seams may come loose, but this is easily remedied with a little time and glue.
I love, Love, LOVE my new hair.  I feel like this is the head of hair I was meant to have all along, and it is so natural looking nobody would ever know it’s not mine.  I do not have enough wonderful things to say about Kimberly and Belladonna Day Spa.  Kimberly has to be the most talented hair stylist in Tyler.  Just take one look at my new, fab head of hair and I am sure you will agree. Give her a call at (903) 372-2977 and schedule your consult today!

Belladonna Day Spa
5100 Old Bullard Rd
Tyler, TX 75703-3630
(903) 509-9955


  1. Love this spa. Have been many times usually with friends for pedicures – we usually bring a bottle of wine to enjoy while we gt pampered. They are very nice and do a great job. Have had massages that are awesome. I also had permanent eyeliner applied that I love. The technician was very patient and made it as comfortable as she could. Highly recommend this salon!

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